An early Sackett reunion, Washington, Connecticut, 1873

The following gem of a newspaper article was researched by Sackett Family Association member Jeff Randall. It describes a Sackett family gathering of some thirty descendants of Benjamin Sackett (1762–1844). The reunion was held on 13 August 1873 at the home in Washington, Connecticut, of Simeon and Malinda (Sackett) Ford (1827–1881).

Jeff Randall is a descendant of Benjamin Sackett (1762–1844) through Benjamin Sackett (1799–1885), Henry Eldred Sackett (1832–1868), and Flora Rebecca (Sackett) Randall (1863–1933).

I. Chronicles, Chapter II.

   1. And it came to pass in the reign of Ulysses, the son of Jesse, and in the fifth year of his reign, that Simeon, the son of John, the son of Samuel of the tribe of Ford, who dwelt on the plains of Judea to the southward of Mount Rat, opened his mouth and spake unto Malinda, his wife, who was the daughter of Moses, the son of Benjamin of the tribe of Sackett, saying:
   2. Behold, have not these two sisters journeyed from a far city, where smoke ascendeth continually, even unto this land in which their fathers dwelt? and, behold, are they not yet with us?
   3. Therefore, is it not meet that we should assemble together the remnant of thy tribe and kindred that we may make merry with our friends?
   4. And she answered and said, as it seemeth good unto my lord, so do.
   5. So they sent forth and summoned all the tribe of Sackett who dwelt in the region round about.
   6. And in the eighth month and thirteenth day of the month, this people said one to another, come, let us arise and go unto the house of Simeon, and we will prepare food for the feast to take with us.
   7. And there came Orpha and Minerva, daughters of Benjamin, who dwelt together to the southward, and their charioteer was Frederick, of the tribe of Brinsmade; and with them three daughters of Marilla, the widow of Henry, the son of Benjamin, the son of Benjamin.
   8. From the northward, even from the country of Warren, came Eliza, widow of Myron, the son of Achsah the daughter of Benjamin.
   9. And Mary, the daughter of Justus, the son of Benjamin, and wife of George, who was a tiller of the soil, bringing their children and children's children.
   10. Also, Emily a sister of Mary, who dwelt where her forefathers had lived for many generations; now the husband of Emily was Henry, the son of Silas, and they, together with their household, journeyed southward.
   11. And Charles, the son of Achsah the daughter of Benjamin, drove in his chariot alone, for Phebe, his wife, was ill at home.
   12. Now, Lucy, the daughter of Justus, the son of Benjamin, who dwelt far to the southward, even by the sea coast, came with Louis, her husband, who was a skilful player of instruments, together with their children.
   13. Lucinda, the wife of Edgar, son of Sheldon, came also with her husband to the feast.
   14. And all the sons of Simeon, yea, and his whole household, together with all that had come from far were numbered, and their number was thirty and three.
   15. And it came to pass that when all the people were assembled, they had much pleasant discourse together, and Lois, a little maiden of the tribe of Ford, who had journeyed from a far country, even from beyond the sea, lifted up her voice and sang in an unknown tongue, making sweet music before all the people.
   16. Now, when the set time was come, the wives and daughters prepared the feast quickly from the many baskets full which were gathered in store; for they had all things pleasant to the taste and goodly to the eye.
   17. Now Darius, the son of Clark, the son of Benjamin, who was a learned man among the people, had sent a present to Orpha, a little tea, from beyond Jordan, even from China, and Orpha brought this present, and other goodly things to the feast, saying, let us all drink of it; and the fragrance filled the whole house where they were sitting.
   18. And when they were seated at the feast, Simeon, who was a ruler of the synagogue, arose and spake unto Henry, saying, it is meet that we call upon the name of the Lord; so Henry gave thanks unto the Lord; then all the people ate and were filled, and the fragments were many.
   19. Now it came to pass that Charles, not being in the presence of his wife, drank mightily of the tea, until he arose in his cunning and craftiness and seized upon all the sweets which were reserved for the hand-maidens who had served, and a fierce strife arose among the people; then the women arose and bound him with sinewy cords and the contention ceased not till all the sweets were devoured.
   20. When the even was come, the people departed from the house of Simeon and journeyed to their own homes.

Litchfield Enquirer, Litchfield, Connecticut, 21 Aug 1873, p 2

Descendant Chart of those named in the article