US Passport Applications

7 records

  • Sackett, Charlotte B
    "Oneida County, New York State. Charlotte B Sackett, of Saratoga, b. Westminster, MA, 6 Feb 1822, travelling to Europe. Sworn 5 Oct 1872. Confirmed and sworn 5 Oct 1872 by William A Sackett. Applicant: age 50, ht 5' 5", forehead high, eyes gray, nose large, mouth regular, chin round, hair gray, complexion light, face oval. Issued 8 Oct 1872."
  • Sackett, Edith R
    "New York County, New York State. Edith R Sackett, never married, b. New York in State of New York, 6 Jan 1876, res. New York, occ none, intending to go abroad temporarily. Sworn 24 Jan 1910. Applicant: 34, 5ft 3½in, forehead normal, eyes grey, nose small, mouth regular, chin round, hair brown, compexion fair, face oval."
  • Sackett, Edna K
    "Suffolk County, Mass. Albert W Thompson, accompanied by my wife-to-be Edna K Sackett born at Champaign Ill, b. Harvey, Ill, 8 Nov 1898, res. Cambridge, MA, student, father Wilder B Thompson b. Three Churches, W.Va, applicant visiting England for travel and France for study, leaving New York on SS Zeeland on 20 Jun 1923, sworn 8 Jun 1923."
  • Sackett, Harriett M
    "Oneida County, New York State. Harriett M Sackett, of Saratoga, b. Seneca Falls, New York, 12 Sep 1854, travelling to Europe. Sworn 5 Oct 1872. Confirmed and sworn 5 Oct 1872 by William A Sackett. Applicant: age 18, ht 5' 3", forehead prominent, eyes dark blue, nose Grecian, mouth regular, chin round, hair dark brown, complexion fair, face oval. Issued 8 Oct 1872."
  • Sackett, Harry R
    "Hampden County, Mass. Harry R Sackett, b. Springfield, Mass, 25 Jun 1871, & wife Edith P Sackett, b. Plainwell, Mich, 8 Aug 1871; res. Holyoke, Mass, occ. physician; intended return to US Sep 1900. Sworn 14 Mar 1900. Applicant: 28, 6ft 2½in, forehead high, eyes blue, nose long, mouth medium, chin prominent, hair l brown, complexion fair, face long & thin. Address 251 Northampton St, Holyoke, Mass."
  • Sackett, Paul Clifford
    "Denver, Colorado. Paul Clifford Sackett, b. Ogden, Utah, 29 March 1906, father W E Sackett b. Iowa & now living at Denver. Have never had a passport. Visiting England, Scouts International Conference; France, to view battlefields; Belgium. Intending to leave port of New York on Pochontas on July 5, 1920. Sworn 16 June 1920. Fee recd 28 June 1920."
  • Sackett, Sarah Varian
    "Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Sarah Varian Sackett, not now married, widow of Myron Ward Sackett, a native born citizen of US. Sarah b. at Meadville, PA, 7 Nov 1844. Myron b. Trumbull County, OH. Sarah resident at Meadville and retired. Visiting Cuba and Lesser Antilles and British Guiana. Object health. Intending to leave from New York or Florida port on about 30 Dec 1918. Sworn 12 Dec 1918."

"US Passport Applications, 1795–1925," digital image, (Researched by Chris Sackett).