Committee records, 2018

Elections to TSFA Committee, 3 May 2018

The Committee noted the results of the elections held in April 2018.

Glenna Hertzler, Liesa Robarge, and Ted Smith were elected unopposed for a three-year term, forming the class of 2021.
Sharon Powalka was elected unopposed for a one-year term in the class of 2019.
Election of these candidates was endorsed by the votes of 40 members of the Association.

The Committee now comprises:
Class of 2019: Terri Carlson, Chris Sackett, and Sharon Powalka;
Class of 2020: Jean Carpenter, Richard Price, Charles "Chuck" Sackett, and Mary Volberding;
Class of 2021: Glenna Hertzler, Liesa Robarge, and Ted Smith.

Resolution of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved on 28 May 2018

It was resolved that the following be elected to serve as officers of the Committee for the ensuing year: Richard Price, president; Liesa Robarge, vice president; Chris Sackett, secretary; and Terri Carlson, registrar.