Committee records, 2003




This association of individuals shall be called The Sackett Family Association. The Association may also be referred to by the initials TSFA.


2.1 The objectives of the Association are:
a) To research all historical and genealogical records worldwide relating to the Sackett family and their descendants.
b) To publish and otherwise share research findings amongst the membership.
c) To preserve Sackett data for posterity.

2.2 In furtherance of the above objectives the Association shall:
a) Provide a forum for individuals engaged in Sackett research. In particular the Association shall maintain a Sackett Family web site and an e-mail Discussion List.
b) Maintain and publish a Register of Members.


3.1 Membership shall be open to any individual who:
(a) has a declared interest in the history and genealogy of the Sackett family; and
(b) undertakes to share research findings with other Association members; and
(c) has paid a subscription if any.

3.2 Admission to or removal from membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Committee of the Association.

3.3 Inclusion in the Register of Members shall be evidence of membership.

3.4 The amount of subscriptions if any shall be determined by the Committee and may be levied to meet general or specific expenses. The Association shall be non-profit making.


4.1 The actions of the Association shall be governed by this Constitution and by Resolution of the Association decided in accordance with Section 7 of this Constitution.

4.2 All members will have equal status and a single vote in Association affairs.

4.3 The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee of Association members comprising President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, TSFA Web Administrator, Sackett Discussion List Administrator, Historian, Newsletter Editor, Family Gatherings Coordinator (the designated Officers) and up to six Members at Large. A member may hold more than one designated Office but not all.

4.4 The Committee shall have power to create or dispense with designated Offices.

4.5 The Committee shall have power to form sub-committees with such delegated powers as it deems fit.


5.1 Elections of Committee members shall be held annually by e-mail ballot by simple majority vote of the membership.

5.2 All members including sitting Committee members shall be eligible for election to the Committee.

5.3 The Committee shall in the first week of March of each year invite nominations from the membership for candidates for election, the closure date for such nominations to be 31 March.

5.4 The Committee shall in the first week of April of each year invite votes from the membership for nominated candidates, the closure date for voting to be 30 April.

5.5 The Committee shall publish the results of Committee elections during the first week of May each year.

5.6 Communications of nominations and of votes shall be via e-mail to an address designated by the Committee.

5.7 Members of the Committee shall hold office until the next annual election save that a Committee member may be removed by unanimous vote of all the other Committee members.


6.1 Meetings of the Committee shall be deemed to be validly held by communication by e-mail amongst themselves, subject to reasonable notice where decisions are required.

6.2 Meetings of the Membership shall be deemed to be validly held by communication by e-mail posted to the Sackett Discussion List, subject to reasonable notice where decisions are required.


7.1 A Resolution for action by the Association may be put:
(a) by the Committee; or
(b) by any member in writing to the Committee such proposed Resolution to have the support of at least ten members or one third of the membership whichever is the less.

7.2 Resolutions shall be put to the membership by the Committee and shall be decided by simple majority save that a Resolution to amend this Constitution shall require the approval of two-thirds of the members voting.

This Constitution was agreed by the following founding members on 28 September 2003:

1 Nancy Cluff Siders, 2 Liesa Robarge, 3 Fred Sackett, 4 Chris Sackett, 5 Thurmon King, 6 Darlene Sackett, 7 Patty Sackett Chrisman, 8 Jill Jessen Hernandez, 9 Glenna Hertzler, 10 Wendy Sacket, 11 Mary Lou Sackett, 12 Brenda Sias, 13 Gordon Sackett Adams, 14 Diane Sackett, 15 Alyce Beggs, 16 Jess Smyth, 17 Ray J Sackett, 18 Jeanette Boden, 19 Jim Sackett, 20 Tom Smith, 21 David & Marie Reid, 22 Mary Lou Petrie, 23 Donn P Cutler, 24 Sharon Allen, 25 Barbara McKay Hallum, 26 Cindy Torres Owens, 27 Jack Hume, 28 Carroll M Lawson, 29 Ruth Rawlings, 30 Patty Bohler, 31 Pam Schuster Offerdahl, 32 Debbie K Barbee, 33 Bob Schuster, 34 Charles L Sackett, 35 Karen Gerke, 36 Lester L Sackett, 37 Don Robinson, 38 Robert Farquhar, 39 Robert A Sackett, 40 Diane Francis, 41 Terri Mulliken Allen, 42 Brian Sackett, 43 Michael F (Mike) Sackett, 44 Charlie Ray, 45 Don Hertzler, 46 Wayne Sacket, 47 Lynette Sackett Wilkerson, 48 Peggy McKay Mineer, 49 Marion Sackett, 50 Sandra Mueller, 51 Harry & Blanche McKay, 52 Wilma Fleming Haynes, 53 Dianne Cobb, 54 John B Lisle, 55 Ted Smith, 56 David A Sackett, 57 Diane Lanctot, 58 Mildred Thomas, 59 Donald F Nolder, 60 Barbara Bell, 61 S Howard Dreelan, 62 Eugene Venne, 63 Carol Keely, 64 Dorothy Wurz, 65 Sue Sackett, 66 Pauline Peterson, 67 Bruce Sackett, 68 Debra Leffler Streeter, 69 Ann H Mack, 70 Alison Sackett, 71 Eileen Sacket Russell, 72 George & Elaine Crandall, 73 Lauri Sacket Diel.


RESOLVED that the following be and they are hereby appointed to hold office as members of the Committee until the annual elections to be held in 2004 –

President & Sackett Discussion List Administrator – Nancy Cluff Siders; Vice President & Family Gatherings Coordinator – Liesa Robarge; Secretary, Treasurer & Registrar – Chris Sackett; TSFA Web Administrator – Fred Sackett; Historian – Thurmon King; Newsletter Editor – Darlene Sackett; Members at Large – Patty Sackett Chrisman, Jill Jessen Hernandez, Glenna Hertzler, Wendy Sacket, Mary Lou Sackett, Brenda Sias.

The Sackett Family Association (TSFA)
(Acting) President's Report
28 September 2003

In April of 2003, a committee was formed of volunteer SACKETT-L Mailing List subscribers to formulate a family association with the goal to preserve the research that the subscribers had collected. The decision to call the association “The Sackett Family Association (TSFA)” was made by this committee.

A survey was compiled, distributed and analyzed by the Coordinating Committee in May of 2003. During this same month, a draft of the TSFA Constitution was developed and discussed. Officer positions were formulated and included in this constitution draft. The TSFA Steering Group was then selected from the volunteers who offered their assistance on said survey.

Throughout June, July and August 2003, the Steering Group continued with preparations for the formulation of TSFA. A Timeline was developed with our goals as to the accomplishment of various projects. We organized this Steering Group Gathering in Salt Lake City, UT to occur from 24 September to 30 September 2003. We emailed the Invitation for Application for Enrollment of TSFA Founding Membership to SACKETT-L on 30 June 2003 which included a report of our progress, an invitation to join us here in Salt Lake City and a request for SACKETT-L subscribers to review the constitution and make comments. Glenna Hertzler of the TSFA Steering Group’s Members at Large developed a version of the Invitation for Application for Enrollment for Snail Mail prospective members. Jill Jessen Hernandez, another Member at Large volunteered to send electronic cards to ailing members of SACKETT-L and TSFA referred to as the Sunshine Fund. In August, our Newsletter Editor passed several issues past the Steering Group for discussion and approval. A SACKETT-L subscriber, Barbara Bell volunteered to draw and provided samples of images that may be used in the newsletter and/or on the web site.

The Newsletter Editor notified SACKETT-L on 5 September that the first issue of TSFA’s newsletter would be sent to all SACKETT-L subscribers but following that it would only be sent to TSFA members.

That brings us to the present day where we have many things to discuss and approve. It is an honor to assist with the formulation of The Sackett Family Association. In gratitude to the TSFA Steering Group members in assisting with this mission, I am sincerely,

Nancy Cluff Siders
Interim President and SACKETT-L List Administrator since 1997

Minutes of the first Meeting of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT on 28 September 2003

Present: Nancy Cluff Siders, Liesa Robarge, Chris Sackett, Thurmon King, Wendy Sacket

Apologies: Fred Sackett, Darlene Sackett, Patty Sackett Chrisman, Jill Jessen Hernandez, Glenna Hertzler, Mary Lou Sackett, Brenda Sias

1. Formation of the Association
The Constitution of The Sackett Family Association, a copy of which is attached to these Minutes, was approved and adopted.

2. Committee Membership
In accordance with the Resolution of the founding members of the Association annexed to the Constitution the following were appointed to hold office as members of the Committee until the annual elections to be held in 2004 –

  • President & Sackett Discussion List Administrator – Nancy Cluff Siders;
  • Vice President & Family Gatherings Coordinator – Liesa Robarge;
  • Secretary, Treasurer & Registrar – Chris Sackett;
  • TSFA Web Administrator – Fred Sackett;
  • Historian – Thurmon King;
  • Newsletter Editor – Darlene Sackett;
  • Members at Large – Patty Sackett Chrisman, Jill Jessen Hernandez, Glenna Hertzler, Wendy Sacket, Mary Lou Sackett, Brenda Sias.

3. President
Nancy Siders presented her report which outlined the steps leading to the formation of The Sackett Family Association. A copy of the report is attached to these Minutes.

4. Secretary
It was agreed that the Secretary's duties would include those normally associated with the office including recording the Minutes of Committee Meetings and maintaining documentation relating to decisions of the Committee. It was noted that Meetings of the Committee could be validly held by e-mail correspondence and the Secretary would ensure that proper paperwork was kept for such e-meetings.

5. Treasurer
It was agreed that the Association would be run for the time being without funds. The Committee would consider the need for the levying of a membership subscription if, and only if, a need arose.

6. Registrar
It was agreed that the Registrar's duties would include the maintenance of (a) a Register of Association Members, and (b) a Register of Sackett genealogical data held by members. Both registers are to be published on the Association's website.

7. TSFA Web Administrator
Thurmon King agreed to discuss with Fred Sackett the latter's ideas for the content of the Association's website.

8. Sackett Discussion List
Subject to Fred Sackett's views (7. above) it was considered that it would be appropriate to transfer the pages published under the Sackett-L website to the new Association website, with the exception of the Sackett-L subscriber list which would need to be kept separate.

9. Historian
Thurmon King outlined some of the research projects on which he is currently engaged including the continuing update of Weygant's work with corrections and additions. He is working on a method of cross-referencing entries in the updated Weygant with his own genealogical database. He is also reviewing various genealogy software packages.

10. Newsletter
A draft layout and description of the proposed content of the first Newsletter which had been submitted by Darlene Sackett and is planned to be sent to all Sackett-L subscribers in October was approved. It was agreed that newsletters after the first would be sent to Association members only.

11. Family Gatherings
A survey form prepared by Liesa Robarge to be sent to Association members was approved. It is provisionally planned, subject to the survey findings, to hold a Family Gathering at Salt Lake City in late summer or fall of 2004.

12. Preservation
The Committee confirmed as fundamental to the aims of the Association the need to develop systems to better preserve valuable Sackett data for posterity. Further discussion is needed to design and implement methods of sharing computer records. A need is also identified to find suitable repositories for paper records. Nancy Siders will ask Tom Smith if he would investigate this with libraries and/or genealogical societies in New England.

13. Members' Room
A suggestion from Chris Sackett to provide a "Members' Room" on the Association website was approved in principle and he will submit to the Committee a discussion paper with detailed proposals.