Extracts from
Muster Rolls for the Thanet parishes of St John, St Peter, & Birchington

6 records

11 Aug 1599

  • St Peeters Armed Men: Matthew Hardinge – Furnished by John Sackett
  • St Peeters Musketts: George Sackett – Furnished by John Plantinge
  • St Peeters Callivers: Silvester Lewes – Furnished by John Sarkett

16 Aug 1599

[Musters were assemblies of the militia for the purpose of the inspection of men and equipment by the Lord Lieutenant. Muster rolls were produced detailing the names of those present and the equipment which they produced. The muster rolls were returned to the secretaries of state. In the 16th and 17th centuries all able-bodied men were liable for military service, armed with their own weapons and armour according to their income.]

Kent Family History Society, microfiche 1114. (Researched by Marion Sackett).