United States Civil War, register of deaths of volunteers, 1861–1865

25 records

  • Sackett, Alexander, Priv, Co D, 99 Ill Vols, d. 15 Dec 1862 at P H Salem, Mo, chronic diarrhoea.
  • Sackett, Ambrose, Priv, Co I, 12 Conn V, d. 20 Jun 1862 at Reg Hospl, anaemia.
  • Sackett, Delancy, Priv, Co D, 83rd Ohio Inf, d. 11 Mar 1863 at Floating Hospl, Nashville, chronic diarrhoea.
  • Sacket, E G, Priv, Co C, 7 Ohio Inf, d. 24 Mar 1862 at Regtl Hospl, vulnus sclopet.
  • Sacket, E H, Priv, Co E, 24 Wis Inf, d. 22 Nov 1862 at Regtl Hospl, typhoid fever.
  • Sackett, Horatio N, Priv, Co C, 21 Mich Vols, d. 3 Nov 1862 at Park Barracks H Louisville, Kentucky, chronic diarrhoea.
  • Sackett, Isaac, Priv, Co B, 2 Wis Inf, d. 29 Jun 1863 at Fairfax G H, Virginia, [cause blank], remarks "leg 12 MDO".
  • Sackett, J, Pvt, Co G, 6 Cav, d. 14 Aug 1864 at Andersonville, Georgia, feb typhoid, enlisted Indiana.
  • Sackett, J H, Priv, Co H, 36 Ind V, d. 9 Mar 1863 at G H 20 Nashville, Tennessee, GS wound in hip.
  • Sackett, Jacob, Priv, Co H, 22 Mich Vols, d. 16 Jun 1864 at Eng Brig Hosp Lookout Mt, Tennessee, chronic diarrhoea.
  • Sackett, John, 2nd Lieut, 22 Mich Vols, d. 1 Jan 1863 at Cincinnati, Ohio, [cause blank], remarks "Vol Army Reg".
  • Sackett, John J, Priv, Co D, 7 Ill Inf, d. 3 May 1865 at De Camp GH NYH, consumption.
  • Sackett, Joseph B, Capt, Co E, 155 Pa Inf, d. 25 Jan 1864 at Cedar Creek, drowned accidentally, remarks "Vol A Reg".
  • Sackett, Lyman, Priv, Co I, 3 Ill Cav, d. 25 Jan 1862 at P H Rolla, Mo, rubeola.
  • Sacket, P, Priv, Co B, 22 Ill Inf, d. 20 Sep 1863 died since Chickamauga, Tenn, GSW recd in action.
  • Sackett, Putnam, Sergt, Co I, 49th Ohio Inf, d. 17 Nov 1861 at Regtl Hospl, remittent febris.
  • Sackett, Robert T, Priv, Co E, 5 Mich Cav, d. 17 Feb 1863 at Regl Hosp, typhoid fever.
  • Sacket, S, Priv, Co I, 12 Iowa Vols, d. 19 May 1862 at Camp Oglethorpe Macon Ga, sickness.
  • Sackett, S, Priv, Co I, 12 Iowa Vols, d. 23 May 1863 at Rebel Hosp, Macon, Ga, disease.
  • Sackett, Saml A, Sgt, Co L, 3 Ill Cav, d. 27 Aug 1864 at Gayoso G H Memphis, Tennessee, GSW thorax & lungs.
  • Sackett, William, Priv, Co B, 22 Ill Inf, d. 28 Apr 1862, otorrea.
  • Sackett, Wm, Col, 9 NY Cav, d. 10 Jun 1864, wounds received at Trevillion Station, remarks "Vol Army Reg".
  • Sackett, Wm, Pvt, Co C, 47 Ind V, d. 16 May 1863, killed in battle.
  • Sackett, Wm F, Serg, Co D, 97 Ind V, d. 14 Jul 1864 at F H 15 A C, GS wound.
  • Sackett, Wm H, Capt, Co I, 12 Conn V, d. 18 Jun 1864 at Petersburg, Va, killed in battle.

Register of Deaths of Volunteers, 1861–1865, United States Civil War. Digital image. Ancestry.com. (http://search.ancestry.co.uk). (Researched by Chris Sackett).