Committee records, 2010

Death of TSFA president Tom Smith on 31 March 2010

Members of the Committee of the Sackett Family Association were greatly saddened to hear of the death, on 31 March, of their president Tom Smith.

Tom was a founder member of the Association and made a considerable contribution both to the research of the Sackett family history and to the successful formation and development of the Association. He served as a committee member of the Association for many years, eventually taking on the presidency in May 2009. He was taken ill with cancer just a few months into his term of office.

Tom was instrumental in setting up the DNA testing project in 2004 and continued to administer the scheme. He supported enthusiastically the Sackett family reunions, most recently at the Thanet, Kent, gathering in September 2008, when his courteous manner and gentle dry sense of humor won the hearts of friends old and new.

Results of the Committee elections held in April 2010

The Committee approved on 4 May 2010 an announcement of the results of the elections held in April.

Voting in this year's election of members to TSFA Committee closed on 30 April. The election was uncontested, there being a full quota of four candidates for the four seats. Glenna Hertzler, Liesa Robarge, Darlene Sackett, and Michael Trickey were elected to serve for three years (class of 2013).

Resolutions of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved on 12 May 2010

It was resolved that the following be elected to serve as officers of the Committee for the ensuing year: Michelle Marolis, president; Liesa Robarge, vice president; and Chris Sackett, secretary. The Committee accepted the resignation of Sandy Berry as registrar and mailing lists administrator, due to other commitments. Pending the appointment of another committee member to the position of registrar, Chris Sackett will serve as acting registrar. He and Michelle Marolis will maintain the mailing lists pending the appointment of an administrator.

Minutes of a meeting of The Sackett Family Association held in Vancouver, Washington, on 22 July, 2010

Attending: Sharon Powalka, Robert Sackett, Thurmon King, Kathryn James, Ray James, Debbie Barbee, Steve Barbee, Jean Carpenter, Don Hertzler, Glenna Hertzler, and John Sackett. (TSFA Committee Members present were Debbie, Jean, Kathryn and Glenna.)

Reunion Coordinator Kathryn James welcomed the group to Vancouver, Washington, and discussed the reunion schedule for the next two days.

In the absence of either a President or Vice-President for the group, Don Hertzler, a Past President, agreed to lead the discussion. Items of business were reports from any Committee persons, place of next reunion, hosts for that reunion, and an expense report from Kathryn.

Historian Thurmon King reported the main accomplishment this past year was to work with Chris Sackett to get the database set up on the TSFA website. There are now 34,000 individuals listed. Thurmon thought that maybe someday someone else would need to do his job. He expressed appreciation to Kari Roehl for research and for backing him up and for others in TSFA who were quick to provide data when genealogical research was required to answer questions on the TSFA list.

Kathryn gave some details about Reunion activities. Ray filmed the activities whenever possible. A written income and expense report was submitted later to the group and will be submitted to Chris Sackett as Secretary of TSFA.

Future reunion sites were discussed. The following recommendation was made to TSFA Committee. We recommend the 2012 Reunion be held in the "North East" United States – Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey. We suggest the Fall months of the year as a possible time.

Sharon Powalka and Debbie Barbee volunteered to be Hosts if the committee accepts the recommendation to come to the North East.

Jean Carpenter reported on the newspaper archive project and discussed how the research is done. She encouraged others to contact Chris Sackett to volunteer to search the archives of a newspaper.

The question was raised about eventually wanting to establish the "talked" of Memorial in Cambridge, MA, for immigrant, Simon Sackett. Also discussed were the positions on the committee open for volunteers, DNA Project Administrator, Registrar and List Administrator.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Glenna Hertzler

Resolutions of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved on 17 August 2010

It was resolved that Chris Sackett be appointed to serve as Registrar and as Mailing List Administrator. It was further resolved to discontinue the TSFA mailing list and to use the Sackett mailing list for all correspondence, business as well as genealogy.

Resolution of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved in October 2010

It was resolved that Sheila Phythian be appointed to serve as regional historian for Australia and New Zealand.