Deaths of American Citizens Abroad

  • Form No. 192—American Foreign Service, "Guadalajara, Mexico, February 8, 1933. Orrin Milton Sackett, 64, native [of America], d. January 28, 6:30, 1933, at Lake Chapala, Poncitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Cause: death by drowning after a small canoe with an outboard motor capsized. Remains interred on property known as San Miguel de la Orilla, Poncitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Disinterment permitted after five years. Effects in possession of widow, Florence McKenzie Sackett. Accompanied by Mrs. Florence McKenzie Sackett, Apt. 23, Ocotlan, Jal. Mex., wife; Thorwald H. Sackett, Livermore, Colorado, son. Notification sent to Mrs. Florence McKenzie Sackett by mail on February 8, 1933; Thorwald H. Sackett by mail on February 8, 1933. Signed: Charles C. Gidney Jr., Vice Consul of the USA."
  • Form No. 192—American Foreign Service, "Kingston, Jamaica, February 10, 1939. Harry Palmer Sackett, 75, native [of America], d. February 6th 5:00 a.m. 1939, at Casa Blanca Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Cause certified by attending physician, Doctor H.H. Brown, to have been cerebral thrombosis. Remains shipped by the S.S. Quirigua, United Fruit Company, in care of son, Ray P. Sackett. Effects in care of son, Ray P. Sackett. Accompanied by Ray P. Sackett, 29 South Munn Ave., East Orange, N.J., son; Roberta R. Sackett, 90 Chestnut St., East Orange, N.J., wife. Notification sent to Clarence K. McGuire by cable by Ray P. Sackett on Feb. 6, 1939. Signed: Hugh H. Watson, Consul General of the USA."
  • Form No. 192—American Foreign Service, "American Consulate, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Oct. 1, 1952. Jesse D. Sackett, occupation none, native, born Mound Valley, Kansas, August 7, 1896 or 1897. Last known address in US: Bethany, Oklahoma. Died August 24, 1952 (a.m.), age approx. 56, d. at General Hospital, Ciudad Juarez, Mexica (Mexican name: Hospital Civil Libertad). Cause reported by attending physician at General Hospital as hemorrhage resulting from fractured skull. Interred in municipal cemetery (Panteón Municipal), Ciudad Juarez. May be disinterred after 5 years. Disposition of effects: deceased was destitute. [Relatives or friends: blank].
    Remarks: Deceased, who gave his name as Fred Newton, was arrested on August 18, 1952, by the police of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on a charge of drunkenness and placed in the local jail. When interviewed by a representative of the Consulate he was unable to name anyone who could assist him in arranging his release. On August 21, 1952, the Consulate's representative noticed that the prisoner was talking incoherently, and fellow-prisoners declared that he had been somewhat violent. Consequently, at the Consulate's request, he was removed to the General Hospital. On August 25 the Consulate was informed that "Newton" had died the previous morning, and an autopsy subsequently showed that the cause of death was a hemorrhage resulting from a fractured skull. It was not possible to ascertain definitely, upon investigation, whether the injury was self-inflicted, whether intentionally or accidentally, and the Consulate's representative had no reason to suspect any of the other inmates of the jail, or the hospital.
    Neither at the time of the arrest or following his death could any identifying papers be found in "Newton's" clothing or effects.
    The Department of State was informed of the case and the deceased's finger prints submitted for investigation. The Department has now reported, in its OM of September 29, 1952, that the identity of the person under discussion has been definitely established as Jesse D. Sackett, FBI # 3582244.
    It is deemed pertinent to this report to quote in full the Department's OM of September 29, 1952:
    "A search of the files of the Identification Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, has definitely established that the deceased is Jesse D. Sackett, FBI # 3582244. According to information in his record, Sackett was born at Mound Valley, Kansas, August 7, 1896 or 1897. He enlisted in the Army September 6, 1918, at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and was assigned Army serial # 3828937.
    "His record contains two arrests for drunkenness by the Police Department, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 13, 1942, and August 13, 1943. He was again arrested by the same agency August 28, 1943, for gambling and paid a $7 fine. He was subsequently fingerprinted by the Police Department, Wichita, Kansas, August 19, 1944, charged with vagrancy, disposition "paroled to float." The latest information in the file indicates that he was fingerprinted by the Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 25, 1951, on a charge of investigation hit and run, disposition pending. On the occasion of the last arrest, he gave his residence Bethany, Oklahoma.
    "Information relative to the identification has been furnished to the Veterans Administration since Sackett was a veteran."
    Signed: Joseph W. Walker, American Consul."

Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, 1835–1974 ( ( (Researched & transcribed from online typescript images by Chris Sackett).