Extracts from
The Records of the Town of Cambridge (formerly Newtowne), Massachusetts, 1630–1703

2 [Earliest settlers, undated list, but probably 1632, the first dated entry being 24 Dec 1632 on p4]

The Towne
Inhabitants then
Tho = Dudly Esqr
mr Symon Bradstreet
mr Edmond Lockwood
mr Daniell Patrike
John Poole
William Spencer
John Kirman
Symon Sackett


The 7th of January 1632[/33]

Comon Pales divided as Follo—
[Totals of 42 names, 581 Rodd/Rod (1 rod = 5½ yards), including:]
Symon Saket 6 Rod

The 5th August 1633
Lotts Granted for Cowyardes.
[Totals of 28 names, 12½ acres & 23 roods (1 rood = ¼ acre), including:]
Symo Sakt ½ akr


Division of Fresh Pond Meadow
Att A General Meeting of the whole Towne the 20th August 1635.
Itt was ordered that William Spencer and Georg Steele should measuer all the meaddow ground undivided belonging to the Newtowne: and when it is measuered and divided to every man his proporcion they are to: measuer every mans severally and Cause stakes to bee sett at each end and to have three pence the Acker for the same and whosoever shall not pay for measueringe wthin one yeare then the ground to returne to them for measueringe
Further it is ordered that the same shalbee divided acordinge to every mans severall proporcion hereunder written untill it bee all dispossed off viz
[Totals of 71 names, 118½ acres, including:]
Sy. Saket 1 [Ackr]


The 8th February 1635[/36]

Granted William Blunfeld six Ackrs on t^ South sid of the River

The Names of Those men whoe have houses in the Towne at this present as onely are to be acconted as houses of the Towne
In the Towne
[38 names, 76 houses, including:]
Widdow Sackett 1
In Cowyarde Rowe
[2 names, 6 houses]
In Westend
[37 names, 55 houses]
by the Pyne swampe
[1 name, 2 houses]
On the south side the River
[2 names]
By the Fresh Pond
[5 names]

Cambridge City Clerk, publisher, The Records of the Town of Cambridge (formerly Newtowne), Massachusetts, 1630–1703, Cambridge City Council, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1901), digital image, Archive.org. (Researched by Chris Sackett).