Extracts from
John Lewis, The History & Antiquities of the Isle of Tenet

p. 121, Sackett's Hill

Sackett's Hill, so called from its being the estate of an ancient Yeomanry Family of this name, in this Parish [St Peter].

p. 121, 1444 Will of John Sakett

1444 – John Sakett of this parish [St Peter] by his will dated on the Feast of St Thomas the Apostle 1444 gives as follows:
ITEM: Lego ad opus Ecclesie fratrum, in Villa Sandwich decem solidos, ut fratres dicerent unum trentall, pro anima mea et pro quibus teneor. Lego quinque libras legal. monete Angl. que sunt in manibus Nicholai Underdown, ad emend. tres palles, pro dicta Ecclesia, pro tribus Altarbus, viz. Sanctorum Jacobi Apostoli, Marie de la Petye, et Margarete. — Testam Joannis Sakett dat. Festo St Thome Apostoli 1444.

[ITEM: I leave for the use of the church of my brothers in the town of Sandwich ten shillings, in order that the brothers may say one trentall for my soul and for those to whom I am held [indebted]. I leave 5 in legal English money which is held by Nicholas Underdown, to purchase three coverings, as chosen by the Church, for the three altars of St James the Apostle, Mary of Pity, and St Margaret.]

[A trentale was an office of 30 masses.]

1615 Terrier

1615 Terrier – A True Terrier ... St John Baptist ... 1615 ... to the lands of John Sackett [to the] west ..."

[A terrier was a written description of a landed property by acreages and boundaries]

Memorial in St Peter's Church to John Sacket

Here lieth interred the body of John Sacket late of this parish, who yielded his spirit unto his Saviour's hands in the 59th Year of his Age upon the 24th day of February 1623.

[John Sackett 1564–1623/24, son of William Sackett & Johan ___.]

p. 100–102, Memorials at St John's

Memorials of aged persons in the churchyard of St John Baptist

Katherine Sackette    1701    aged 70

Thomas Sackette    1709    aged 77

[Thomas Sackett 1633–1709/10, son of Thomas Sackett & Barbara Wood, and Catherine 1631–1701, his wife.]

John Lewis, The History and Antiquities Ecclesiastical and Civil of the Isle of Tenet in Kent (London: 1736). (Researched by Marion Sackett).