Rev John Sackett BD Oxf, MA Camb

FatherJohn Sackett (1564-1623/24)
MotherAnn/Agnes Sampson (c 1565-1630/31)
Rev John Sackett, rector of Great Mongeham, Kent, son of John Sackett and Ann/Agnes Sampson, was baptized at St Peter in ThanetG on 6 February 1596/97.1 He died aged about 67, within a day or two of making a codicil to his will on 20 August 1664 and was buried at Great MongehamG on 24 August 1664.2 He married first at Denton, KentG, on 19 April 1624, Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Francis Rogers DD, having obtained a licence at Canterbury on the 8th of that month.3,4 Elizabeth died aged eighteen and was buried at Eythorne, KentG, on 8 November 1627.5,6 John married second at Ickham, KentG, on 15 May 1628, Sarah Frisby, daughter of Samuel Frisby and Sarah Abbot.7 Sarah was baptized at St Peter in ThanetG on 25 July 1613.8 She was a sister of Alice Frisby who married John's brother Stephen. She died aged about 62 in Braunston, LincolnshireG, on 22 May 1676.9
     John was admitted to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, on 20 May 1614. He was awarded a BA degree in 1617/18 and an MA in 1621. He was ordained a deacon in London on 12 March 1619/20, and appointed a priest in Peterborough, then in Northamptonshire, now in Cambridgeshire, on 24 September 1621. He was a curate at Herne, Kent, in 1624, and was rector of Betteshanger, Kent, from 1626 to 1628. He was awarded a BD degree at Oxford University in 1628. He was rector of Eastbridge, Kent, from 1628 to 1646 and was master of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury. He served as rector of Great Mongeham for 36 years from 1628 until his death in 1664.10,11
     John was named as a bondsman in the marriage licences of his brother William in 1618, of his sister Ann in 1620, and of his brother Rev Stephen Sackett in 1632.12,13,14
     John was named as a beneficiary in his father's will made at St Peter in ThanetG on 8 February 1623/24.15 He was left the unspecified residue of lands and tenements after specific bequests of properties to his brothers William and Richard. The three brothers were joint executors of their father's estate.
     John was named as a beneficiary in his mother's will made at Swalecliffe, KentG, on 31 January 1630/31.16 John (and each of his brothers William and Richard), having been well provided for by his father, was left just five shillings in his mother's will, the residue of her estate going to the youngest son Stephen.
     John was appointed as an overseer of the will of his brother-in-law William Jenkin made at Minster in ThanetG on 12 February 1639/40.
     John's name appears on several surviving Lay Subsidy rolls. In 1629/30 he had £3 in land on which he paid 12/- to 14/- tax. In 1642/3 he had £2 in land and paid 16/- rates. He made a contribution of £1-10s to the Collection for the Relief of Distressed Protestants (in Ireland) made throughout England in 1641/2. In the 1664 Hearth Tax returns, he had 6 hearths (in what would have been a large vicarage), and a non-chargeable empty cottage.17
The Eastman court case
     Rev John Sackett, as master of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury, and his brother Rev Stephen Sackett were involved as defendants in proceedings in the Chancery Court, London, in 1650–51.
     Ann Eastman, widow of Edward Eastman, claimed to be entitled to possession of six houses in Canterbury owned by the Eastbridge Hospital. Edward's father John Eastman had purchased a 40-year leasehold of the houses sometime before 1633. He had transferred the leasehold benefit to Edward by way of a marriage settlement, Ann having been given £100 as her portion by her own father.
     John Eastman later came to regret the settlement and, without consultation or agreement with his son and daughter-in-law, sold the lease back to John Sackett. Ann alleged that her father-in-law had conspired with John Sackett and Stephen Sackett to sell them the leasehold for a small sum, destroying the documentation in the process. The houses had subsequently been let to tenants.
     John Sackett confirmed that he had, as master of Eastbridge Hospital, granted a 40-year lease in 1630 to John Eastman for five houses and a shop, subject to maintenance of the premises in good order at the tenant's cost and to a yearly rent of 34 shillings. In 1635, after Eastman had consistently failed to pay the rent and had allowed the properties to fall into "very greate ruine", the parties agreed a buy-back of the lease, and this was effected by John Sackett paying John Eastman £70, a sum well in excess of the value of the properties. (The transaction was somewhat convoluted, with the properties being first put in the name of John's brother Richard Sackett, then put in trust for John to Stephen Sampson, who was probably John's brother William's father-in-law, and then mortgaged by John to his brother Stephen Sackett.)
     The court dismissed Ann's claim, but John Sackett agreed to pay her £10 and to grant her a lease to continue living in one of the houses.18
John's will.
     John made his will at Great Mongeham in 1664, naming as beneficiaries his sons Nathaniel, George, Samuel and John, his daughters Margaret, Elizabeth and Patience, and his brother William. As a result of his church living at Great Mongeham and as Master of Eastbridge Hospital and by inheritance, Rev John Sackett was a wealthy man. He left some £900 in money as well as several land holdings, and his will refers also to his wife's fortune of £40 a year.
     He left £100 each to his sons Nathaniel and George and £200 each to his daughters Margaret, Elizabeth and Patience, plus £20 to each daughter to buy necessaries on marriage. He left tenements, a malthouse, and lands in Great Mongeham to his son Samuel, and tenements and lands in St Peter and St John in Thanet to his son John, the Prebendary of Lincoln. In a codicil to the will, he left his brother William an annuity of 40 shillings. He also left an annuity of 40 shillings to his brother-in-law George Frisby, brother of his wife Sarah. John appointed his two elder sons John and Nathaniel as executors.19 The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of CanterburyG on 14 September 1664.19
Sarah's will.
     John's widow Sarah made her will in Braunston, LincolnshireG, on 13 April 1676, naming as beneficiaries her daughters Elizabeth and Patience. She left to her daughter Elizabeth £5 in silver, her wedding ring and half her 'wearing cloaths', while the residue of her goods and chattels were to go to Patience, who was also appointed executrix. A George Sackett, presumably her son, was named as a witness to the will. Neither George, nor her other sons, John, Nathaniel and Samuel, known to be then surviving, are mentioned in her will, presumably because they had been well provided for by their father. A detailed inventory made shortly after her death valued Sarah's personal estate at £78.20
Abstract of will of Rev John Sackett of Grest Mongeham, Kent.
Dated: n/a.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 14 September 1664.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-72-97.
Testator: John Sackett, clerk of Great Mongeham, Kent.
Son Nathaniel, £100.     
Son George, £100.
Son Samuel, tenements, malthouse & lands in Great Mongeham.
Daughter Margaret, £200 & £20 to buy necessaries for her marriage.
Daughter Elizabeth, £200 at 21 or marriage & £20 for her marriage.
Daughter Patience, £200 at 21 or marriage & £20 for her marriage.
Grandchildren, 20/- each at 21.
Son & daughter Dicus, 20/- each as a memorial of my love unto them.
Beloved wife, over & above her fortune of £40 p.a., £10 & all my plate, furniture of best chamber, etc.
Poor of Gt. Mongeham, 40/-.
Poor of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury, 40/- & 10/- to the schoolmaster there.
Son John, Prebendary of Lincoln, all lands, tenements in Thanet parishes of St. Peter & St. John, conditionally on paying all legacies & debts. If he refuses, reversion to Nathaniel, on condition he pays John £200, & discharges all legacies & debts.
Executors: two elder sons John & Nathaniel.
Witnesses: Richard Iddenden, John Cox.
Codicil added 20 August 1664:
Brother William Sackett, 40/- a year for life.
Brother George Frisby, 40/- a year for life.
Abstract of will of Sarah Sackett of Braunston, Lincoln.
Dated: 13 April 1676.
Proved: Consistory Court of London, 15 August 1676.
Source: National Archives, Kew, LCC 1676/216.
Testatrix: Sarah Sackett of Branston in the Countie of the Cittie of Lincoln Wd.
Daughter Elizabeth, £5 in silver, 2 pieces broad Gold, and my wedding ring.
Daughter Elizabeth, half my wearing clothes.
Sarah Dicus, Charles Dicus, & Elizabeth Dicus, 10/- each.
Ann Poole, my two petticoats which I wear next me & 10/-.
William Bott, 10/-.
10 poore widow of Braunston, 10/-.
Daughter Patience, the rest of my goods and chattels.
Executrix: Daughter Patience.
Witnesses: George Sackett, Ann Poole.

Dated: 25 May 1676.
Source: LCC INV 179/178.
Total value of personalty £78 5s 0d.
John Sackett signed the registers as curate at St Martin's Church, Herne for the year to March 1623/24

Children of Rev John Sackett BD Oxf, MA Camb and Sarah Frisby

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