Committee records, 2013

Historian's Report for 2012

The following report from TSFA historian Thurmon King was submitted on 27 February 2013.

I'm a bit late with my Historian's Report this year. Mainly because of my sciatica problem. I couldn't sit at my computer so I put an end table on my desk with the monitor and keyboard on the table which allowed me to stand while working on the computer for short periods of time. Finally, a shot in my back to take care of a herniated disk seems to have taken care of that.

The past year was a busy one. The database has grown from 36,666 individuals in 13,079 families and now includes 37,449 individuals in 13,445 families. However, most of the growth in the database has been adding information to those already in the database. Much of the added information has come from Find A Grave memorials and census searches related to them.

As I reported after the Sackett Reunion in Westfield in September, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with the members who were there and visit some of the places there. Also, getting to visit Warren, CT and attend the church where some of my Sackett ancestors were charter members. That was a very special time for me !!

A contact with Deb Curry, a descendant of Aner Sackett and Preston Pogue, brought to light an error that had been in the database since 1998. Deb descends from their granddaughter, Alice Luella Elzey who married John Henry Miller. Alice Luella Elzey is #9279 in the database.

As I have worked with the Find A Grave memorials, I have also created a few, and some have been transferred to me. My Sackett line was connected from my Mother back to Reuben Sackett and Mercy Finney. Working with the man who created many of the memorials in the Warren Cemetery, Warren, CT, we have linked Reuben to his parents, Jonathan Sackett and Ann Filer. I created memorials for William Sackett and Hannah Graves, and Jonathan Sackett has been linked to them. Now, those who descend from William Sackett and Hannah Graves have their line linked back to Simon Sackett.

I created a memorial for Dr. Samuel Sackett and linked him to his parents, Reuben Sackett and Mercy Finney. I also created a memorial for Dr. Samuel's son, Reuben T. Sackett. Alvin Oglesby had already created memorials for the descendants of Reuben T., Jr. so I transferred Reuben T. Sackett's memorial to Alvin. So that line is now connected. The memorial for Aaron Sackett is managed by Find A Grave and they have now linked him to his parents, Reuben and Mercy. Now, the three sons of Reuben and Mercy who went west and never returned to Warren, are linked to their parents in the FAG memorials.

Many contributors have created and linked Sackett and Sackett-related memorials on FAG and a large Sackett family tree is developing there.

As an example of odd twists and turns that develop in my research; while entering information for 11152-Harry B. Sackett and his wife Lillian D. Schmidt, m, 31 Jan 1918 in Clarion, Wright, Iowa, and both died in Spokane, WA, I did a search for Lillian D. Sackett and came up with a Lillian D. Sackett who married 28 Mar 1906, James D Harty in Spokane, WA. Her parents were given as James A. Sackett and Josephine Lacey. Witnesses were Karl F. Cole and May B. Cole.

The results of my research will be uploaded with the update for the database which I sent to Chris this morning. It involves James Sackett (#20791 in the database) who had no family listed before I got the hit on his daughter, Lillian D. Sackett.

In case you haven't noticed, the membership in TSFA is now above 400 members !! Quite a growth from the seven Sackett descendants who met in Salt Lake City in September, 2003 to form the Association. Of course, we are saddened by the fact that some of our founding members have passed on since 2003.

This serves as a reminder to me that my time in the "land of the living" grows shorter, every day. That causes me to wonder who will step forward to continue maintaining the Sackett Database. It would be great if someone would step forward to work with the database and learn how Chris and I work together in maintaining the database on the TSFA website.

If you are interested, contact me, or our President.

Thurmon King
Sackett Historian for TSFA

Results of the Committee elections held in April 2013

The Committee approved on 2 May 2013 an announcement of the results of the elections held in April.

Voting in this year's election of members to TSFA Committee closed on 30 April. The election was for up to six members, four to form the class of 2016, and one each to fill vacancies in the classes of 2014 and 2015. In the event, five candidates were nominated for election. The candidates were therefore elected unopposed. Terri Carlson, Patty Chrisman, Anne Murray, and Chris Sackett will serve for three years as the class of 2016, and Darlene Sackett will serve for two years, filling the vacancy in the class of 2015. Election of these candidates was endorsed by the votes of 33 members of the Association.

The Committee now comprises:
Class of 2014: Debbie Barbee, Jean Carpenter, and Ted Smith;
Class of 2015: Don Hertzler, Sharon Powalka, Thurmon King, and Darlene Sackett;
Class of 2016: Terri Carlson, Patty Chrisman, Anne Murray, and Chris Sackett.

Resolution of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved on 24 May 2013

It was resolved that the following be elected to serve as officers of the Committee for the ensuing year: Debbie Barbee, president; Ted Smith, vice president; Anne Murray, secretary; and Jean Carpenter, registrar.