Extracts from
Hampshire, Massachusetts, County Court Records, 4 volumes, 1660–1780

Volume 1. 1660–1690

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Springfield Sept: 24th 1661
[John Sackett selling liquor to Indians]
[This entry is identical to that found on p 260 Pynchon Papers Vol. 1]

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Springfield Sept 30th 1662
[Widow Sackett in actions for debt]
[These entries are identical to those found on p 263 & 264, Pynchon Papers Vol. 1]

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Northampton March: 31st 1663

Capt Pynchon of Springfeild beinge at the Corte at Springfeild Sept 30 1662 Plantiffe contr Widdow Sackett of Springfeild Administratrix & Wm Broomfeild Administrator to ye [estate] of Symon Sackett late of Springfeild deceased defdts in an action of debt [with] damage to ye value of 24£. The Jury then finding for the Plantiffe the Summe of 20£. 15s. 08d. vizt 19£ 15s 08d debt, 20s costs of ye Corte this Corte approves of the said Juryes verdict giveinge liberty to ye Said Plantiffe to take forth execution uppon ye estate of the Said Symon Sackett deceased: the Said Capt Pynchon acknowledging himselfe bound in 30£ to be responsible to the Defendts in case they or eyther of them shall reverse the judgmt wthin one yeer: he will then be responsible to ye Defendts for wt he shall take in execution upon ye Said estate.

Mr Lord of Hartford being Plant at ye Corte at Springfeild contr the above Sd Widdow Sackett Defdt in an action of debt 2£ 18s 04d wth da[mage] to ye vallue of 1£ 15s. 0d the Jury then fynding for the Plantiffe the said Summe of 3£. 8s. 4d this Corte approoves of the Said Juryes verdict giveing liberty to ye Said Plantiffe to take for execution on ye estate of the Said Widd Sackett: The Said Plantiffe acknowledging him bound in the Summe of 5£ to be responsible to ye Defdt in case Shee shall reverse the Judgmt wthin one yeare.

p 52

Northampton May ye 21st 1664

John Sackett of North: complaynes agt Increase Turner of ye same Town, for yt wn the Constable & he ye Sd John came to him wth an attachmt, the Constable bid the Said John lay hold on ye Sd Increase; And Increase answered that he thought ye Constable should not doe well to let them goe together, for he Said he thought they should make bloody work for his offense he is fyned 20s to be pd to ye County Treasure, his brother Prays ever ingaging for him for paymt thereof to Quartermr Woodward:

p 78

Springfield Sept. 25th 1666

John Sackett of Worronoco Plt contr Walter Lee & Ambrose ffowler of Warronoco defdts in an action of ye case upon a replevyn whereby the Said John is bound to p[r]secute the said Ambrose & Walter at this Corte for unjust impounding of his cattell this summer. The Plt not app[ear]ing w[he]n called 3 tymes is nonsuted: But afterwards app[ear]ing upon his petition the suite went on: In w[hi]ch action the attachmt & evidences in the case being p[ro]duced & read in Corte the Jury brought their verdict & found the action for the defdts: And Soe the Plt is to pay 10s for entry of his action.

p 191

Springfield Septembr 25th 1677

John Sackett, Jury Member

p 230

Northampton March 25 1684

John Sachett, Jury Member

p 238

Springfield Septe 30 1684

Wee whose Names are under written being desired by ye Constable as a jurey according to law to give o[u]r judgemt on ye amazeing awfull & Untymely death of Elee? Weller, after due notice taken we all unanimousley agree that through the strength of temptation he became his own Execution[er] by hanging himself all Signes & circumstances fully Con?ineing therein & Nothing appears to the Contrary to the best of o[u]r judgements we suppose he might be dead 24 houres before Known. [signed] John Sacket [& 11 others]

[The following entries detail the “vexatious lawsuit, brought against him” that was noted by Weygant, p 17.]

pp 241-242

Northampton March 31 1685

Thomas Dewey & Josiah Dewey of Westfeild Plt Contra Joseph Pomery, Samll Taylor, John Sacket John Williams & Nathll Williams defts In an act[io]n of the case for their unlawfull keeping a damn upon a Streame or Brook of Water called two mile brook in the Townshipp of Westfeild, beyond ye libertie formerly granted to sd Joseph Pomery & him & others his Coepart?ers Since by ye Town of Westfeild, & Contrary to ye grant of the sd streame & use of it by sd Town, Unto ye sd Thomas Dewey & Josiah Dewey where by they are much damniefied, and unto & for the removeing of sd damn from being any further stopp to ye Course of ye sd stream with damages to ye Sum of twentie pounds according to attachments. In ye action depending in Corte wherein Thomas Dewey & Josiah Dewey were Plts; And Joseph Pomery Samll Taylor John Sacket, John Williams Nathll Williams defts The Testimony & Evedences in ye case being procured & Read in Corte & Comitted to the Jury they Brought in their verdict that they find for ye Plts libertie of the Streame of ye two mile brooke, belonging by the Town grants to them & all Incumbrances by damn or otherwise to be removed by ye defendts & Costs of Corte which were as by bill allowed in Corte 3£ 3s 6d The deffendts Entered an appeale to ye Next Corte of Assistants Except Jno Williams who as it appeared to the Corte was not Concerned in ye action. Joseph Pomery, Samll Baylor John Sacket Nathl Williams Plts By a Replivie of a Mill Saw, doggs, file & Crow, & Appurtenances destrained & Extended on & deteined by Thomas Dewey Senr Joseph Dewey & now is in sd Deweys or ye Marshalls Custadie, the abovesd Mill with all & Every of the appurtenances you are hereby required to deliver, the sd Plts haveing given in Bond to prosecute their Replivie at this Corte This Replivie was Omitted by Consent & no Entrie money to be payd.

John Sacket & Nathl Williams Plt Contra Thomas Dewey & Josiah Dewey defendts in an action of the case for unjust Seizure, attaching imp[ound]ing & deteineing of an Estate of theirs viz a Saw mill with ye implemts belonging to it, to their great damage as will be made appeare in ye pro[se]cution hereof Entrie money 10£ In ye action depending in Corte wherein John Sacket & Nathll Williams were Plt & Thomas & Josiah Dewey deffendts for unjust Seizure of a Mill & implimints the Testimonys & Evidences in ye case being procured & Read in Corte & tranceferred to the jury the[y] Brought in their verdict that they find for the deffendts Costs of Corte

p 250

Springfield Septe 29 1685

John Sacket Samll Baylor Nathll Williams & Joseph Pomery Petitioning this Corte for a Release of their forfeiture for not prosecuting their two appeals from ye Sentences of the Countie Corte last March this Corte doth accept their petition & discharge them from paymt their Sayd forfeits provided they give the Countie Corte noe further trouble about those cases they have alreadie given their Sentences about & agst sd Appealants Otherwise they will Reassume the whole forfeite for ye not prosecuting their two appeals which is 4£

John Sacket, Samll Baylor Nathll Williams Joseph Pomery appeared in Corte & Thomas Dewey & Josiah Dewey all of them Severally Owning yt agree on & Covenant for them the sd John Sacket & his partners makeing a Surrendr of ye millstreame about which there hath beene Controvercies between both partys & further as in Sayd agreement Which is Recorded in ye Countie book of Records of conveyencey of Lands etc

Volume 4 1707–1780

p 16

The Will of John Sacket

[This is identical to what Weygant published on pp. 17 & 18, except that Weygant substituted several words and word spellings]

In the Name of God Amen The tenth Day of May in the Year of Our Lord God 1718 I John Sacket Senr of Westfield in the County of Hampshire in ye Province of ye Massachusets Bay in New England being Aged & under the decays of Nature but of perfect mind & memory Thanks be given to God therefore Calling unto mind the Mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die Do make & Ordain this my Last Will & Testament yt is to Say Principally & first of all I Give & recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it And as for my body, I Recommend it to the Earth to be buried in A Christian like & decent manner at the Discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at ye Genll Resurrection I Shall receive The Same again by ye Mighty Power of God And as touching Such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life I give devise & dispose of Same in the following Way and manner

Imprimis I give & bequeath to Sarah my Well beloved Wife all the Use & Improvement of all my Estate both Real & Personal during the whole term of her life If She Shall outlive me to Say all that I Shall be possessed of at my Decease

Imprs, I Give to my Son John Sacket five Shillings And to my Son Williams Children five Shillings And to my Son Sackets Samlls Children 5 Shillings

Imprs: I Give to William Sacket my Grandson the Son of Samll Sacket Deceasd, after mySelf & my Wives Decease my Team and tackling & all ye furniture thereunto belonging and two plows Cart Wheels & all belonging unto them And A harrow & what belongs to it And I likewise make & Ordain him Viz: my Grandson William Sacket Executor of this my last Will & Testament

Imprs. after my own & my Wives decease I Give to my Wel beloved Daughters Viz: Hannah Merryman Mary Maudsley & Abigail King all the remainder of my moveable Estate in an Equal Division amongst them all Excepting my Great brass kettle the which I give to my daughter Mary Maudsly above her Share in the moveables to be at their o[w]n dispose Further this may Inform all concernd that all my lands are disposed of by Deed of Gift therefore no Inventory to be taken of them

Imprs. I Give to Rachel Stiles A Cow and A pair of Sheets And I doe herby utterly disallow revoke & disannul all & every other former Testaments Wills & Legacies Bequests & Executors in any way before this time named Willed & bequeathed Rattifying & Confirming this & no other to be my Last Will & Testament

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal in ye Day & Year above Written
Signed Sealed Published Pronounced & Declared by ye Sd John Sacket as his last Will & Testament In the prsence of Us ye Subscribers Viz: Jno Root Jedidiah Dewey Joseph Sacket
[signed] John Sacket (Seal)

Hampshire Ss: Springfield May 20th. 1719

John Root Jedidiah Dewey & Joseph Sacket the Witnesses to the foregoing Will appearing before me under Written Judge of ye Probate of Wills etc for ye County Aforesd made Oath that they Saw John Sacket Subscribe unto the foregoing Instrument Sign Seal Publish & pronounce & declare the Same to be his Last Will & Testament And that he was of Sound mind & perfect memory when he did it to the best of their Understanding Which Sd. Will I approve & allow of And do alsoe appoint John Sacket ye Son of ye Said Deceased to be an Adminr on ye Sd Will with ye Executor in the Sd Will named till ye Said Executor comes to ye Age of twenty One Years.

[signed] Samll Partridge

p 16

[The Estate Inventory of John Sacket. Several subtotals, marked by an asterisk *, appear to be incorrect. The extreme left side of p 16 is damaged, with loss of some information, as marked by [ ].]

May 16: 1719 This Inventory Taken by Us the Subscribers on ye Estate of John Sacket Senr Deceased Viz: as followeth

The Old horse 10s ye Old Mare 1£ ye horse Colt 2Yers Old 3£ 4 10 0
The young horse 7£ The young mare 5£ ye Old Oxen 13£ 25 00 0
The 3 Years Old Steers 8£ three Cows 9£ 10s three a Yers at 6£ 10s 24 00 0
The 3 bigger Swine at 4£ 10s ye 2 lesser Swine at 1£ 16s 6 06 0
The Cart & Axtree pins ye lince pins & Cart Cops & pins & boxes & bands & Cart ladders 2 05 6
The Ox plow & Irons 17s the two plow chains 14s ye plow Cops pin 2s The horse Plow 11s the Rings & Staples 3s 2 07 0
The horse chains 12s four hoes 9s 3 sithes 3s Sythe hackling 2s 1 06 0
[ ]e Axes & 1 Hatchet 1£ 4s three forks 4s d6 One dart 1s 6d 1 10 0
[ ]e Saw 5s two Shovels 2s the fetters 3s two Collers 12s 1 02 0
[ ] bridle & two haulters 4s the Saddles & Tackling 16s  1 00 0
[ ] harrow teeth 8s One Sythe 1s A broad Chizel 1s 6d [ ] Small Cops & pins 2s  *0 12 0
[ ] branding Iron 2s ye Whip & A Gripe 1s 6d beitle rings [ ] Wedges 6s  0 09 6
[ ]ght Sickles 3s 6d ye hay knife 3s ye Canoo 10s One flock of Bees 14s 1 10 6
[ ]d chairs & hames 7s Samon Nett 10s A Cart rope 8s
[ ]o Old Cart Boxes 3s 1 08 0
Two Hatts 1£ A Coat & Waistcoat of Druggit 2£ 5s A lase Coat 12s  3 17 0
Two Old coats 6s 6d three Wastcoats 14s A Cloth Cloke 1£ two pair of Cloath breeches at 11s Leather breeches 10s two pair of Linnen breeches 2s three pair of Stockens at 8s 3 11 6
four Neckcloaths 8s 6d A Pair of Shoes 6s 6d A Cane 7s 1 02 0
province Bills 12£ Twenty Bushl Indian Corn 3£ 4 Bushl Rye 16s 15 16 0
The fann 4s Twenty pounds hops 10s Salt 2s 6d more hops 8s 1 04 6
Beehives 3s A 11 dry Casks 8s 2 half Hogshds 4s 7 Syder Barrlls
at 14s four Cyder barrels 4s baskets 9s 6d 6 Baggs 14s
2 16 6
Two Deerskins 1£ 4s four Bushl Wheat & A half 1£ 7s  2 11 0
Ten Bushl Malt 2£ 5 Bushl Indian Meal 15s 2 15 0
Three Bushl Rye Meal 12s Meal Seives 4s 6d A 1/2 Bushl & A Seed peck A half peck all 4s Soap & Soap tubs 8s 1 08 6
A Stone hammer 2s two L????els 1s 4 Bushl & 1/2 of Wheat 1£ 7s fourteen Bushl Rye 2£ 16s ye great plated Chest 3s Sugar A??pice 2s  4 11 0
Three pair of Sheets 2£ 4s Three Cotten Sheets 2£ 5s five pillow beers 12s two Cotten Pillowbeers 9s One Table cloth 5s 19 linen Napkins 19s Three Cotten Napkins 4s 6d A Small plated Chest 5s  7 03 6
81 Yds & a half of linnen Cloath 8£ 3s 2 pease hooks And A dung fork 2s 6d Seven Pound 3/4 of Upper leathr 15s 6d three Pound 3/4 of Soal leather 4s 10d thirty two Pound & 1/2 flax 1£ 1s 8d 10 07 6
1200 of four penny Nails 8s 6d 4 Cheese ?ates 4s One Straw basket four Small bags 4s A Shag Rug 1£ 10s A blanket 8s 2 blankets 2 Pillows ye Curtains ye linnen at ye head & over head 2£ 0s 6d 4 15 0
3 pair Sheets 2£ 2s five pair Sheets 5£ one pair 14s One Sheet 5s One pair at 16s three Sheete 1£ 1s One pair Sheets 10s Eleven Pillowbeers 1£ 2s ten towels 10s One Pillow beer 2s five table Cloaths 13s 6d  12 15 6
Nine napkins 6s five Shirts 1£ 3 napkins 3s two table Cloaths 13s One Chest 4s two boxes 4s A pair of hatchels 10s A Pilyon & Cloath 7s two Wheels 4s 6d A feather bed & boulster & 2 Rugs & Matt 6£ 18s *9 13 6
One bolster ? bed & One rug 16s One bed in the Chamber & an Old tick & bolster two Rag Rugs & three Ocom rugs two Pillows 1£s 19s the bedstead in ye chamber & bed line 8s 6d ye great bedstead and bed line 8s 6d ye truckel bedstead & bed line 8s four great Chairs at 14s Seaven chairs at 12s 6d five Cushions 8s *5 14 6
The Silver money & purse 4s 4d ye Chest in ye Outward room 2s 6d ye 4 bigger Pewter Platters at 1£ 2s two lesser Platters & a brim bason at 15s four Plates one old platter 10s 8 porringer at 16s A flaggon at 6s a Quart pot at 3s a Pint cup at 12s A beaker at 1s 6d A Silver Cup at 6s an Old bason 4s A pint bason 2s A butter Saucer 1s & two pewter Candlesticks 10s A tin Candlestick 8s A Chamber Pot 4s *6 09 4
Earthen Ware 2s 6d tinn Ware 2s 6d ye Great brass kettle 3£ 15s ye 2 little brass Skillets 2£ ye Skillet & frame 6s 6d the Iron Pot 18s ye Great Iron Kettle 1£ 10s tongs & S?ill and tramil 10s Dog Iron 1£ an Iron Winch & Axetree 6s Six Pailes 8s 6d Wooden bowls 1£ 2s One porringer 1s A Pewter bason 2s knot Ware 14s 6d A lignum Vite Mortar & pestle 6s A little basket & leather in it 3s Shears & Scizers 4s two Doz of trenchers *12 13 2
Combs & looking Glass 3s 6d Glass bottles 4s 6d three # of Bees Wax 5s A pair of Stillyards 15s A warming Pan 18s 2 Guns 2£ 15s two Swords 10s ye lead ye Bullets ye Shot and Cartridge boxes & moulds & Bo?ets 4s pouches horn & powder 13s Gloves & Mittens 4s knives 1s 6d ye brush 6d the thread 1s & Needleas 1s ye Cupboard 12s Wool Cards 3s *7 07 0
Thirteen Books at 13s four books at 8s Sevll old books 3s 6d One book 1?s 6d ye old law book 2s two Old bibles 3s ye frying Pan 6s A dish of Old Iron 1s One rubStone ?? A hammer & pinchers 3s two bels 7s ye Pork 3£ two barrels of Syder 1£ ye Bacon 1£ three barrlls of Syder 1£ 10s A Cask of Metheglin 6s A Cask of moelasses 7s three little tubs & Suet 6s Sevll old tubs 7s two half tubs 2s ye Wooden bottls 2s Seventy Pound of Tobaccoe 1£ 14s A knot bowl 4s Old ?ar 5s 6d Two hun?ing bags 3s *12 08 10
fifty three Runn of linnen Yarn 2£ 13s 2 13 0
A Cow Bell 4s One hundred of Rails at ye Stub 6s 10 0

[signed] Thomas Nobles Samuel Bush John Gunn Junr

Hampshire Ss: May 20th 1719. Sarah Sacket Widw John Sacket Senr and Wm Sacket made Oath before me Under Written Judge of the Probate of Wills etc for Sd County that ye foregoing was A true Inventory of ye Estate of John Sacket late of Westfield Deceased So far as they can come at And if more Estate Appear they will readily make discovery of the Same from time to time [signed] Sam Partridge

An Acctt of Grain disposed of or Sold belonging to ye Estate of John Sacket Deceased after his Decease by his Widw, as followeth –

To Danll Bagg 5 Bushl of Pease 1 10 0
To Jno Phelps 2 Bushll & A Peck 13 6
To Joseph Barnard of Windor 2 Bushl Rye 8 0
To Benjn Brooks of Springfd 1 Bushl of Rye & 1/2 Peck 5 0
To Thoms Gun 2 Bushl of Pease 12 0
To Danll Gun half a Bushl of Pease 3 0
To Samll Loomis One Bushl & half of Pease 9 0
Total Sum 4 00 6

An Accompt of Debts Paid out =

To Samll Bush Junr for making A Coffin 6 6
To Benjn Maudsly Junr for going for a Doctr      5 0
To Philip Tremain for diging a Grave 4 0
To Rachel Ashley for tendance 1 6
To Nathl Egglestone for his help 4 6
To David King in Money 6 6

An Acctt of Debts Received into Sd Estate

Recd of Jno Miller of Springfd in Money     1 8
Of Addijah Dewey Junr in money 1 6

Hampshire Ss: May 20th: 1719 Sarah Sacket Widw John Sacket & Wm Sacket made Oath before me Under Written Judge of ye Probate of Wills etc for ye Sd County to ye truth of the above Acctt which is by me Approved & allowed of Samll Partridge

[Listed in the Index for Volume 3 of these Probate records are:

Wm Sackett pages 73, 86
Saml Sackett pages 219, 288
– these records not extracted]

Hampshire, Massachusetts, County Court Records, 4 volumes, 1660–1780, Family History Library, LDS microfilm no. 879184. (Researched by Ted Mudge).