James Savage, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England

Note by Ted Smith
Savage groups all individuals by surname, normally in one paragraph per surname. The only clue that a new or different family line is being described is the capitalization of a given name. So, for example "JOHN, Northampton" (given name and home location) signals that he has begun describing a different family line. Savage appears to have organized individual families alphabetically by given name. So, for example, this sometimes leads to a father (e.g., SIMON) being listed after his child (e.g., JOHN). This and other issues (such as referring to JOHN, Northampton, saying later that he removed to Westfield, and later referring to him as "John of the same," father of JOHN, Westfield) sometimes can make relationships difficult to immediately identify. Also, for at least one John Sacket, SACKET is used in one location (the main Sacket paragraph) and SACKETT in another (in the listing for his spouse).

    Vol 1 p 173

  • From within the entry for BETTS
    … RICHARD, Ipswich 1648, said to have come from Hemel Hempstead, Co. Herts, rem. to Newtown, L. I. 1656, there was in high esteem many yrs. and d. 18 Nov. 1713, at the age of 100, to render wh. great number of yrs. doubtful, the stupidity of tradit. adds, that he dug his own gr. By w. Joanna, Riker says, he had Richard; Thomas; Joanna, wh. m. John Scudder; Mary, wh. m. Joseph Swazey; Martha, wh. m. Philip Ketchum; Eliz. wh. was first w. of Joseph Sackett; and Sarah, wh. m. Edward Hunt …
  • Vol 1 p 233

  • From within the entry for BRADLEY or BRADLEE
    … BENJAMIN, New Haven, br. of the preced. [meaning ABRAHAM] m. 29 Oct. 1677, Eliz. d. of John Thompson, had Eliz. b. 11 Sept. 1678; Sarah, 7 June 1680; Hannah, 18 Apr. 1682; Susanna, 10 July 1684; and prob. others.
    Vol 3 p 605 Additions and corrections for Volume 1 has addition to above: aft. others, add, He had second w. Mary Sacket, d. I suppose, of John.
  • Vol 2 p 37

  • From within the entry for DENISON
    … JAMES, New Haven, m. 25 Nov. 1662, Bethia, d. of Jarvis Boykem, had James, b. Aug. 1664, d. soon; John, Nov. 1665, d. at 3 yrs.; Mary, or Mercy, 26 July 1668; Sarah, 12 Apr. 1671; Hannah, 1673 prob. d. young; John, and James, again, tw. 6 Feb. 1677, of wh. James d. soon; Eliz. 24 Nov. 1681; and James, again, 5 Jan. 1683; d. 8 May 1719, aged 78. Sarah m. 1710, Joseph Sackett; and Eliz. m. 1707, Samuel Harrison …
  • Vol 2 p 351

  • From within the entry for HANNUM
    … WILLIAM, Dorchester, an early sett. rem. to Windsor, but not with the first migrat. for his s. John was b. bef. he went to W. wh. may seem, therefore, to have been as late as 1639; there had bapt. Abigail, 22 Nov. 1640; Joanna, 24 July 1642; Eliz. b. 24 Apr. 1645; and Mary, 5 Apr. 1650; but prob. Joanna d. young; rem. again a. 1655 to Northampton, there d. 1 June 1677. His will of 15 May preced. gives only s. John most of his prop, and some to ea. of three ds. Abigail, w. of John Sacket; Mary, wid. of John Allen; and Eliz. wh. m. Peter Bushrod. His wid. Honor, wh. is call. sis. in her will, by Dorothy Upshall, wid. of Nicholas, d. 1680 at Westfield.
  • Vol 3 pp 285-286

  • NOBLE, JOHN, Westfield, prob. s. of the first Thomas, m. 13 Sept. 1682, Abigail, d. of John Sacket, had Abigail, b. 30 June 1683, and his w. d. in 3 days; by sec. w. had John, 15 Feb. 1685; Stephen, 15 Aug. 1688; William, d. young; David, 25 Jan. 1695; Hannah, 2 Nov. 1697; Sarah, 22 Mar. 1699; and Mabel, 28 Feb. 1705. He d. at New Milford, 17 Aug. 1714 . . . . THOMAS, Boston 1652, rem. to Springfield, m. 1 Nov. 1660, Hannah, only d. of William Warriner, rem. to Westfield, 1669, freem. 1681, rep. 1692, bef. going thither had John, b. 1662, bef. ment.; Hannah, 24 Feb. 1664, wh. m. John Goodman of Hadley, and next, 12 Oct. 1728, Nathaniel Ed wards of Northampton; and Thomas, 14 Jan. 1667. He had at W. Eliz. b. 9 Feb. 1673 ; Luke, 15 July 1675 ; James, 1 Oct. 1677 ; Mary, 29 June 1680; and Rebecca, 4 Jan. 1683; but when or whence he came is unkn. His d. was 20 Jan. 1704, and the wid. Hannah m. deac. Medad Pomeroy …
  • Vol 4 p 2

  • SACKET, JOHN, New Haven, m. 20 May 1652, Agnes Tinkham, had John, b. 30 Apr. 1653; Jonathan, 6 June 1655; Mary, 24 Sept. 1657; Joseph, 3 May 1660; Martha, 19 Sept. 1662; and d. 3 Sept. 1684. His wid. d. 1707. JOHN, Northampton, had John, b. 1660; William, 1662; Abigail, 1663; Mary, wh. d. 1667; and Hannah, 1669; rem. to Westfield, there had Mary, again, 8 June 1672; Samuel, 18 Oct. 1674; Eliz. 28 Aug. 1677, wh. d. at 5 yrs. His ho. was burn. by the Ind. 1675; his w. d. 9 Oct. 1690; and he m. 1691, Sarah, the only d. of John Stiles, wid. of John Stewart of Springfield; and d. 8 Apr. 1719. He was prob. s. of the first Simon, and may have been brot. from Eng. Abigail m. 13 Sept. 1682, John Noble; and Mary m. 2 Oct. 1689, Benjamin Morley. All his other ch. were m. also; but William, Samuel, and Abigail d. bef. their f. JOHN, New Haven, eldest s. of John of the same, was a propr. 1685. JOHN, Westfield, eldest s. of John of the same, by w. Deborah had John, b. 3 Mar. 1688; Abigail, 16 Oct. 1690; Daniel, 14 Aug. 1693; David, 7 July 1696; Benjamin, 30 Oct. 1698; and Deborah, 16 Nov. 1701. His w. d. 4 days aft. and he m. ano. w. had sev. ch. and d. 20 Dec. 1745. JOSEPH, Newtown, L.I. s. of the sec. Simon, had, says Riker, three ws. Eliz. d. of capt. Richard Betts; the next, Ann; and last, 1711, Mercy, wid. of Thomas Betts, d. of Daniel Whitehead. He had large est. was lieut. and capt. d. 1719. The ch. were Simon, Joseph, Richard, John, William, Samuel, Eliz. and Sarah; but the hist. of Newtown gives no dates of their bs. nor does he appropr. the mos. SIMON, Cambridge 1632, came with w. Isabel, and, prob. both s. Simon and John, all, perhaps, in the Lion, that brot. in Sept. of that yr. sev. sett. of C.; had sh. in the div. of ld. Aug. 1635, and d. soon aft. since admin. of his goods was giv. by the Ct. of Assist. to his wid. 3 Nov. foll. as our Col. Rec. I. 155, shows. Perhaps she m. again. SIMON, Springfield 1654, s. prob. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. Sarah, d. of William Blomfield, had only Joseph, b. 23 Feb. 1656; and d. 9 July 1659. WILLIAM, Westfield, s. of John of the same, m. 27 Nov. 1689, Sarah Cram, had Joseph, b. 25 July 1690; Hannah, 15 Aug. 1692; Rebecca, 16 Sept. 1694; Jonathan, 20 Mar. 1696; and d. 28 Mar. 1700.
  • Vol 4 p 191

  • From within the entry for STEWART
    … JOHN, Springfield, perhaps as early as 1650, m. Sarah, d. of the first John Stiles; sw. alleg. 1678, and d. 21 Apr 1690. His wid. m. next yr. John Sacket of Northampton …
  • Vol 4 pp 194-195

  • From within the entry for STILES
    … JOHN [Stiles], Windsor, s. of Thomas, bapt. at Millbrook, Co. Bedford, 25 Dec. 1593, came with his brs. Francis, Henry, and Thomas, in the Christian from London, Mar. 1635, tho. his age in the custom ho. rec. is call, 35, wh. I judge to be liable to correct. by exchang. the yrs. of Henry and John; he also brot. w. prob. Jane aged 35; and s. Henry, 3 yrs, and John, 9 mos. Of course he first liv. at Dorchester or Boston, and prob. rem. with others of D. by ld. to Conn. Beside the ch. he brot. from Eng. he had Isaac and Sarah, and d. 4 June 1662. His wid. whose name is not kn. d. 3 Sept. 1674. Cothren says his will was of 30 May 1662. Sarah [Stiles] m. first, John Stewart of Springfield; and next, 1691, John Sackett of Westfield. Fam. tradit. claims for the w. of John [Stiles, Windsor], that she was the first Eng. woman that ever stept ashore at Conn. wh. is reasonable, as the similar stories for Mary Chilton at Plymouth, and Ann Pollard at Boston …
  • Vol 4 p 638

  • From within the entry for WOODEN, WOODING, WOODIN or WOODEN
    … NATHANIEL, New Haven, s. of William of the same, m. Dec. 1687, Martha, d. of John Sacket. WILLIAM, New Haven, 1643, m. 25 Oct 1650, Sarah Ollard, had William, b. 16 Nov. 1651; Jeremiah, 17 Feb. 1653; Sarah, 13 Sept. 1654; Susan, 5 Nov. 1655, d. young; Joseph, 16 Jan. 1657; Benjamin; Mary; Nathaniel; and Abigail; and d. Dec. 1684, when eight of the ch. were living. His wid. d. 1653. Sarah m. 1682, Samuel Merwin; Mary m. a Sacket; and Abigail m. as his sec. w. Ebenezer Hill. Joseph was blind and prob. infirm in mind, d. bef. 1701, as did Sarah …

James Savage, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May 1692, on the basis of Farmer's register, Little, Brown & Company, Boston (Vols 1 & 2, 1860; Vol 3, 1861; Vol 4, 1862). (Sackett entry researched by Patty Sackett Chrisman; other entries researched by Ted Smith).