Channel Islands census 1921

5 households

GUERNSEY, St Peter Port

  • 2 Paris Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey
    3 rooms
    3 persons
    Annie Marr, head, 51y 4m, married, b. Woodchurch, Kent, home duties
    Sidney Marr, son, 24y 6m, single, b. Hull, Yorkshire [Sidney Marr entry struck through]
    Jabez Sackett, father, 80y 10m, widowed, b. Hythe, Kent, grower's clerk, E H Ogier Fruit Grower, Duveaux Farm, St Sampson's
    William Symington, boarder, 55y 4m, married, b. Woolwich, Kent, laundry engineer, Guernsey Laundry Co Ltd, Les Amballes, St Peter Port
  • 3 Manor Cottage, Colborne Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey
    4 rooms
    William H Barnes, head, 61y 6m, married, b. St Peter Port, Guernsey, carpenter, H J Bougourd, Fruit Grower
    Martha Barnes, wife, 60y 6m, married, b. St Martin, Guernsey, household duties
    Florence Barnes, daughter, 25y 2m, single, b. St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, musician, Lyric Picture Hall
    Sydney Marr, visitor, 24y 6m, single, b. Hull, Yorkshire, laundryman, Guernsey Steam Laundry, Les Amballes
  • 3 New Paris Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey
    6 rooms
    Thomas John Keyho, head, 38y 5m, married, b. St Peter Port, baker & confectioner general agent, own account, Rohais Rd, Guernsey
    Laura Keyho, wife, 38y 7m, married, b. Walkington, Yorkshire, assisting in above business
    Ruth Bichard Keyho, daughter, 14y 3m, b. St Peter Port
    Dulcie Lillie Keyho, daughter, 10y 5m, b. St Martin, Guernsey
    John Arthur Keyho, son, 8y 7m, b. St Martin
    William Smith Sackett, boarder, 41y 5m, married, b. Walkington, Yorkshire, grower foreman, Partners Ltd, Fruit & Flower, St Andrews
    Doris Ada Sackett, daughter, 15y 9m, single, b. St Peter Port, home duties
    Catharine Laura Sackett, daughter, 14y 5m, b. St Peter Port
    Alfred James Sackett, visitor, 55y 8m, married, b. Rye, Sussex, out of work, Rowe & Mitchell Granite Merchants, Alderney
  • 13 Havilland Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey
    5 rooms
    Vere Miles, head, 45y 10m, married, b. Dundalk, Ireland, Inspector of Explosives Guernsey
    Alma Miles, wife, 22y 6m, married, b. Hull, Yorkshire, household duties
    Douglas Sackett, brother-in-law, 14y 1m, b. St Sampson, Guernsey, full-time education
  • 2 Choisi Terrace, St Peter Port, Guernsey
    12 rooms
    Lydia Sackett, servant, 52y 9m, married, b. Hull, Yorkshire, cook, in private domestic service, 2 Choisi Terrace
    [In household of Henry Wild, medical practitioner]