Extracts from
Edward Atwater, History of the Colony of New Haven

[Widow Stolyon living in Herefordshire area in house built & owned by Richard Platt.]
[Disagreement with Capt. Turner.]

Besides merchants engaged in coasting and foreign trade, there were shopkeepers in New Haven who kept for sale an assortment of such goods as were required by the people of the town and of the plantations. One of these was a widow named Stolyon, living in the Herefordshire quarter, in a house which Richard Platt of Milford built and still continued to own. A disagreement between her and Capt. Turner concerning a bargain in which he was to buy cloth of her, and she to buy cows of him, served to put on record specifications in a charge of extortion, from which one may glean some knowledge of prices, and of the methods in which trade was carried on:-

1. The Captain complained that she sold some cloth to William Bradley, at 20 shillings per yard, that cost her about 12 shillings, for which she received wheat at 3 shillings 6 pence per bushel, and sold it presently to the baker at 5 shillings per bushel, who received it of Mr. Bradley, only she forbearing her money six months. 2. That the cloth which Lieutenant Seeley bought of her for 20 shillings per yard last year, she hath sold this year for seven bushels of wheat a yard, to be delivered in her chamber, which she confest. 3. That she would not take wampum for commodities at six a penny, though it were the same she had paid to others at six, but she would have seven a penny. Thomas Robinson testified that his wife gave her 8 pence in wampum at seven a penny, though she had but newly received the same wampum of Mrs. Stolyon at six. 4. That she sold primers at 9 pence apiece which cost but 4 pence here in New England. 5. That she would not take beaver which was merchantable with others, at 8 shillings a pound, but she said she would have it at 7 shillings, and well dried in the sun or in an oven. Lieutenant Seeley, the marshal, and Isaac Mould testified it. John Dillingham by that means lost 5 shillings in a skin (that cost him twenty shillings of Mr. Evance, and sold to her), viz., 2 shillings 6 pence in the weight and 2 shillings 6 pence in the price. 6. She sold a piece of cloth to the two Mecars at 23 shillings 4 pence per yard in wampum; the cloth cost her about 12 shillings per yard, and sold when wampum was in great request. 7. That she sold a yard of the same cloth to a man of Connecticut at 22 shillings per yard, to be delivered in Indian corn at 2 shillings per bushel at home. 8. She sold English mohair at 6 shillings per yard, which Mr. Goodyear and Mr. Atwater affirmed might be bought in England for 3 shillings 2 pence per yard at the utmost. 9. She sold thread after the rate of 12 shillings per pound, which cost not above 2 shillings 2 pence in Old England. 10. That she sold needles at one a penny which might be bought in Old England at 12 pence or 18 pence per hundred, as Mr. Francis Newman affirmeth.

[This continues on p212; not extracted.]

[Seating plan for meeting house March 10, 1646. No Sacketts & no Stolyons listed. Mrs. Stolyon had died by April 1647.]

[Seating plan Feb 11, 1655-56. "Jno. Sackett" listed against the soldiers' seats. No listing for Mr. Stolyon, widow Stolyon's son.]

Against the soldiers’ seats.
1. Jno. Sackett, James Eaton, Ralph Lines, Isaac Beecher, Abra. Kimberley.

[Seating plan Feb 20, 1661-2. Stolyon not listed.]

In the side seats above the door.
4. John Sacket, Sam Marsh, Peter Mallery, Robert Foot.

[List of residents not listed on pp109-111.]

From 1640 to 1650, who were not recorded in the list on pages 109-111, with the year of the first mention of their name in the Records of New Haven Colony, the year of their death when known, occupation, etc.”


1641 John Sackett, carpenter, d. 1684.


An alphabetical list

16  –1684  John Sacket 2,3
 Mrs    "
16  –1707  (Agnes Tincome.)

["2,3" means listed in 2nd & 3rd seating plan, but not in 1st. No Stolyo, Stolyon, etc. in this alphabetical list.]

p725 List of Officers

Name Lt. John Sackett   Lt. Joseph Sackett
Year of birth
and death
1653-17[blank]  1660-17[blank]
Lowest rank [blank]  [blank] 
Reference page
in Colonial Records 
[blank] [blank]
Highest Rank Lieut.1700 Lieut. 1704
Reference page
in Colonial Records
C.4, p.321 C.4, p.465
Place of Residence New Haven New Haven

Edward Atwater, History of the Colony of New Haven to its Absorption into Connecticut, The Journal Publishing Company, Meriden, Connecticut (1902). (Researched by Chris Sackett).