Extracts from
The American Genealogist

  • 1932, vol. 9, p. 190.
    19. SACKETT–WILCOX. Who were the parents of Chloe Sackett who m. South Amenia, N.Y., in 1784, Reuben Wilcox, of Dover, N.Y. Was she not a granddau. of Dr. John Sackett, of Amenia, through one of his three sons?
    (a) SACKETT, MASTER. Who were the parents of the wife of Dr. John Sackett, son of Capt. Richard Sackett, founder of Amenia, N.Y. Was she a dau. of John Master?
    (b) SACKETT–SLEADE. Wanted: parentage of Capt. Richard Sackett and Margery L. Sleade who received a marriage license in New York City May 11, 1699. Wanted, dates of birth of his children and names of whose whom they married. Did he m. (2) Margery Crego and have a son Josiah?
    (c) WOLCOTT–MARGESON. Who were the parents of Thomas Wolcott who d. in 1792 near Amenia, N.Y.? He m. Catherine, dau. of Capt. Richard Sackett, and widow of ___ Margeson. Was he son of Thomas, whose first wife d. Tolland, Conn., 1737/8, and was later of Columbia and Dutchess counties, N.Y., and who m. (2) Fanny Dubelorey?
  • 1932, vol. 9, p. 261.
    19. (a) MASTON. Maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of Dr. John Sackett, should have been given as Maston instead of Master. Was she the dau. of John or Arthur Maston? Both had daus. named Elizabeth.—P.M.S.
  • 1933, vol. 10, p. 57.
    33. (e) SACKETT–WILCOX–CALL. Wanted: Parentage of James Sackett who d. in New York, N.Y., May 9, 1855; he m. (1) Jerusha Wilcox; (2) Charlotte Call.—H.L.S.
  • 1934, vol. 11, p. 184.
    19. (b) SACKETT–SLEADE. Will of Joseph Sackett, of Newtown, L.I., made Sept. 20, 1719, mentions Richard as one of five sons. As Joseph had many land holdings, it is probable that his son Richard is identical with Richard, of Dutchess County. (New York Wills, Vol. II, pp. 204–6) Will of Richard Sackett (Ibid. Vol. IV, p. 79) mentions "my son, Josiah Crego" in addition to other children.—R.E.D.
  • 1941, vol. 18, pp. 164–5.
    Article "The Fabulous Pearsalls" by Herbert F. Seversmith, M.A., and Arthur S. Wardwell, M.E.
    Another individual who is said to have been of record in Newtown according to The History and Genealogy of the Pearsall Family, vol. II, p. 1050, is Joseph Pearsall, allegedly son of Thomas Pearsall and a grandson of Thomas and Mary (Brent) Pearsall. The Genealogy seemingly quotes only one reference to support the existence of this man:
    The Land Records of Newtown disclose the following:—Deed Book I, p. 155, an entry which recites,—land laid out for Joseph Pasall, lying near Trauds meadow, bounded on the north by the road, on the south by the road to Hellgate, also by Jonathan Hazard and Theopholus Phillips.
    We cannot find any other evidence for the existence of Joseph Pearsall, and as he is given a list of children which we have allocated to the John Parsell family of Newtown, it is essential to refer to the original records to see what actually was on the books. We quote exactly:
    October the 28th 1679
    Land Laided out for Joseph Sacatt six tene or se . . tenen acors Lying nere tranes Medow bounded o . . the north by the hy way that Goes by the si . . . of Tranes Medow on the south by th way th . . Goes to Heel Gate Neck north East thirty Rod . . . South west thirty Rods Eighty Rods Long: by us Jonathan Hazard & Theophilus phillips [Footnote: Book 286, p. 155. Record Book No. 2, Town Records of the Town of Newtown, Room 510, Comptroller's Office, Municipal Building, New York City.]
    It is barely possible for a person not competent in the chirography of the era to interpret this name as Pasatt, perhaps Pasall; but most positively Sacatt is the correct rendition of this surname. No Joseph Pearsall has been found by us after the most exhaustive examination of all available records; and in our opinion, no such individual ever existed. The connections of Joseph Sackett are well known, and he appears on numerous other occasions in the records with similar spellings of his surname. Granting then, that our case is correct, and we are assured that impartial investigation will confirm it—the construction of the relationships as given in The History and Genealogy of the Pearsall Family with reference to the foregoing are not only unreliable but are unqualifiedly fictitious.
  • 1944, vol. 21, p. 204.
    Church Records of Auburn, New York, 1801–1811
    1808 Apr. 24 Fanny Lavina [dau] William & Parthena Sackett
  • 1946, vol. 23, p. 136–7.
    Article "John Webb of Northampton"
    … Jeremiah Webb lived in that part of Northampton called Nashawannock which later became Easthampton. On Mar. 29, 1692, he probated the will of his step-father Robert Danks, dated Feb. 26, 1691/2. By the will, Robert Danks divided his land between Jeremiah Webb and his son Robert Danks Jr., provided Jeremiah Webb "care for and provide for me and my children during my life and until the children come of age, Robert to be 21 and daughters at 18, children to be taught to read English and Robert to write a legible hand. At 18 years, Robert to be put out to learn a trade." Jeremiah and Robert were to pay the three daughters 3 each when they came of age. The will was witnessed by John Webb Sr. Inventory, dated Mar. 2, 1691/2, totaled 292.06. On April 12, 1692, Jeremiah Webb filed an account as executor and on Dec. 14, 1703 made settlement to Mehitable, alias Sackett; Elizabeth, alias Bartlett; and Mary Danks. …
  • 1946, vol. 23, p. 236–7.
    Article "Sacketts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania"
    Page 30 of The Sacketts of America (1907), by Charles H. Weygant, gives the children of Simon Sackett (no. 22) and Mary (McGaw) as
    82. Thomas who m. Sara Haywood.
    83. a daughter.
    84. a daughter.
    Where this information originated is not apparent. The will of Simon, dated Jan 1717, at Hopewell, N.J., proved 17 Mar 1717, names wife Mary, son Joseph, "child my wife now goeth withall" if it be a son to share evenly with Joseph, if a daughter, Joseph to pay her 50 when 21. If either die before coming of age, the survivor to possess all that the other is to get, if both die before coming of age, "my brothers and sisters" to have all, equally divided except that the "children of my sister Elizabeth" shall have between them one portion.
    From this it is apparent that Simon had only two surviving children at most. There is no earlier indication of a daughter. Further, we find a Simon Sackett at Bristol, Pa., in 1741, who might well be the posthumous child born in 1717. The following list of children replaces the undiscovered Thomas and unknown daughters.
    82. JOSEPH SACKETT, b. ab. 22 Jan. 1716, removed from Hopewell to Wrightstown, Bucks Co., Pa. He voted at Trenton in 1738, purchased 280 acres at Wrightstown from John Hillborn in December 1740, and further purchased in 1757 from Robert Cummings, in 1760 from the estate of John Johnson. Purchased land on the north side of the Neshaminy in 1762. In 1769, with others donated land for the establishment of the Presyterian Church of Newtown, where he was one of the first Trustees of this church. He was a member of the Revolutionary War Committee of Safety for Wrightstown Township. Was a Justice of the Peace from 1777 for many years. He married Sarah, born 26 Aug. 1726, died 11 Sept. 1796, aged 70 years 1 month 16 days, daughter of Garrett Vansant (Garret, Stoffel) of Wrightstown. Joseph died 1 Mar. 1798 leaving a will dated 21 Oct. 1793, naming all his known children except the second. His children were
    Simon, moved away, never returned to share estate, whereabouts unknown to his father when the will was made.
    James or Joseph, d. 17 Mar. 1781.
    Clanche or Clauche, m. Simon Bennett.
    Elizabeth, m. 1784 Joshua Dungan, son of Jeremiah.
    Patience, m. John Kinsey.
    Rebecca, b. 6 June 1760; m. 13 July 1784, William Wetherill.
    Sarah, d. unm.
    Joseph, m. Eleanor Larue.
    83. A posthumous child, probably SIMON, b. 1717, m. at Bristol, Pa., 1741, Mary Walhill, also of Bristol. He died in 1747.
  • 1947, vol. 24, p. 52.
    Records of Nova Scotia
    Sept. 13, 1765. On Shepody Point.
    Present: Benoni Danks Esqr as Coroner, Valentine Estabrooks, Joshua Sprague, Josiah Throop, Isaac Danks, Robert Danks, David Sacket, Robert Lawrance.
    Set on a dead body found by the Indians and now lying on the shore. We judge it to be the body of Christian Curtice who was suposed to be lost in a boat down the Bay some time last month and it is Our Opinion that he perished with hunger.
  • 1947, vol. 24, p. 75.
    Article "William Wetherill of Bucks County, Penn." by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., M.S., of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    William Wetherill was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, probably near Bristol, on 23 April 1762. There he married on 13 July 1784, at the Southampton Baptist Church, Rebecca Sackett, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Vansant) Sackett, born 6 June 1760. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. William Van Horne. The Wetherills lived Wrightstown, where Rebecca died on 1 Jan. 1802. William married, 19 April 1803, for his second wife, Hannah Phillips, who was born 22 Sept. 1777. He died 10 or 18 Feb. 1843, and "Hannah Wetherill" died 10 May 1867.
    William apparently was ordained as a Baptist minister without charge, and acted as fill-in to communities having no regular pastor or to substitute for ministers ill or vacationing. In many records he is referred to as "reverend." He left a very comprehensive will, dated 12 Oct. 1842, probated 4 March 1843, naming all his surviving children. Item 6, for example, reads: "I give and bequeath to my daughter Clara Lee the two notes I hold against her husband Reuben Lee."
    The following list of children is made up from his will and from three family records, two in the possession of Mr. H.W. Wetherill, and one in possession of the writer. Children by Rebecca:
    i. Simon, b. 1 or 11 Nov. 1784; d. 16 Oct. 1833 "aged 48 years 11 months and 2 days."
    ii. Sally (also called Sarah), b. 22 Sept. 1786; m. a Supplee and d. 26 Nov. 1854 "aged 68 years 2 months 4 days."
    iii. Clara or Clarissa (listed in family record as Blanchey, a misreading unless renamed), b. 16 Dec. 1788; m. 29 Nov. 1810, Reuben Lee, b. 18 Jan. 1786, son of Thomas Lee by his second wife, Hannah Pownall….
    iv. Patience, b. 3 Sept. 1790. Record says, "Patience Iliff died 1 Jan. 1870."
    Children by Hannah: [9 children, details not transcribed, but third child was:]
    vii. Sackett, b. 5 or 8 June 1807.
  • 1947, vol. 24, p. 80.
    Article "William Wetherill of Bucks County, Penn." [continuation of above]
    [Known children of William Whetherill born Burlington, 4 Sept. 1716, and Rebecca Haines of Bucks County, married at Burlington 2 Nov. 1748 included:]
    William, b. 23 April 1762; m. Rebecca Sackett and Hannah Phillips.
  • 1947, vol. 24, p. 108.
    Genealogical Items from the Medical Journal of John Winthrop
    Abstracted by the late Col. Charles E. Banks
    SACKET. p. 7. John, almost 4 years old; Jonathan, almost 2. [New Haven] 1657.
  • 1947, vol. 24, p. 133–4.
    Article "Census of Newtown, Long Island, August, 1698"
    a trew Lest as it is retorned by the Constable and the Clerk on this Last of augost: 1698
    Tho: Hickes, Danll white[head], John Smith, Edward Whit[e], Samuell Moore, John Tredw[ell], William [Hallett]
    Thee Inhabitence of Newtown [and] ye Number of Them all [and Ser]uants white and black
    [Sixth name in 3-column list of names over 4 pages]
    [Col 1 headed "The heads of familyes &"] Joseph Sacket
    [Col 2 headed "ye numbers"] 15
    [Col 3 headed "Negros"] 4
    [at end of list] ye whole number 876 [at end of col 3] 93 negros
  • 1948, vol. 25, p. 53.
    Article "The Terrill Family of Connecticut" by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A.
    Children [of Phineas Terrill] by first wife [Mary Johnson], born at Woodbridge [Bethany]:
    [Third child of 14:]
    Sarah, b. ca. 1773; d. 12 Jan. 1794 ae. 21 (g.s.); m. John Sackett.
  • 1948, vol. 25, p. 167.
    Article "Connections of the Eddowes Family" by John Insley Coddington, of Arlington, Virginia
    Roger Eddowes, thirteenth and youngest child of Ralph and Sarah (Kenrick) Eddowes, was b. at Chester, England, 11 April 1792, came to America with his family in 1794, and eventually settled on a farm near Somerton, Philadelphia Co., Pa., where he d. 24 March 1856. He m. 31 Oct. 1816, Claranda Bennet, b. 1796, d. at 912 Melon St., Philadelphia, 21 May 1868. She was the daughter of Simon Bennet, Jr. (bapt. 2 April 1768) and granddaughter of Simon and Clanche or Clauche or Klaartje (Sackett) Bennet, for whom see Walter Lee Sheppard's note on "Sackett of New Jersey and Pennsylvania" in The American Genealogist, vol. 23, p. 237. Roger and Claranda (Bennet) Eddowes had thirteen children, as did his parents and his elder brother Ralph. Their third son and sixth child, William Eddowes, was b. 5 April 1825 and d. at Somerton, Pa., 15 May 1900. He m. ca. 1855 his cousin Camilla Sackett, b. 8 Sept. 1829, d. at Rockledge, Pa., 30 Sept. 1906, daughter of Joseph Larue and Phebe (Rhoads) Sackett, and granddaughter of Joseph Sackett who m. Eleanor Larue, likewise mentioned in the last reference cited above.
  • 1951, vol. 28, p. 127.
    Article "The Four Spencer Brothers"
    Children [of Reuben Spencer and Ruth Nelson]:
    [Third child of four, but list stated to be incomplete:]
    Russell, b. ca. 1773; d. 11 Feb. 1846 ae. 72, bur. Gilbert's Mills Cem., Schroeppel, Oswego Co., N.Y.; m. (1) ca. 1795, Esther Phelps, dau. of Elijah of Suffield; m. (2) at Litchfield, N.Y., 1811, Penelope S. (Phelps) Sackett, sister of his first wife.
  • 1954, vol. 31, p. 228.
    Article "The Gershom Lockwoods of Greenwich, Conn." by Donald Lines Jacobus, F.A.S.G., of New Haven, Conn.
    Greenwich Land Records
    9:551. 15 Feb. 1769. Mary Lockwood of Greenwich daughter to Gershom Lockwood Junr & his dec'd wife Mary, daughter and one of the Heirs of the Revd Mr Richd Sackett of Greenwich Decd sells to Joseph Sackett.
  • 1954, vol. 31, p. 251–2.
    Ancestor Table, Robert Bruce Nisbet
    [Sackett ancestors & descendants & their spouses extracted from table:]
    1. Robert Bruce Nisbet, 1856–1943, Lee and Rome, N.Y.
    2. Robert Brown Nisbet, 1820–1897, Lee, N.Y.
    3. Rhoda Ward, 1824–1905.
    4. Samuel Nisbet, 1782–1873, Granville, Newport, Deerfield, N.Y.
    5. Dolly Gunn, 1784–1823.
    10. Warham Gunn, 1757– , Westfield, Mass.; Hebron, N.Y.; and ?
    11. Grace Shepard, 1756– .
    22. John Shepard, 1733– , Westfield, Mass.; Hebron, N.Y.; and ?
    23. Elizabeth Sackett, 1734– .
    46. Benoni Sackett, 1710–1785, Westfield, Mass.
    47. Mindwell Smith, 1708– .
  • 1955, vol. 32, p. 53–4.
    Ancestor Table, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr
    [Sackett ancestors & descendants & their spouses extracted from table:]
    1. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., 1911– , Havertown, Pa.
    2. Walter Lee Sheppard, 1880–1943, Philadelphia, Pa.
    3. Martha Houston Evans, 1881– .
    4. Franklin Lawrence Sheppard, 1852–1930, Philadelphia, Pa.
    5. Mary Eleanor Lee, 1854–1904.
    10. Jesse Lee, 1817–1895, Philadelphia, Pa.
    11. Elizabeth Shinnick, 1823–1877.
    20. Reuben Lee, 1786–1872, Newtown, Pa.
    21. Clarissa Wetherill, 1788–1876.
    42. William Wetherill, 1762–1843, Southampton, Pa.
    43. Rebecca Sackett, 176-–1802.
  • 1955, vol. 32, p. 113–4.
    Ancestor Table, Roland Mather Hooker
    [Sackett ancestors & descendants & their spouses extracted from table:]
    1. Roland Mather Hooker, 1900– , Hartford, Conn.
    2. Edward Williams Hooker, 1865–1915, Hartford, Conn.
    3. Mary Mather Turner, 1864–1939.
    6. Dr. Charles Peaslee Turner, 1826–1910, Hartford, Conn.; Philadelphia, Pa.
    7. Julia Francis Mather, 1839–1925.
    12. William Wolcott Turner, 1800–1887, Hartford, Conn.
    13. Lucenda Marie Peaslee, 1803–1889.
    26. Lt. Zaccheus Peaslee, 1764–1810, Haverhill, Mass.; Burlington, Vt.
    27. Sarah Stanton, 1778–1811.
    54. Joshua Stanton, 1740–1811, Burlington, Vt.
    55. Abigail Sacket, 1741–1830.
  • 1956, vol. 33, p. 230.
    Article "The American DeKay Family" by George E. McCracken, Ph.D.
    [Extract from sketch of Colonel Thomas DeKay, b. 1698, who m. in 1723, Christiana Duncan, b. 1707]
    In 1754 and 1755 [Wills, 5:22, 63] there was a justice of the peace in Orange County whose signature has been read as Theunis DeKay, but as no Theunis is known to have been living there, we feel sure this is an error for Thomas DeKay who was a justice of the peace. Thomas DeKay held his colonelcy in the Orange Horse Guards. He dated his will 15 Dec. 1757, probated 22 May 1758 [Wills, 5:243 f.; Fernow, Calendar, 108, no. 457]. He mentions wife Christiana; the heirs of deceased son George; sons Jacobus, Thomas, William Willett, Michael, Charles; daughter Sarah Arnauld; granddaughter Frances Sackett; daughters Jenny Morris, Christiana Gale, Elizabeth DeKay, Mary DeKay, Hilco DeKay, Frances DeKay; executors: sons Jacobus, Thomas, William Willett [DeKay]; witnesses: David McCamly, miller, John Decker, Jacobus Decker, Elizabeth Hamer, spinster [signature apparently in German script].
  • 1956, vol. 33, p. 231.
    Article "The American DeKay Family" by George E. McCracken, Ph.D.
    [Extract from sketch of Colonel Thomas DeKay, b. 1698, who m. in 1723, Christiana Duncan, b. 1707. One of their children was:]
    viii. Frances, m. at Trinity Church, New York, 2 Nov. 1749, James Sackett of Philadelphia. She was dead when her father made his will in 1757, naming their daughter Frances, b. 17 Jan. 1751, living in 1768, married William Laight.
  • 1957, vol. 34, p. 62.
    "New Haven County Court Records, Marriage and Birth Evidences" by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., F.A.S.G.
    [List of names includes]
    Samuel Sacket of New Haven and wife Elisabeth.
  • 1957, vol. 34, p. 145.
    "Descendants of Richard Weller of Windsor, Northampton, and Deerfield" by Claude W. Barlow, Ph.D.
    Children of Eleazur and Mary (Moseley) (Phelps) Weller, born at Westfield [included]:
    Mary, b. Feb. 26, 1707/8, d. Jan. 1, 1789; m. Feb. 1, 1732/3, Daniel Sackett, b. Westfield Aug. 14, 1693, d. Feb. 9, 1776, son of John and Deborah (Filley) Sackett.
  • 1957, vol. 34, p. 149.
    "Descendants of Richard Weller of Windsor, Northampton, and Deerfield" by Claude W. Barlow, Ph.D.
    Children of Jonathan and Mary (Bridgman) Weller, born at Westfield [included]:
    Lydia, b. Feb. 13, 1738/9, living 1789 when she signed a deed with sister and brothers (Hampshire Co. LR at Springfield, 32:255); m. Jan. 10, 1760, William Sackett, b. Westfield Sept. 7, 1730, d. there 1799 or 1802, son of William and Hannah (Bagg) Sackett.
    Mercy, b. 1745, d. Westfield May 4, 1812; m. May 5, 1763, Ozem Sackett, b. Westfield Jan. 24, 1736/7, d. June 11, 1801, son of Daniel and Mary (Weller) Sackett.
  • 1957, vol. 34, p. 149–150.
    "Descendants of Richard Weller of Windsor, Northampton, and Deerfield" by Claude W. Barlow, Ph.D.
    Children of Nathaniel and Rhoda (Moseley) Weller, born at Westfield [included]:
    Oliver, b. Nov. 19, 1737; Corporal in French and Indian Wars 1761; d. Westfield Oct. 2, 1816; m. 1766 Mercy Sackett, b. 1742, d. 1825, dau. of Eliakim Sackett. Their children b. Westfield were: Jared, 1766; Mercy, 1768; Paul and Silas, twins, 1770; Tryphena, 1773; Oliver, 1775; Nancy, 1777; Grace, 1780; Royal, 1782; and Charles, 1785.
    Naomi, b. June 27, 1747; m. Justin Sackett.
  • 1957, vol. 34, p. 154.
    "Descendants of Richard Weller of Windsor, Northampton, and Deerfield" by Claude W. Barlow, Ph.D.
    Children of John and Hannah (Phelps) Weller, born at Westfield [included]:
    John, b. May 3, 1788; d. Dec. 23, 1863; m. 1809 Lucy Sackett.
  • 1988, vol. 63, p. 179.
    By Robert Charles Anderson, F.A.S.G.
    The basic published account of Simon Sackett, early immigrant to Cambridge MA, states that he died in October 1635 (Charles H. Weygant, The Sacketts of America: Their Ancestors and Descendants, 1630–1907 [Newburgh NY 1907] pp. 12–14). This is based on the grant of administration to his wife at the 3 Nov. 1635 session of the General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony (Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Vol. 1, 1628–1641 [Boston 1853], hereafter Mass. Bay Recs., p. 155).
    Examination of the published proprietors' records for the town of Cambridge allows us to provide a narrower range for this death date. These records were begun in May of 1635, in response to an order of the General Court, and during the summer and fall of 1635 the inventories of the landholders of Cambridge were entered. Of a total of 86 inventories, 14 were entered on 5 Oct. 1635 and 40 on 10 Oct. 1635, the remainder having been recorded earlier in the year (The Register Book of the Lands and Houses in the "New Towne"... [Cambridge 1896], hereafter Camb. Prop. Recs., pp. 2–35).
    Each parcel of land is identified by the field or marsh of which it was part, the number of acres, and the abuttors. Close reading of these inventories shows that for all inventories recorded on 5 Oct. 1635 or earlier, lands abutting to lands granted to Simon Sackett show him as the abuttor (Camb. Prop. Recs. pp. 4 [bis], 19, 24 [bis]). But on those occasions in the 10 Oct. inventories, when the Sackett lands are shown as abutting, the name is either widow Sackett or [blank] Sackett (Camb. Prop. Recs. pp. 25, 31, 32). Furthermore, the Sackett inventory is recorded on 10 Oct., and the landholder is shown as [blank] Sackett (Camb. Prop. Recs. p. 33).
    Thus Simon Sackett of Cambridge MA died between 5 Oct. and 10 Oct. 1635. A monthly session of the General Court was held on 6 Oct., but no mention of the Sackett estate was made (Mass. Bay Recs. p. 162). The 2 Nov. meeting was the next court session, and on that date administration was granted.

"The American Genealogist." New England Historic Genealogical Society. American Ancestors. http://www.americanancestors.org. (Researched & transcribed by Chris Sackett).