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Alumni Cantabrigiensis – Earliest times to 1751

SACKETT, George: Adm. pens. (age 16) at SIDNEY, 27 Apr 1658. 3rd s. of John (next), clerk. B. at Mongeham, Kent. Schools, Sutton (Mr Thomas Brett) and Sleaford (Mr Thomas Gibson). Matric. 1658; B.A. 1661/62; M.A. 1665. Ord. priest (Lincoln) 6 Jun 1669. Brother of John (1647).

[Rev. George Sackett c1642–, son of Rev. John Sackett & Sarah ___.]

SACKETT, John: Adm. pens at SIDNEY 20 May 1614. Doubtless s. of John, gent. B. in the Isle of Thanet. Matric. 1614; B.A. 1617/18; M.A 1621; B.D. 1628. Incorp. at Oxford, 1622. Ord. deacon (London) 12 Mar 1619/20, age 27; priest (Peterb.) 24 Sep 1621. Probably C. of Herne, Kent, in 1624. R. of Betteshanger, 1626-8. R. of Gt Mongeham, 1628-64. R. of Eastbridge, 1628-46. Master of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury. Died 24 Aug 1664. Buried at Gt Mongeham. Probably brother of Stephen (1621); father of George (above) and of the next. (Hasted, iv.140, 630)

[Rev. John Sackett 1596–1664, son of John Sackett & Ann/Agnes Sampson. See also Oxford Alumni.]

SACKETT, John: Adm. pens. at SIDNEY, 6 Jul 1647. S. of John (above), clerk. B. at Mongeham, Kent. Schools; Sutton, Canterbury and Merchant Taylor's, London. Matric. 1647; B.A. 1650-1; M.A. 1654. Brother of George (1658).

[Rev. John Sackett 1631–1680, son of Rev. John Sackett & Sarah ___.]

SACKETTE, John: Matric. from PEMBROKE, Easter 1686. Of Canterbury. S. of Nathaniel, gent. and grandson of John (1614). School, King's, Canterbury. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1688; B.A. 1690/91; M.A. 1694. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 12 Feb 1692/93; priest (London) 8 Mar 1695/96. V. of Folkestone, 1699-1753. R. of Hawking, Kent 1713-53. V. of West Hythe, 1732-53. Master of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury, 1746-53. Married Margaret Tempest, of Patricksbourne, Kent, spinster, 24 Oct 1701. Antiquary and poet. Died 29 Jan 1753. (G.Mag.; Masters; Hasted, iv.631)

[John Sackett c1670–1753, son of Nathaniel Sackett & Ann Terry.]

SACKETT, Stephen: Adm. pens. (age 15) at SIDNEY, 20 Jul 1621. S. of John, gent. B. at St Peter's, Isle of Thanet. School, St John's, Isle of Thanet. Matric. 1621; B.A. 1624/25; M.A. 1628. V. of Blean, Kent, 1632-79. V. of West Hythe, 1633-79. Died 1679. Probably brother of John (1614).

[Rev. Stephen Sackett 1605–1678, son of John Sackett & Ann/Agnes Sampson. See also Oxford Alumni]

Alumni Cantabrigiensis – Earliest times to 1751. (Researched by Marion Sackett).