Vermont, Rolls of Men in the Revolutionary War

p 93
"A Pay Roll of Capt. John Smith's Company in Col. Warren's Regiment of Militia in the service of this and the United States, commencing Nov. 7, 1778, ending 13th, both days included. [Includes] Joseph Sacket, Days 7, Pr Month 2.10, Total 11.10."

p 131
"A Pay Roll of Capt. Thomas Sawyer's Company of Militia, raised for the defence of the Northern Frontiers of the United States, June 29, 1779. [Includes] Reuben Sackett, Entered June 20, Discharged Aug 20, In service 2 Mos 2 Days, Pr month 2, Travel out 30 miles 5, Total 4.7.8."

p 203
"Pay Roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Company in Maj. Ebenezer Allen's Detachment in the service of the State of Vermont from the 16th of August, 1780, to the 21st of November following, both days included. [Includes] Reuben Sacket, Corpl, When entered service Aug 20, Days in service 67, Wages per month [£]2.4, Amount of wages 4.18.6, Days travel 4, Amt of travel at 3/6 per day 0.14.0, Total 5.12.6."

p 219
"A Pay Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Wood's Company in Col. Samuel Herrick's Regiment of Militia in the service of the State of Vermont commencing 11th Oct. 1780. [Includes] Reuben Sacket, Days 3, Per day 1.4, Amt. wages, etc. 0.4.0, Miles 15, Amt. at 4d per m. 0.5.0, Total 0.9.0."

p 309
"A Pay Roll of Capt. Saml. Williams' Company of Militia in Col. Ebenr Allen's Regiment for going on several alarms in October and November, 1780. [Includes] Joseph Sacket, Days 30, Miles 36, Wages 2.12.0."

p 319
"A Pay Roll of Capt. E. Wallis' Company of Militia for service done in the Year 1780. [Includes] Richard Sackett, October alarm 6 Days, 50 Miles, Amt. pay 8.0, Amt. travel 16.8, Total 1.4.8."

p 397
"True List of (the names and sums of) Capt. William Hutchins' Company's Pay Roll for services in the State of Vermont from the beginning of the campaign, 1781, to the 30th of June in said year, inclusive—taken from the original in the Paymaster's Office. [Includes] Reuben Sackett, 7.6.8."

p 422
"A Pay Roll of a Guard appointed over the Prisoners confined in the School house in Bennington, under the command of Jos. Wickwire, Lieut. commencing the 8th day of August [1781] and concluding the 20th of the same month. [9 names including] Enoch Sackett, 13 days, 1.4 pr day, total 0.17.4."

p 568
"A Pay Roll of Capt. William Hutchins' Company in the Battalion commanded by Samuel Fletcher, Esq., Lt. Col. Comt in the service of the State of Vermont. [Includes] Reuben Sacket, Commencing 1781 July 1, Ending 1781 Nov. 24, Days 144, Pr day 1.4, Miles 60, Pr mile 2d, Amt. of travel [10.0], Total 10.2.0, Remarks Discharged."

p 804
"Reuben Sackett and Eneck Sackett, his son,—acct. same as last, £2.6.8."

John E Goodrich, editor, The State of Vermont Rolls of the Men Engaged in the War of the Revolution, Tuttle, Rutland, VT (1904), digital image,