Sackett letters, Yuma Territorial Prison Museum collection

1. Aaron Sackett to brother (probably Samuel), 18 Dec 1785
2. Violitty Sackett to brother Samuel, 27 Apr 1786
3. Reuben Sackett to son Samuel, 5 Sep 1792
4. Aaron Sackett to brother Samuel, 6 Aug 1797, p 1
4. Aaron Sackett to brother Samuel, 6 Aug 1797, p 2
5. Aaron Sackett to brother Samuel, 21 Oct 1797
6. Samuel Sackett to brother Aaron, 3 Jul 1799, p 1
6. Samuel Sackett to brother Aaron, 3 Jul 1799, p 2
7. Reuben T Sackett to parents Dr Samuel and Sarah, 8 May 1801, p 1
7. Reuben T Sackett to parents Dr Samuel and Sarah, 8 May 1801, p 2
8. Cyrus Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 27 Jan 1806, p 1
8. Cyrus Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 27 Jan 1806, p 2
8. Cyrus Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 27 Jan 1806, p 3
9. Reuben T Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 19 Aug 1807, p 1
9. Reuben T Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 19 Aug 1807, p 2
9. Reuben T Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 19 Aug 1807, p 3
10. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 25 Mar 1810, p 1
10. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 25 Mar 1810, p 2
10. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 25 Mar 1810, p 3
10. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 25 Mar 1810, p 4
11. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 23 Feb 1811, p 1
11. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 23 Feb 1811, p 2
12. Eleazer Finney to Dr Samuel Sackett, 28 Jul 1811, p 1
12. Eleazer Finney to Dr Samuel Sackett, 28 Jul 1811, p 2
12. Eleazer Finney to Dr Samuel Sackett, 28 Jul 1811, p 3
13. Gary Van Sackett, Cayuga Village, Aurelius, New York, to Dr Alexander Sackett, 29 Jan 1812, p 1
13. Gary Van Sackett, Cayuga Village, Aurelius, New York, to Dr Alexander Sackett, 29 Jan 1812, p 2
14. Alexander Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 11 Aug 1814, p 1
14. Alexander Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 11 Aug 1814, p 2
14. Alexander Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 11 Aug 1814, p 3
15. David F Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 8 Jan 1815, p 1
15. David F Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 8 Jan 1815, p 2
16. Dr Samuel Sackett to son David, 7 Jun 1815, p 1
16. Dr Samuel Sackett to son David, 7 Jun 1815, p 2
17. David F Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 27 Oct 1822
18. Elizabeth Caldwell to sister Priscilla (Caldwell) Sackett, 31 Jul 1832


1. Aaron Sackett to brother (probably Samuel), 18 Dec 1785

2. Violitty Sackett to brother Samuel, 27 Apr 1786

3. Reuben Sackett to son Samuel, 5 Sep 1792

4. Aaron Sackett to brother Samuel, 6 Aug 1797

5. Aaron Sackett to brother Samuel, 21 Oct 1797

6. Samuel Sackett to brother Aaron, 3 Jul 1799

7. Reuben T Sackett to parents Dr Samuel and Sarah, 8 May 1801

8. Cyrus Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 27 Jan 1806

9. Reuben T Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 19 Aug 1807

10. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 25 Mar 1810

11. Alex Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 23 Feb 1811

12. Eleazer Finney to Dr Samuel Sackett, 28 Jul 1811

13. Gary Van Sackett to Dr Alexander Sackett, 29 Jan 1812

14. Alexander Sackett to brother Dr Samuel, 11 Aug 1814

15. David F Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 8 Jan 1815

16. Dr Samuel Sackett to son David, 7 Jun 1815

17. David F Sackett to father Dr Samuel, 27 Oct 1822

18. Elizabeth Caldwell to sister Priscilla (Caldwell) Sackett, 31 Jul 1832


Dr Samuel Sackett land purchase, 1786

Death of Reuben T Sackett, 1823

Revolutionary War pension claim by children of Dr Samuel Sackett, 1856, incl. copy of his will of 1833

1. Aaron Sackett to brother (probably Samuel), 18 Dec 1785

(?Skipton or Skiplon?) December 18, 1785
loving brother I take this oportunity to write to you to let you know that I amin a good state of health as I hope these few lines will find you all. I must in form you that thare is shocking work here since you left this place (message #1 in code: "Jacobs has taken all the things that you left in your house but the pot cittle and the tea cittle whitch I took and hid and they are tobe sold to morrow at publick sail and they have tached what is in the stales hand and is trying for the leather and they are going to brake me up likewise" ) and if you could come and settle up with every body I should be glad for I exspect to lose every thing that I have if you don't for they say and say that you an I was in pardner Ship and like wise they say they can prove that I assisted you doing -- and I exspect a writ sarved on me in a few Days and it will be hard for me to suffer for your Debts which I never Contracted for and if they make out any thing a gainst me it will ruin me for I am jest beginning in the world and have nothing to Spair and all you owe is not So much but if you will you can settle it of and then you Can (message #2 in code: "go whare you please in safety and fine in aney place") and if you dont do Something about it I shall think that you Dont Care about aney one if you Can yet clear your Self and I want that you should come or send it soon for I am in a great deal of trouble about it like wise thair is Severil Skins that is mising Some of jesis thair is too hides one (kid?) too Calfs and one horse Skin he sais he brought in that their is no a Count of and he sais that he sent an order Down with a man to your house after Some and thair was to Skins thair then and this man Did not take aney away and thair is no Count about it Sence So I must Conclude with Subscribing my Self your Loving brother
Aaron Sackett

[Note. The reference by Aaron that he was just beginning in the world and had nothing to spare would seem to indicate that he had been married for a short time. It would be nice to be able to determine the location of the place from which he wrote this letter. — T. King]

2. Violitty Sackett, Warren, Connecticut, to brother Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 27 Apr 1786
Violitty was aged 14
Also named brother Aaron

Kent April 27th 1786 Dear brother and sister it is with pleasure that I retire to write you to let you know that I am in health and my friends hoping these lines will find you injoying the same I wish to see you and converse with you but am denied the priviledg but I do hope if fortune will premit you will return again. I have no knews to write to you. give my warmest compliments to your family and to aron and an his wife. I will not continue lest I should tire your patience. So I must conclude by subscribin my self
your loving Sister
Violitty Sackett

3. Reuben Sackett, Warren, Connecticut, to son Samuel, at Georges Creek ten miles from Beason town, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 5 Sep 1792
Also named Reuben's children, Aaron, Cyrus, Aner, and Violet, and Violet's husband John Cates [sic: Bates]

Warren September 5 ad 1792
Dear and Loving Samuel (three words cannot be read) Love to you and your (almost a line that cannot be read) goodness having an opertunity to write to you and let you no of our afares. I have nothing strange to write to you I would informe you that I reseved your leter Dated Aug 91 and was glad to hear of your welfare and you informed me init that that I could have an opor tunity to write to you by Mr adkins but I did not reseve it till December and the opertunity of sending was over. I would informe you that L Licander Curtis is come home and by him I have had the last account from you and was very glad to hear by him of your welfare. I would let you no that I reseved a leter from Cyrus dated Augst the 6th ad 1791 and was very glad to hear from him altho he is gon to the End of the path and my hopes is small of ever seeing of aney of you aney more in the land of the living but if we might be so hapy as to meat in the first Resurrection what befals us in this woild is no grate mater. I would let you no that your sister violity was maried Last November to John Cates and now lives in Cornewil anor lives at home and hath her health beter than in years past. I saw your father maning this weak and they are all well, Likewise that your frends are all well there was a frost the last nite in August that Did some Damage altho the wether is very Dry the nites are very cold as the nuse all comes from your part of the world. I Shall not attempt to write aney but subscribe my self your Loving parent til Death — Reuben Sackett
I should be ? that you would write Every opertunity and would informe me partickerly of your afares and of Cyrus afares altho I subscribe this to the Dr I send it to equal to Aaron

Lodge this at Capt Bartlets Cincinati Ferry
From Mr. Reuben Sackett Sept 5 1792 from Warren
To Dr Samuel Sackett at Georges Creek ten miles from Beason town

4. Aaron Sackett, Mill Creek, Ohio, to brother Samuel, George's Creek, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 6 Aug 1797, via Reuben Sackett (Samuel's son), Pittsburg
Also named Cyrus Sackett (Aaron & Samuel's brother)

Dear Brother I received yours of 20 June and was glad to hear that you were all well for I had no particular a Count from you after we left thair till now. I would in form you that threw the Goodnes of God we are all well and I hope these lines will find you all as for news we havnt Nothing Strange we have piece in our fronteers and a plentiful prospect in our Country the a Count that Thomas Masterson gave you was trew for Our family Was so sick that we was a blige to Lay by and Marsterson Was so uneasy that we thought best to sell him the tote bote and if we did not like to git a flat botom bote and go as we liked the reason that I did not mention aney thing about that was be Cause the note was given to Clark and me and he has ben going up Every week or too Ever Since Last fall and aint gone yet you Wrote to me that my Iron Could be had and to Send a bill of what I want I would Wish about four hundred ls of as bars and the rest in plow irons & flat bars in Equal porpotion and if Wm Wheeler Dont Chose to Keep that Land if I am not Mistaken he is Obligated to get a deed for it before he Can recover his pay back but if he aint Obligated to give me a deed in a return of his pay he must sign his right back and have his pay from Oliphent: You wrote to me that you was sorrey that I had was not more Extensive in my travils last fall that I did not go to Cumb erland but I think that I went further nough for the Carolinans have filed that part of the Country and in general are the Out right ____ ___ ___ that as (?)nd very in hole ?some? in habitants as for the Elinoys I have a genele Opinion of but I like this Country So well it is a chance if I Ever Leave it if I Can get Porsesions in it to my mind Land is high it rates from 2 to 12 dolars per Aker but out therr is good land to be got from 1 3/8 to 3 ?/8 Dolars per aker as for your busines I am in formed that thirr is a Large Vakency at fort Hambleton but thin in habited but setlen fast and the Best part of the Country by What I Can larn I would be very Glad if you Can Leave home that you would Come and See the Country as it is but a Little way home a Gain threw the Indian Country I did intend to Come up this fall but I cant Leave home till I gather in My crop and then it will be to late but I intend up next Summer if all is Well So I must Conclude by subscribing myself your
Ever Loving Brother Aaron Sackett

Dated at Mill Creek 6 August 1797 We all Desired to be remembered to your wife and family and all friends

Cyrus was hear a bout too wekes a go and was Well but his Wife has ben Sickley Ever Since that we left therr and his 2 oldest Children has had the Sore throte more then 12 months and is in no likeley hood of gitin better

From Aaron Sackett
6 August 1797
Cincinati 15 August 1797
Dr Samuel Sackett
on Georges Creek
to the Care of Reubin
Sackett Pitsburgh

5. Aaron Sackett, Miami County, Ohio, to brother Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 21 Oct 1797
Also named Dorcas (Aaron's wife)

Miamme 21 October 1797 Dear Brother
I once more take pen in hand to Let you kno threw the Goodness of God we are all Well at the present and hope these few lines will find you all in health Darcas lay three Weeks all most with out aney hopes of Ever Getting up a gain but when she begun to mend She Got up in a short time it is a geniral time of health hear we have piece and plenty in our land and I hope it Will remain So for the Indians are Dayly a mong us and Seem piece able I wrote to you that I had bargined for a piece of Land back in the cuntrey but I am all most off of that notion for I think their is a hazard in the Writes of Land thair it being out of simses (Symmes') first purchase and I am in a notion of bying a piece of Land hear in this Settlement I have ben in Greate hopes that you would come Down and look of this part of the world for I think you cant help iking of it and their is a Greate Vacancy for a Docter at hambleton and a Great scope of a cuntrey around it I want that you should tell Barsil Clark if he has Ever arrived that I want thet he Should fetch me down a stove about the sise of that is in the Methedis Metenhouse in Besen town I would not that he should fail of fetching a stove for the price of one tell him that his family is Well and Wants to hear from him and Since you Will not Come Down here if Life and health is Spaired me and family and no bad Axident I intend to goup their Next fall being in haste I must Conclude by subscribing my self your Ever Loving Brother Aaron Sackett

Please to Give my Complyments to your Wife and familey and to all in quiring friends

6. Samuel Sackett, Georges Creek, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to brother Aaron, Butler County, Ohio, 3 Jul 1799

Georges Creek 3 July 1799

Dear Brother I again set down to write to you to let you know that through the goodness of God we are all well as I hepe these may find you all I have wrote repeatedly to you and have not had a letter from you for a long time it appears that you have forgotten us altogether but if you wish to Cut of all Corespondence by Letter or any other way you must signify it by leter or some other way to me otherwise I Shall Continue to write as useal which has been a number of times Since I have heard from you I have nothing New that has Occurd Since I wrote before the Country News I Sepose you have as well as I tho I Expect if you have the Cincinata paper only that its a federal and a parsail paper so if that is all the paper that get I sepose your Opertunity for Information is not good but I think I know your principle so well that a bad paper will not Corrupt you Sentiments or Change your Politicks there is onething in my Opinion you ought alway to do (tho as Capt Ferago Sain by Tague I am fearfull of you in that respect) & that is to turn out Every Election and use your Endeaver to put in good men into office our present and future happiness as a Nation & a republick Depends almost Soaly on that - but what was I saying I may get my head in my hand your Silence may give me room to Sospect Something perhaps - you may be Whig or Tory or a french or an Englishman a Federalist or an anti federalist A Dimecrat or an Aristocrat or a Jacobene or a Friend of Goverment or a Something or another & as times is a wave the Subject I have this Spring Set in to farming I have two Acres or bet ter of Corn half an Acre of flax Expect to Seed 2 Acres to Buck Wheet and to put in 2 or 3 Acres of Wheet in the fall my lower medow looks Exeeding well but if I had a better place to work on I would like it better Indeed I would like to be in a Warmer Climet if it was as low as Orlens if was healthy it would be the better where you live I sepose its but very little warmer then hear the country may be good but I think if it was warmer you would like it better its not a great way o the South of where you are that Cattle Can Winter themselves which you must know is a very great Easement to a labouring man and will Enable him to keep a large Stock in Stead of a Small one The Isrealites ware in a Country which is Said to be the Glory of a Lands and that was as far to the North as Cattle Could Winter themselves Clerverly without feed I am nowise of the Openion that the colder the Country the Better for health the moste northerly parts of Europe produce a very miserable set of Inhabetance perhaps almost in the world Even in the Tored Zone its not perhaps so bad France Spain & the South of Italy is the Best part of Europe and we are too its heal thy great part of it and fertile people Cannot live there without Labour but when they do use industry they have Something for it and a long and tedious Winter Does not Consume it all Imeadeat ely But time is Short and I Cannot Stay to write more tho I had much more to write and So I am yours Dr. S. Sackett

(To) Aaron Sackett Dated Georges Creek 3 July 1799

7. Reuben T Sackett, Natchez, Mississippi Territory, to parents Dr Samuel and Sarah, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 8 May 1801

Natchez Mississippi Territory May 8th 1801

Dear and beloved parents
When youth reflects on the past experienced scens of unexpeected folly and a moments Reflection how full does the immortallity of man appear -------- Money like ______________________ (born?) of the Earth the con________ cry and ______ maybe in _________________ love for my home land a tolerable opportunity of ____________________ ___________ my first step to establish myself in the Western Country / and sa they will _____ a "burnt child dreadeth the fire" / I cant say certainty I'll establish in this country ____ Stokes has refunded what money I let him have together the interest amounting to 234 dollars in ce, I got 48 dollars from Simstone ________ plan; I have got 8 dollars per week and found sinc I arrived in these parts, I am now with Mr Greene Printer ------ But am daily _________ by Stokes to form a Coalation with him; but I as yet decline the invi- tation. his treatement to formerly words (Had) that I denied him, but his being a lone and Printer for the Territory has profered me half the prophets arrising with out any advance to him except the expenses in paper. So from tin___ I engage byt I think I shall not acept his proffer --- If I do not remain here I shall in the course of a Month or six weeks leave this place for New Orleans and from there for New York or Philadelphia and then to Union Town to home. I have for some length of time injoyed a happy state of health & trust in the Mercy of Providence for a continuation of my health and Feelcitude? of my intentions. axcipt my sincere Respects A Remembrance to all the familly and enquiring friends. Before I leave this place I shall write to you. I, a day or two before I left Kentucky wrote to you by ________ ______ I shall endea(v)arr to give you an account of the Illinois Country by my next letter A Mr Austin of that country an intellig(atier?) gentleman is to give it me --------- Mr Joseph Baldwan a gentleman I had a small acquaintence with in Union Town is the conductur of this letter, Sir I should state my affairs more full but am so deeply engaged I cant well ------------
I am dear and affectionate
Parents, Brother & Sisters your
ever graceful Humb._____

S. Sackett, dr Reuben T. Sackett

[In the letter Reuben T. says; "a day or two before I left Kentucky wrote to you" which would seem to indicate that he had lived in Kentucky for a time before coming to Mississippi Territory. A check of the 1800 tax rolls for Kentucky shows that there was a Rubin T. Sacket on the tax rolls for Mason Co., KY in that year.]

8. Cyrus Sackett, Sugar Creek, Greene County, Ohio, to brother Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 27 Jan 1806
Also named brothers Alexander & Aaron, "brother Bats" (sister Violitty's husband John Bates), Aaron's daughter Phebe ("Feby"), Dr Samuel's sons David & Alex

27 Jan 1806
Dear Brother I received your leter on the 9th of November dated on the 29 of August which gave me great satisfaction to hear from you and your familys health. altho they seem to bee scatred very much alredy tho I must not think it straing when I consider how we air scatred. I would informe you that we injoy a midling state of health at present altho my wife has not got knigh as harty as She was before. altho we hav reason to bee thank full to god that he has faverd us thus far: I would informe you that I received a leter from Brother Alexr dated November 26 which informd me that they ware in ginerel well except had colds: and Brother Bats he has ben in alow State of health the sumer past. Brother Aaron was hear the week before Christmas and they ware all well then he has not got any land yet: Feby got mar ied to a man by the name of Christopher Nosteller a hater by trade You wanted that I should wright to you and let you know how this cuntry im proves: Since their has ben a chance to git wrights for land this part of this cuntry has setled as fast as any knew cuntry in my knowing. the land is cheefly all taken up bee low Mad River and agreat deal abuv: their is cons idrable taken up that isnot setled: below the Big Miamme their is vakent land know to enter at 2 dolers pr acre. the land in the settlement is midling high from what I can larn tis from 3 to 15 Dolers pracre. You wanted that I should let you know whather it would answer your trade hear. I rather supose it would answer very well for their is considreble call for a Docter in this country: and I thinch it would answer David hear very well for their is call for most all sorts of trads men in this cuntry. Mr. Kennedy who keeps a fery opposite Cincinati who has kept an a count of the number who have emigrated to this State since last April and who crossed at his ferry which an a count he gave the 8 of January he gave an a count of each State North Carolina 493 South Carolina 669 Kentucky 568 Tennessee 200 Illinois 10 Virginia 465 Georgia 264 the total of the number that he gave is 2639 Their is a great many that comes from up the River to this country their is people from all parts of the Union to this State and a mongst the rest my Wife had a Brother in law and her oldest Sister com hear that she has not seen for this Seventeen years
I should rote to you before know if I had not heard that you was comin down hear but when Aaron came hear and told me how his infermation came I did not expect you this seasen and then I wanted to hear from Alex for I had expected a leter for sum time from him I would bee very glad if you could come to this cuntry to liv sum wheir near near it would bee a great satis faction to me: if you can't move to this cuntry to liv I would bee glad if you could come and see us and take a look of these parts wonce more I wish you would wright to me and let me know whether you intende moving hear or whether we must giv out seeing you ----r (hear?) or not So I shall conclude by subscribing my self your loving Brother
Cyrus Sackett
Shoger Creek Green County
January the 27th 1806
(To:) Samuel Sackett

9. Reuben T Sackett, Territory of Orleans, to father Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 19 Aug 1807
Also named brothers Alexander & David

Opelousas, Territory of Orleans August 19th 1807
I had the pleasure of receiving a letter from you not long since; also one from Alexander, his I have answered and also wrote one to you prior to the receipt of your letter, accompanied with a rough plat of this co(untry?). I have just returned from a surveying excurtion of ten weeks on the River Koleashaes and its waters and expect in (? ?) to return there again; I have enjoyed a good state of health since my residence in this Country and find by observation that it is remarkable healthy in general - we the last winter experienced the most trying and severe cold one ever known in this Lattitude, and immence quantities of Rain, on the contrary the present warm season has been very dry and many suffered (?in?) their crops in consequence, yet the country is Clear of sickness. I have already sufficiently (?expaliated?) on the beauty, health (?) situation of this and Attuckapas country, much might be said, I leave principally to abler pens than mine to discuss - to anticipate what this Country / speaking of Louisania / will in a short time be; should no internal commotion, nor foreign invasion take place, is at this time incalculable - the Climate and Latitude inables the planters to labor at least nine months in the year during which time thair is abundance of grasses for all (?) of stock - our natural meadows exceed aby thing you have an idea off. mow the hay and stock will do well. there has as yet mever been an instance of one feeding his (?stock?) in the winter. - the severety of the past winter will of course in (?)member to cut hay. - I extoll this country principally from (?) axioms and the proximity of commerce, combined with the great ?pro)duct of agriculture, an acre producing with Care and attention from 50 to 80 dollars if cultivated in Cotton, if Corn from 30 to 50. the procieds of Indigo and Tobaco equat (7 ?) Corn - The Sugar Cane yet superior to Cotton
In a few words I'll come to the point
we have a fine open airy Country capable of producing abund(ance?) of articles as the climate abounds with, nature has done (?) it is a Stranger in the Land. an increase of Population the main object at this time, the United States very thick settled, living upon rented Lands under auspicies of ignoble potentates & duly act to their capriciousness. there is millions upon millions of acres in Louisania like the foliage in the evening Silently waiting the dues to survive its drooping head. Land of good (?)ity to bee had from 50 cents to 2 dollars per acre. Whare is the man who from a moments reflection will acknowledge and subject himself the Slave tho indirectly, of any land holder, is this consistent with the character of the American Citizen - I trust not I hope not Since a Sufficient Outlet and Succour for (the) hardy and intreped American is in the bosom of Louisania.
You objeect to the country on various points (?) the climate and sickly. I answer we have moderate warm weather 8 or 9 months in the year. in July and August the heat is repelled by the fine solub(lime?) Sea (?) breases, wafting over our delightful plains in (?) caountr~es and climates animals are incident to fevers ign(?) impurdency are the mother of those direful mallidies 3d the Climate and Country is inimical to the culture of some other smaler grains - I answer we can reise it (at an?) advantage; but now let reason argue. I ask aug(?) to attempt it, has not nature given us an opulent advantage if the northern farmer can make from the Same quantity of Land in raising Buck wheet which is sown in the summer and reaped in (...?) fall will he cultivate Rye which is 12 months from the (...?) sown before he can prepare it for market
I without Reserve give it to my opinion this Country is superior (for?) (?gro)wing every thing to any other part I have been in - (an)d as I have before said should no interruption take place will increase become rich and populous
I have been much preplexed by Burrs plans and Wilkinsons intollerance; at a leap to conjecture much less I (?)m an oppinion - but from every circumstance and what (I?) witnessed last fall being one who vallunteered in the Ar(my of?) my Country to protect her defencseless frontiers from (the) outrages of the Spaniard hazard a conjecture that (?) was a design and that Wilkinson was as deeply conser(ned?) as Burr; and that jealousey and fear insuced him to open the Scheams to the government - I hope Burr as an instance may put a stop to reason in future - it is also rum(ored) that we will shortly be engaged in a war with the British I have seen a proclamation of the President amounting nearly (to) a declaration of war, with some spitited Resolutions of the Citizens of Virginia. intimating the British has within our grasp vunurable and valuable pointa - they must allude to Canada, an idea strikes me it would be a bad policy to have anything to do with that Country at this time, - I admit the undertaking could be accomplished, Upper (and?) Lower Canedy, each are large populous Countries, Sufficient to form 2 powerful states which we must immediately admit into the Union, then more than likely it will change the face of our present political System, and throw the (?) balance in favor of the anglofederal party - I am induced to think the better way would be to stop all payments due the British by our Citizens and Conviscate the Bank stock belonging to that government and subjects with in the United States.
- my respect to my beloved mother, Brothers and individually and Mr. Woodbridge his family and inquiring friends I shall write again shortly - tell Mr. Ball kno(w?) fine prospects are in these parts - Excuse the long incorrectness of this letter. and
With due Respect and esteem I remain your affectionate
Son Reuben Sackett
(To:) S. Sackett

10. Alex Sackett, Butler County, Ohio, to father Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 25 Mar 1810
Also named uncles Aaron & Cyrus

Dear parents after a Voyage of almost two weeks I landed at Cincinnatta which was on Satturday of the week following out Starting our Voyage was as Comfortable as the Season would admit of there was too or three days cold and Wind which obliged us to lay by the fourth of March and went out to Unkle Aarons and found them all in health the Satturday following I went to Unkle Sirises & found a large family & Most of the Members thereof of a latge sise & all in health I have been over a good part of the Country and am much pleased at the Situation I intend Settling at Hamilton Not in the Town but on the oposite side at rossVille a very healthy Situation and which is fast improving I have not got out my medicines yet and if I find the Country affords Vast Quantities of Valuable Medicines of its own productions The Collumbo that I found on Muddy Creek is the same that groe in this Country & if Dr Husy(?) recollects the place perhaps you can get any Quantity & it may bee that you cant get any for the first year it comes from the seed the second it groes a large root & the third year it runs up to seed and the root dies away and rots if you Cant get one year you may another I should suppose the spring of the third year to be the best to dig but this Country people say the second I have observed that its not as Strong as it should be that I have seen dug but perhaps it was dug in a rong season as they dont dig till the leaves are at full sise
Dr Milligin tels me that this Country is better than our Country for the familie but it appears that Money is Equally Scearce as with Redstone but Country produc is a plenty as I Ever seen it in any Country pork is two dollars and a half per hundred Bacon ?Feed? Corn per bushel wheat half a Dol and all Country produc in proportion the price of second handed land is much Depr(essed?) Land may be had with Considerable improvements for four dollars per acet I know one Quarter that hath at least Sixty acers cleared with a tollerable house & Barn and dead fence a number of ?uncut trees? that ma(y) be had for five dollars per acer ___________ land than Any in Fayett County and it Lays in the Most healthy of Miammi County
When I look back at that Country I can(t) help but dislike it & was it not for my Connections in that Country I should have a great Antipity Against it. there was one thing I neglected pre(vious) to my start which was to notify my Creditors. if (any) of them should think so mean of me as to suppose a defraud the God of Heaven preserve them for I wan(t) not a Cent of any man ?theth aut is _____? it is now my tention to return in the Autum
Unkel & the family desires to be remembered to you and family. Unkel said he had not received a letter from you these three years which looks unfriendly at best. Neglec the want of paper makes me close this. from your
Ever dutifull son Alex Sackett
To Samuel Sackett
NB Write to me as soon as possible. Let Morgans know that the boat got safe to Cincinnatie all in health & left it the same. I saw Peggy Brown land with her man & Polly Brownfield whome we over tok at Pittsburg & left with untill they landed lande at Georgis Creek. A. Sackett

11. Alex Sackett, Rossville, Butler County, Ohio, to father Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 23 Feb 1811
Also named brother David & David's son Samuel

Rossville February th23, 1811
Dear parents concieus of my Neglect to your request of frequent writing I promise with as firm and Stead fast resolution to perform the Same to never sever from my duty to my parents While it shall please God to lend me health and Strength. the use and Exercise of my reason and I am not incapacitated from writing. I last summer had an attack of the Summer Epidemic which no doubt you have heard by letter or other ways which unfit me for __eaness but thanks be to God who restored my health (torn) his Continued Mercies My practice was concderable considering my indisposition & was greatly abated by it but since I have been Very Much drove at times the Windter is the healthiest Season in this Country. I find it difficult obtaining Medicines on account of the Scearcity of Cash. David and the family was well when they left this place for Whitewater in the Territory on the 15 __________ out he has got a Son whose name is Samuel arising four months old. his Situation is good is good foor the practice there are no Dr.s nearer than this place.
Our legislature has pass an Edict for the regulation of the practice of Phisic as there are none to practice Except they Obtain Licene from three Seneors appoointed by law. And those who now Practice cannot Obtain Licence without a Surtificate for three Years Study and practice. Now I Consider my self in a good Situation for practice And Confident that I have Studied as Much and more than three years but how to obtain a Surtificate I knnow not. if you can obtain a Surtificate which you mind not hesitate in giving yourself. at least I think you may obtain one for the Specified time without Much dificulty which if you cant I must fall to the Ground. I want it by the first day of June as the Seneors are to meet that day to Examine & give licences to those who have there Surtificates to show. do it if you can send it on:
I dont recollect for hearing from you since the return of Lot Abraham. Neither do I recollect when David wrote you last but not since Esq. Griffith left this place I believe
Uncle Aaron and family are well as was Uncle Siris the last time I heard from them. I must conclude by subscribing Myself your ever dutifull Son Alexr Sackett

[To] Samuel Sackett

NB Write and let me know thus I may that I may determine what steps to take.

12. Eleazer Finney, Monkton, Addison County, Vermont, (a brother-in-law of Dr Samuel's first cousin Anna Sackett who married Joel Finney), to Dr Samuel Sackett, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 28 Jul 1811
Also named Eleazer's brother Joel Finney; Joel and Anna (Sackett) Finney's surviving children, Anna, Haman, Joel, Rachel (named in PS), Elijah Goslee, Lydia, Belinda, Mirandy, Jonathan Sackett (i.e. Jonathan Sackett Finney), & Anson; Dr Samuel's uncle Jonathan Sackett and Jonathan's children, Filer, William, and Abigail

Dear Friend
I have been very agreably surprised in receiving a letter from you Dated the 15th of May 1811 and am happy to know of your health and that of your family it is as much as 17 years Since I have heard from you and if living knew nothing where you lived; I shall take the opportunity to inform you of the situation of my family and those of o(ur) friends in this part of the Country we have four children living lost two in their infancy my two oldest are sons & both live with me Johnson has had four Sons lost two one died last fall aged five years. Alonzo my second son 32 years old unmarried. Lucinda Married to William Hotchki(leh?) have had three daughters and one son lost their first. Betsey Married to James Short one daughter live in this town: my Brother Joel has been daed 11 years left nine children (viz:) Anna - Haman - Joel - Elijah Goslee - Lydia - Belinda - Mirandy - Jonathan Sackett - Anson all Married except Belinda. six of them live west of Lake Champlain in the State of New York one in Ferresburg the other two in Monkton. the widow is for the most part healthy. lives with her children sometimes on one side of the Lake and sometimes the other she is now the other side but we hear from them often my Brother Rufus lives about 100 miles from this, west north west nigh the river St Lawrence in a town that is spelt Chatteaugay but is pronounced Shattagse; wife always weakly have 3 sons and 2 daughters Martain - Numan - Erastus - Anna & Roxy. my Sister Rachel lives about 12 miles west of him in a town caled Dickinson she has had by Barnum; Hannah - Elijah - Eleazer - Tallmadge Abigail & Aldula and one Daughter they lost her daughter Lydia that she had by Goslee Married Doctor Jesse Barnum naturaly a likely man and a good Doctor but has ruined himself with drink and has left his family. she has three children. the town of Monkton and Hinesburgh which joines it to to the North are setled a great deal from New milford, Kent and Warren as is likewise Ferrisburgh east of us. Gersham Holmes lived in this town a number of years but has removed to Burlington 20 miles north. his Father Died there about 3 years ago laking but a very few years of 100. Joseph Carter likewise lived here a while has now crosed the Lake into York State. Solomon Carter is here now with a large Family well respected; Wm Spooner likewise whom (was?) used to call Bill is in this town.
John Thomas Died in this town about 10 or 11 years ago. his widdow with 2 sons and 7 daughters married young man by the name of Stone who is as famous a phisition as any in these parts. by him she had 3 sons all at this present alive and well: there are likewise 3 of Eleas(?) Pecks children here to wit Elenn Wm and Abel the latter of whom Married Diadame Daughter of John Finney the 3d as was called when you know him he lived with his son Peck but has been dead a number of years his widdow lives with them now aged 89 but is very low. young John as was called lives near, has a very large family and hoes rather a hard row, Some of your uncle Jonathan Sacketts Family who went into the Coos country have removed to the westward perhaps where you hear from them. Filer lived in this town a few years but was rather unsteady and did not make it go very well. Wm has been here and Major Thayr who married Aabby but I understand they are all gone to the west.
Mrs Rusco wife of David Rusco who was Sylphine Parda wishes through the medium of this letter to convey a world of Love Compliments respects and esteam to you Espetially to Mrs Sackett. they live near nabors to us have a large family of children some married and some not thus I have given you a short account of all your aquaintances in these parts that I can at precient think of. only Joel Whitlock who lives an old Bachelor on the Grand Isle about (?5)0 miles to the north of this Brother Phillips went to the westward about the time I came into this country but where if I did know I have forgot but I understand however it was Where his Father Buel and Capt Abner Hawley went. I have rather an idea it was not far from the genesee I heard a few years ago from one of the twins (Elizabeth) who married James Spencer son of Capt James. she did not live with long he died whether at Nobletown of had remaried I do not know but when I head from her she was at the genesee Married to one Esq Brown a man of property and very much respected she had no child by Spencer and I think they told one she had none by Brown
you mention the difference of climate between this Northern Country and the Ohio I espect it is pleasanter living there than here but we generally have one good crop in a year and I expect they do not more than that. The winter here is long but nothing so tedious as it was at warren the summers are hotter and brings on vegetation very rapid. the common time for planting Indian corn is the 20th of May on our upland but on the internal they turn over the green sward and often it dont get dry enough to plant till the 20th of June yet it will get up and often good times give 60 bushels per acre our market poor I expect is better than theirs our chief trade has been to Albany which is a 100 miles. our trade to Canada was gaining fast but the Emgargo (Embargo?) and nonentercourse with their suptments has cut short our trade there. we live 6 miles from the city of Vergennes on otter Creek Boats come up the river to the City 8 miles from the Lake so that we have water coming from Vergennes to Quobuk except one carrieng place of 24 miles. I bettered my circunstances by coming here perhaps I might have done better by going there and may be not our property is small, but we have a plenty of the nesesaries of life and are not crowded with debts whis is a situation for happyness with a contented mind. I expect that I enjoy myself as well as any body of my acquaintance my sons take the lead of Business in Harmony without any Division of property consequently I have no care of business on my mind except my garden my Swine my Goslins and chickens my goslins are 80 my chickens are 40 and my garden appraises at 150 dollars you wrote short on the probubility of a miscarrage I wish you on the receipt of this to write me a lengthy letter a sheet of paper wrote in a fine hand with the lines thick together and inform me of the situation of your country and every thing you think it is necessary for one to know with due respect I subscribe myself your cincere friend and ever well wisher
Eleazer Finney
(To:) Dr. Samuel Sackett
Monkton Addision county state of Vermont
28th July 1811
Mrs Finney Joins with me in respects to yourself
(also) Wm Sackett and Family
I forgot Rachel in Brother Joels family she lives near Albany
I had forgot to inform you that uncle David Finney lives in Brandon 30 miles south of us we made him a visit last winter and found him in health and very lively for a man nearly 80 he lives with his second wife of about the same age his first wife was helpless for years before she died; John Clark has lost his wife and married a youngerly woman and is having a new family Young David Finney is an old grey headed man with a good property and a large family of likely children but Isaac drinks some in the summer when he cant get snow to eat
Jirah is at the westward.

13. Gary Van Sackett, Cayuga Village, Aurelius, New York, to Dr Alexander Sackett, 29 Jan 1812
Also named father William

Cayuga Village, town of Aurelius Jany 29th 1812
Dear Uncle,
From your letter to my father William Sackett, I have learned the place of your residence & that of your family. The relation you gave of their circumstances was very pleasing to us, your friends in this country. Also the relation, which you gave of the country in which your family is settled pleased me very much; but it gave my father many fears and apprehensions that the beautiful description which you gave of it would intice some of his children into its lands.
Some of your family, you write is on the Miama River, in the state of Ohio. That is a place of which I have read with the utmost attention and partiality, and which I am resolved to see in the course of three months.
I am now a student at law under Thomas Mumford, Esq. in this village, within four miles of my parents.
I always calculated to settle in the state of Ohio, and I should therefore be glad to study in that state remain(?) part of my time.
Now my dear uncle what I request of you is that you would write me your opinion respecting what I have above stated and that it might be as soon as convenient.
My parents, brothers and sisters send their warmest attachments to your family, as does your very cordial and affectionate nephew,
Gary V. Sackett

[To] Alexander Sackett MD

[Note. It is unclear which Alexander Sackett was the addressee. The use of "uncle" and "nephew" suggests Alexander Sackett, Dr Samuel's brother, who was of the preceding generation. He was not strictly an uncle, but was Gary's first cousin once removed. He was also not a doctor. It may have been Dr Samuel's son, Alexander Sackett, who was a doctor, but was of Gary's generation, being his second cousin. Gary and Dr Alexander were of similar age and it would seem unlikely that he would have addressed him as Uncle. Best guess is that Gary was writing to the elder Alexander, referring to him respectfully as Uncle, and added the "MD" by mistake.]

14. Alexander Sackett, Warren, Connecticut, to brother Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 11 Aug 1814
Also named sisters Aner, Lucinda, & Violitty; uncle Justus Sackett and Justus's children Salmon, Lydia, & Minervy

Warren Connecticut 11 Aug 1814
Dear Brother I once more take pen in hand to let you know that through the goodness of God we are all well at present as I hope this may finde you. I received a letter from you by Doc Droun which gave me the sad inteligence of the loss of your Wife and that of your Son. for which I Console with you it might be a great breach in your family especially that of your Wife. but you might be consider that it is the Lord that has done it and therefore we ought to be Submissive under frowns and put our trust in him at all times whither in prosper- -ity or adversity ----- I also received another letter Dated the 5th April which I received with joy to hear that the remnant of your family were well and I hope may Continue So --- You say that your family is much scatred and you have reason to beleave are doing well and I am glad to hear of their prosperity of which I no doubt is the case of their doing well as to this world is good but I want to hear if they live in places where the worship of God is kept up or where they keep the Saboth or whither there is any thing of a serious nature where any of them live, or whither they live only to themselves and are not rich atoward God. now I donat know but those enqurieis will be strange to you but as they have of the most importance I want to hear, for I hope I have a regard to the prosperity of Sion ---
as to our relations Sister Aner lives in her house with only one little boy about 13 years old. her situation is rather lonely tho she has property so she can support her self comfortably. She keeps one horse and one cow and that is all she pretends to winter. She is not very healthy but has a feble Constitution. Lusindas health has not been well this summer as usual nor Brother Fullars. they have two daughters married of which one lives at Sharon. the other lives near the Susquhannah on Doc Roses purchace in the Town of Rush, She married a man by the name of William Barton --- the rest of their children are not married and live at home (viz) two girls then two boys. one boys name Cyrus the other Willaim. as for Violittys family they all live with their Father. Brother Gates is not a vary healthy Man but is a Man that is doing well and Makes property, his second Wife does vary well in the family. I beleave they are all well as usual ---
Unkle Justus is living and intended to go to New Connecticut this next fall but has yet to see his Son Salmon who lives there he lives in the town of Tallmadge but Unkle has net with a great misfortune. in the month of February last (I think it was) he was walking just out of doors when his feet Slipped from under him and as he fell he broke one of his thies so that he has not been able to walk one step on that leg Since nor is it likely that he ever will again for the bones do not unite and the soreness is gone so there is a large place in the thy, he can walk with Crutches if some body will Steady him. he has been to meeting several times this Summer They lift him in and out of the Waggon and So they Convey him to the Meetinghouse and back again, Unkle retains his Mental faculdies remarkably well. Unkles Children are all living, except Lydia, and well except Minervy. She has a feble Constitution, they are doing well -- it is a general time of health here tho there is some Exceptions and some deaths
I want to Say Some thing Concerning our publick affairs but no not what to Say for it makes me angry while I am writing to hear of So much Blood wantonly Shed. and all began as I beleave under the influence and directions of Buonapart in the first place but now he is down to the great mortification of our ruling party of this Country they no not how to git out of their Dificulty but no more of this Sad tale-- I hear of a Sore battle has been fought to the north the last of last month. but will have the perticlars Ere this reaches you I know not what to wright Concerning the money that Brother Fuller ought too Send you. he does not git it yet, but I hope that he will be able to after a while but how soon I cannot Say It has been Some difficult for him but I hope it is better times of late. So I hope you will git it. Time hurries So I conclude by Subscribing my Self your friend and Brother
Warren August 11th 1814 Alexander Sackett
[To] Doc Samuel Sackett
Please to remember me to your family. my Wife desires to be remembered to you and family my desire is that you wright to me as often as Convenient for I am not weary of paying postage on letters from any of my Brothers

15. David F Sackett, Salisbury, Indian Territory, to father Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 8 Jan 1815
Also named wife Martha

Salisbury I. T. Jan 8th,1815
Dear Father
I once more take it upon myself to thus trouble you again and am looking every Mail to here from you. I had a letter from Reuben by last evenings Mail. (unreadable due to water stain) Army stationed at a place which he calls English Turn South of New Orleans, holding the commission of Captain. Says that his health has been some what impaired Since he has been in camp but was then recruiting Perhaps you have heard from him since his letter was dated ----Dec. last and said he should write to you by the ---- next mail------------------------------- Myself and family are all more -- less afflicted with collateral symptoms which is a general complaint in this country Martha is complaing of a pain and soreness in one of her knees which I doubt ful will terminate in a white swelling her situ ation at present is unfavorable for an attact of the kind-- There has been some regulations in the Post office department the mail formerly arroved here but once in two weeks the same one now comes weekly and anoher rout from Chillicothy comes to this place also weekly So that on the Chillicothy rout our letter can pass several days earlier There is no news in this part of the country mor than what is circulated in the public prints
I subscribe myself your affectionate son
D. F. Sackett
[To] Saml Sackett
NB Remember -- to all inquiring friends
15th By last evenings mail I recd a letter from you dated 30th November. I was glad to hear from you the Chillicothe mail did not arrive last Monday according to expectation and have not sent it this morning by the Southern mail but expect to start it tomorrow by the Eastern mail if he should arrive
This letter I have opened and sealed again myself
D. F. Sackett
D. F. Sackett
Salisbury, I. T.
Doctr Samuel Sackett
Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Poste Office ---?
As for Polly's horse if she should send for him I dont know whither I shall let him go or not .. I am getting much attached to him altho he is troublesome. he, I find is able to carry me over any road as far as I am willing to ride him - He is like a horse that you bought some years ago from old Col. Phillips that we called "bay jack" for in the dark excepting he is coming home he will not follow a road and ----------- when he now runs off hes journeys are but--------------- Reuben says he shall expect------------- from me in about 2 months from the date of his to be sent to New Orleans Which I (intend?) -------- D F S

[Note. In the postscript to this letter David mentions "Polly's horse". In the responding letter from his father dated June 7, 1815, Dr. Samuel says in one place "dolly's horse" which had arrived in Fayette Co., PA. Further down in the letter he mentions her again and writes her name as "Polly". — T. King]

16. Dr Samuel Sackett, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to son David, 7 Jun 1815
Also named children Betsey (Elizabeth), Lucinda, Anna, Sarah, Polly (Mary), Samuel Jr, Reuben

7 June 1815 Dear Child I would inform you that we are all well through the blessing of God at this time nothing of importance to write to you. in general our Country is healthy at this time. we have had a cold wet backward Spring grass & small grain looks well but corn very bad Fruit almost all cut of with the frost. we have had letters from Betsey & Lucinda & they are all well but Ball he is not well this Spring able to do little or nothing but not laid up. I have had no letter from New England for a long time. we received your letter which gave an account of John Longs getting dolleys horse from you. he says the horse was very sick before he got him to his Mothers but he detained with him all Night and gave him sundry medison & got him to his mothers the Next day he Staid with him 2 or 3 weeks & Came on with him. was 8 days on the road. Came to Genevia on the 25 of May & Came here with him the next day. the horse appeard thin & some what worste (?)& is recruting & appears to be doing well. we have plenty of good pasture for him we have observed nothing of the thistelon on him as yet. Polly Sets a great Stoore by her horse on the account of her Brother ---- Anna is living with Lucinda Sarah is yet with Skiler. Polly & Saml is at home with me the last that I heard from Reuben was when you wrote last ab -ut him that he was in the Armey at Orleans. I would be glad to know how you are coming on in the Practice of Physick and whether you are doing anything at sadling and what your prospects are. you may write without reserve as you are writing to one who is intirusted in your wellfair and prosperity. you wrote that there ws one in your town that practised physick you may let me know if he is popular or not I would wish you to go on in a Steady and undefending manner. there has been several that has set up in my precinct to practice. they have run on with great Bustle for a while but have all been obliged to Decamp in a Short time. Studey perscverance patiance and Econemy will always with the blessing of God always Carry you through if you intend to live by the practice of physick only apply yourself to the Study of anatomy and medison with atention but above all things rember the great Concerns of your precioous and never dying Soul that is the whole the all. its no matter what your Circumstances are if you honestly endever to procure a good living which is the deuty of every man. but the whole, the all is a preperation for an everlsting existance
I shall weary your patiance and will conclude and am your friend & parent Saml Sackett ----
S. Sackett
Coppy of a letter
Sent to David Sackett
June 7-1815 -----

[Notes. In the postscript to his letter of January 8, 1815, David mentions "Polly's horse". In this responding letter from his father, Dr. Samuel says in one place "dolly's horse" which had arrived in Fayette Co., PA. Further down in the letter he mentions her again and writes her name as "Polly".
The Letter and the notation at the end of the letter are written in the same handwriting and the style of writing seems to indicate that the letter was copied at an early date. The name S. Sackett below the letter on the left hand side would seem to indicate that Samuel Jr. was the one who made the copy. — T. King]

17. David F Sackett, Centerville, Indiana, to father Dr Samuel, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 27 Oct 1822

Centerville In. October 27th 1822
Dear Father
I this evening having a little leisure more than usual take pen in hand to address you with a few lines not that my detail is of any great importance but on account of my former neglect which I must say has been more so than aught to have been the two fall seasons past have been by far more Sickly than has been since the first Settling of this country the chief complaints have been the Kenicting fever first and then the Bileous Intermittent which last have been some what obstinate last winter was vry cold & dry very little of either Snow or rain all winter but the last spring was remarkabley wet and the succeeding Summer equally war- and dry. We have had our healths very well through both seasons have not had an attact of either of the foregoing complaints
I have here Inclosed a few of our domestic Colom (coloon?) 60 seeds which thrive well on the poor oak points of this county. I think that they aught to be planted shallow in the ground and in time to take the winters frost this is the time that nature plants them.
Respectfully I remain
D. F. Sackett
[To] Saml Sackett
(In margin: "Give our compliment to all our relatives.")

18. Elizabeth Caldwell to sister Priscilla (Caldwell) Sackett, wife of Samuel Sackett Jr, 31 Jul 1832

July 31 1832
Dear Sister
I want to ce you all so much that I am dreaming about you every night their is a going to be a great sho(w) here they ar going to have an eliphant but I espect that it will be their before it will be here. I have nothing new to tel you of. I expect this night to go to the bible class for the first time if Mr Fairchild was going to here us I should feel my self at home. I want to hear from the Cumberlands Meeting whither they have many converts or not. please to rite to me by Mrs Fairchild if she comes up heer soon and get a pair of mits for me out of Jameses store. I like a purple coller the best. tri to get a good and larg frush if you can and send them the first opportunity I am very anxious to hear how James Pixler did get home I would like that if nother would come up here their will be a Comunion here shortly and we will look for hur then pleas to send those few line to Elizabeth Dunham as soon as posible give my lov to all my inquiring friends to Mrs Thomas in particular for she fels very nere to me we have Meetings here al most evry night. the yong Females has a Prair meeting here evry Suboth morning before day if they can get there erly a nough I think it a very good thing. I would lik if I could tel you more of mi mind. Pleas dont show this to any body more than you can help for I have riten it with a very indifferent pen and trembling hand but i hav no time to writ another els I would not send this. I entend coming down home time of the commecning at the fraim Meeting hous as i under stand it will be the last of ogest or the first of September. tel mother to come as soon as she can. I looked for Brother Joseph up here before this time. tel the girls that (?) -ur sosials of min that I would lik to get a few lines from any of them. we ar all well. I hope that yu will al remember me in your prair metings and you shal never be fergoten by me. I add no more but remains your effection at sister til death
Elizabeth Caldwell
[To] Priscilla Sackett

Dr Samuel Sackett land purchase, 1786

This Indenture made the twenty Second day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and eighty six Between Henry Beeson of the Township of Union in the County of Fayette and State of Pennsylvania a Yeoman of the one part and Samuel Sackett of the town and County afore said Physician of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Henry Beeson for and in Consideration of the Ssome of five Pounds lawfull money of Pennsylvania unto him in hand paid by Samuel Sackett Payment whereof he the Said Henry Beson doth hereby acknowledge and am therewith fully satisfied and contend. He the said Henry Beson hath Granted Bargained Sold Relayed and Conferred and by these presents Doth Grant Bargain Sell Relay and Confirm unto the said Samuel Sackett and to his Heirs and Assigns All that the following descrived Lot of Ground Situated in the town of Union afore Said and known on the General Plan of the Said town by the Number (blank) Contanid in Breadth Eastward and Westward on the front or North End of Said lot on a line Forty five feet wide Called Elbow Street Seventy two feet and a half Southward on Medow Alley being in Wedth on said Alley Twenty five feet Bounded on the West by Peter Hooks lot and the East by on Medow Alley Together with all and singular the Buildings whatever on the Said Lot of Ground erected and made with the Ways In- closures Liberties Previledges & Coreditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever to the Said Lot of Ground Belonging or in any wise of Right Apportaining and the Reversions and Remainders Rents Issues and profits thereof And Estate Right title Interest Use Possession Property Claim and Demand whatsoever of the Said Henry Beeson of in or to any part or parcil thereof to have and to hold the Said abouve described Lot of Ground &c unto the Said Samuel Sackett his Heirs and Assigns to their Only Use and Behoof forever. Under and Subject to the payment of the Yearly Rent and other Reservations and Provisos and the Proformance of the Covenants and Conditions specefied and Reserved unto the before named Henry Beeson his heirs and asigns at the establishing the town of Union afore Said and the said Henry Beson himself his Heirs & doth Conse- nt promise and Grand & with the Said Samuel Sackett and his heirs & by their presents that he the Said henry Beson Doth Warrent and Defend the Above Lot of Land or Ground mentioned and promises hereby Granted with the Apportinances unto the Said Samuel Sackett his Heirs and Asigns from and against all Clains and Demands whatsoever In Witness whereof the said Henry Beson hath so(ld) ____ ___ and that hereunto the Day Date and year above write.
Fayette County Ss Be it remembered that (on) the Twenty Second Day of June Ano Domini 1786 before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the Common pleas for the County of Fayette Personally came the before mentioned Henry Beson the Grantor and Acknowledged the ___ ___ (Deed Roll?) to be his Act and Deed and Desired the Same to be Recorded as Sutch according to Law
Witness my hand and Seal the State above Said
John Allen

Death of Reuben T Sackett

Handwritten account of the inquest into the death and an account of the burial of Reuben T. Sackett:
Alepalousia Wednesday December 31 - 1823
On Thursday morning the body of R. T. Sackett, Esq. was found on the sand bar a little below the falls of red river. The deceased was on his return home the evening before and had probably been thrown from his hors and so much injured as not to have been able to call fore relief or seek it himself a jury of inquest was impaneled and after examining the body and such witnesses as saw the deceased on his return home and those who found him dead delivered a verdict of accidental death.

Died on the night of the 24th (inst ?) in this Parish Reuben T. Sackett, Esq. who had been for many years a justice of the peace in and for the same - he leaves a widow and a large family of children to deplore his loss - his remains were interred with Masonic honors on the 25th.

Revolutionary War pension claim by children of Dr Samuel Sackett, 1856, incl. copy of his will of 1833

[Dr Samuel Sackett died in 1833 and had not filed for his pension which had been authorized by Congress in 1832. His children filed for, and received, his pension money in 1856. The funds were for the period of time from the authorization by Congress until his death. Documents submitted included a copy of his will made by his son Samuel Jr. and copies of records of Dr Samuel's marriages.]

Copy of Dr Samuel Sackett's will:
In the name of God Amen. I Doctor Samuel Sackett of Fayette County Pennsylvania, do make constitute and appoint this, my last will & testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.
1st Item It is my will and desire that my wife shall have the whole of my property of every description in trust both real & personal for & during her natural life or sow long as She remains my widow my medical Library & medicines excepted.
2nd 1 will and bequeath unto my Son David H Sacket the two thirds of my Medical Libria with all my Sergical Instruments and one Hundred dolars out of the proceeds of my Virginia Lands if they should Ever be obtained by my Executor
3rd The balance of my Medical Libria with all the Medicine that may be in my Shop at my decease I give unto Doctor Louis Merchand & one Hundred dollars out of the proceeds of my Mountain land if my Executor should hold the Same
4th It is my will & desire that one Hundred dolars out of the proceeds of my estate be equally divided between my five remaining daughters family, Elizabeth Ball, Lucenda Thomas, Mary Freeman, Ann Sharplees and Lidia Clark
5th It is not my design to give the airs of my oldest Son Ruben anything more than I have given their Father in his lifetime.
6th The Balance of my property of every description including the piece of land on which I now reside Bonds notes Book acompts rights of credits I give and bequeath the same unto my Son Samuel for his own proper use & behoof. Lastly it is my will and desire and I do by these Constitute & appoint my Son Samuel to be my Executor to transact my afairs when I am done with them
Witness my hand
26th September 1829
s/s Samuel Sackett

James M. Oliphant
Jas Abrahams
Fayette County S S

On the 5th day of March Anno Domeni 1833 Personally appeared before me the Subscriber Deputy Register for the probate of wills and granting letters of administration in and for said County James M Oliphant the first subscribing witness to the foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Samuel Sackett late of the county of Fayette deceased and on his solem affirmation did declare that he saw the Testator Sign the same as and for his last will & testament when of sound mind that he knew of no undue influence used or later will made by said deceased to his knowledge or belief. and on the 18th day of the same month personally appeared James Abrahaws the later signing witness and on his solem affirmation attested in like manner.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal of the Register office at Union Town the 18th day of March A D 1833
s/s John Keffer D.R.

[Copies of records of marriages of Dr Samuel, apparently copied from his personal papers]

Feby 10 AD 1777 there I was married to Sarah Manning at Sharon at Mr. Mays by Mr. Smith P.M.

10 January 1819 Sunday, This day in the Evening perhaps between 7 & 8 oclock I Samuel Sackett was married to Eve Stanz by Richard Patton Esquire at her Mothers House

State of Pennsylvania
Fayette County Pa. On this 31st day of March A.D. 1856. Before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared Samuel Sackett and made oath in due form of law that the above is a true and Correct Copy of the marriages of his Father Samuel Sackett as Contained in the original Family Record. That the following named Children are the only Children of said Samuel Sackett now alive viz. David Sackett, Lucinda Hicks, Mary Freeman, Ann Sharpless Lydia Clark Samuel Sackett the deponent and Sarah Merchand, who are the offspring of said first marriage and the said Samuel Sackett had no child or children offspring of the said second marriage.- That he had no issue from said second marriage. Sworn to and subscribed before s/s Samuel Sackett on the day and year above written, and I here certify that I have no interest in the result of the above case and am not concerned in its prosecution
s/s Daniel Smith JP

March 31 st 1856 I do hereby certify that the foregoing purporting to be copies of the marriages of Samuel Sackett is true and correct as given as appears upon the Family Record produced this day before me and which from the appearance of the same I believe to be the original family Record
s/s Daniel Smith JP

[Note. Eve Stantz died August 30, 1848. The pension request was granted; numbered 33,345 dated 13 May 1856 at the rate of 120 dollars per annum.]

Sackett Letters & other papers, Museum at Yuma Territorial Prison State Park; Giss Parkway & Prison Hill Road, Yuma, Arizona. (Researched and transcribed by James Hughes, Lee King, Queechy (King) Caudill, Carroll M "Butch" Lawson, & Thurmon King).