Justus Sackett (1777–1831) family bible records

Bible of Justice Sackett, p1
Bible of Justice Sackett, p2
Bible of Justice Sackett, p3
Bible of Justice Sackett, p4

Transcription of bible records

p. 1

Linda Sackett and Thom B Curtis were married November 29th 1877.
Arthur Monroe Sackett and Bertha Desdemona Parsons were married Dec 20, 1893.

p. 2

Thomas Sacket was born December 24th 1805.
Thomas Sacket died May 5th 1807.
Ann Eliza Sacket was born June 8th 1807.
Cornelia Sacket was born December 31st 1809.
Cornelia Sacket died January 27th 1812.
Adison Sacket was born June 14th 1810.
Addison Sacket died November 25th 1827.
Morrison C Sacket was born October 24th 1811.
Harrison Sacket was born August 21st 1813.
Harrison Sacket died May 25th 1815.
Electa Sacket was born September 25th 1815.
Electa Sacket died September 22d 1817.
Justus Sacket was born Feb 27th 1819.
Justus Sacket died Nov 27 1873.

p. 3

Justus Sacket and Fanny Fuven [Faxon] were married March 7th 1805.
Morrison Sackett and Mary A Brooker were married.
George Taylor and Eliza A Sackett were married Oct 6 1844.
Micah Brewster and Aurelia Sackett were married Dec 25 1844.
Justus Sackett and Elizabeth Craft were married Dec 25th 1851.
Justus Sackett and Malancy Phelps were married Dec 29 1856.

p. 4

Justus Sacket was born June 14th 1777.
Justus Sacket died February 28th 1831.
Fanny Sacket was born October 15th 1778.
Fanny Sacket died ___.
Justus Sackett was born Feb 27, 1819.
Justus Sacket died November 27th 1873.
Melancy W Phelps was born March 22d 1835.
Melancy W Phelps died December 3d 1873.
Clarence J Sacket was born Oct 1st 1857.
Clarence J Sackett died .
Linda Sackett was born Feb 15th 1859.
Linda Sackett Curtis died June 1935.
Arthur Monroe Sackett was born November 3d 1871.
Ernest Faxon Sackett was born September 9th 1873.

Justus Sackett. Family Bible Records. (Bible in possession of Darcy Moore.)