James Riker, The Annals of Newtown in Queens County, New-York

Among the early puritan emigrants to New England, was Mr. Simon Sackett, who, about the year 1628 or ’29, came from the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, Eng., and located at Cambridge, Mass., where he d. in 1635. His sons Simon and John removed in 1653 to Springfield, on the Connecticut river, where they took the oath of fidelity, Mar. 23, 1656. John afterwards removed to Northampton, and thence to Westfield, where he d. in 1719, a. 87. His posterity have been numerous in Westfield and its vicinity, and are also found in western New-York. His brother, Simon Sackett, d. at Springfield, July 9, 1659, a. 29, his wife Sarah, dau. of Wm. Bloomfield, surviving him. His only child, as far as known, was Joseph, the progenitor of the Newtown family.

1. Joseph Sackett, son of Simon 2d, was b. at Springfield, Feb. 23, 1656. Left fatherless at a tender age, it is probable he was taken into the family of his grandfather Bloomfield, and accompanied the latter on his removal to Newtown in 1662. However, Sackett was here in 1674, and for many years enjoyed a prominent standing in the town. By his own exertions and favor shown him by his bachelor uncle, Daniel Bloomfield, he accumulated a large estate in Newtown and elsewhere. He m. thrice; first, Elizabeth dau. of Capt. Rich. Betts; secondly, Anna ___, and lastly to Mercy, widow of Thos. Betts, Esq., who survived him. Capt. Sackett d. near the close of 1719, in his 64th yr. His ch. were Simon, Joseph,3 Richard, John,2 William, Samuel, Elizabeth and Sarah, who, in succession, m. Jos. Moore; Anna, m. Benjamin Moore; Abigail, m. John Alsop; and Patience, who m. John Lawrence. Simon d. at Hopewell, N.J. in 1718, leaving no issue. Richard m. and d. at Greenwich, Ct. William remained at Newtown, and in 1727 was appointed by the town the “general whipper.” In 1729 he m. widow Mary Janes, but had no issue. Having served some years in the magistracy, and survived his consort, he d. Aug. 29, 1761, in his 64th yr. He occupied the premises since known as the old Episcopal parsonage. Samuel studied divinity, and was settled over the Presbyterian church at Bedford, Westchester co. in 1743, ministered there for ten years, and then removed to the congregation at Yorktown, in the same county, where he d. June 5, 1784. His grave is in the village of Crompond, the scene of his labors. He was a judicious, laborious, and successful minister of Christ. He m. Apr. 6, 1732, Hannah, dau. of Nath’l Hazard, and left sons Nathaniel and James, besides daughters.

2. John Sackett, son of Joseph,1 remained in Newtown, owning the farm now belonging to the estate of John A. Kelly, dec. He m. Jan. 11, 1719, Elizabeth, dau. of Elnathan Field, after whose death, he m. her sister Susannah. He d. Dec 31, 1728, and his widow m. John Leverich. Mr. Sackett left two ch. namely, Elizabeth and William, the first of whom m. her step-brother, John Leverich. William, b. Dec. 29, 1727, m. Feb 14. 1749, Anna, dau. of John Lawrence. He occupied the paternal farm, and there d. Apr. 28, 1802, his wife having d. Apr. 11, 1798, in her 67th yr. Their ch. who reached maturity were John, b. July 27, 1755; Daniel, b. Mar. 29, 1759, m. Martha Green, but d. at Old Milford, Ct. without issue, Jan. 7, 1822; Jonathan, b. Sep. 28, 1761, and Nathaniel L., b. Aug. 23, 1764, who d. unm. Mar. 26, 1797. Jonathan m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. Jacob Banks, and had issue Jacob B., b. June 4, 1786; Anna L., b. May 17, 1789; William, b. Sep. 28, 1792, d. July 3, 1802; John L., b. Nov. 7, 1794, and Jonathan, b. May 9, 1801. Capt. John Sackett, son of William and Anna, m. Elizabeth Gibbs, of Conn., and remained in Newtown, where he d. May 12, 1819, in his 64th yr., and his widow, a. 71, May 27, 1836. Their ch. were William, b. Feb. 28, 1784, m. Gertrude, dau. of John Meserole, and d. Feb. 4, 1849; Lawrence, b. Sep. 14, 1786; Anna, b. Feb. 24, 1791, m. Peter Gorsline; Mary, b. Apr. 28, 1793, the widow of Jos. Lawrence; Patience, b. July 21, 1795; Elizabeth G., b. Dec. 18, 1799, and Amy L., b. Jan 6, 1804. The last three d. single.

3. Joseph Sackett, son of Joseph,1 received a considerable property from his father, and resided at the English Kills, on the premises late Judge Jones’. He was a man of probity, a justice of the peace, and a judge from 1749 till his death, which occurred at an advanced age, Sep. 26, 1755. His wife Hannah, dau. of Richard Alsop, survived till June 17, 1773. Their ch. were Joseph,4 John, James, Samuel,5 Thomas, William, Elizabeth, who m. Jonathan Fish; Hannah, m. Thomas Whitehead; Frances, m. Jacob Blackwell; and Deborah, who m. Jas. Stringham. Of the sons, William continued in Newtown, and was a vestryman of the Episcopal church. He m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. Sam’l Fish, who after his death m. John Woods, of New-York, attorney at law. Mr. Sackett left a son, William who removed west. Thomas practiced medicine in Newtown for many years where he m. Sep. 21, 1762, Phebe dau. of Sam’l Alburtis. He d. June 27, 1769, a. 40, and his only ch. Hannah m. John Ruggles, and settled in Nova Scotia. James was associated with his brother Samuel in mercantile business in New-York, where he m. Frances DeKay, Nov. 2, 1749, and d. during the Revolution. His only ch. Frances m. William Laight, father of Mr. Edward W. Laight, of New-York.

4. Joseph Sackett, son of Joseph,3 m. Mar. 23, 1731, Millicent, dau. of Samuel Clowes, of Jamaica. After doing business in New-York as a merchant for some years, he removed to Orange co. where he held a large tract of land. His son Joseph was b. Feb. 16, 1733, old style, became a physician and practiced in Newtown, for a considerable period, before the Revolution. During this war, being a whig, he lived at Peramus, N.J. He d. in New-York, July 27, 1799. His widow, Hannah, dau. of Richard Alsop, whom he m. Apr. 9, 1752, d. at the same place, May 31, 1817, in her 82d yr. Of twelve ch. most d. in infancy or early life, unm. James, b. Mar 20, 1755, a surgeon in the navy, d. single; Peter, b. Mar 4, 1757, went to England; Elizabeth-Crooke, b. Jan 16, 1772, m. Capt. Daniel Tingley, of N. York, and Joseph, b. Aug 6, 1774, has several daughters residing in the last named place.

5. Samuel Sackett, son of Joseph,3 was b. in 1728, and after engaging in business in New-York retired to Jamaica, where he m. his wife, Mary Betts. There he d. Sep. 29, 1780, a. 52, and his widow Apr. 20, 1784, a. 43. They had issue Samuel, Richard, Augustus, and Sophia, wife of Oliver Goodwin of Ohio. Richard never married; after the Revolution he served many years in the British navy. Augustus m. June 19, 1795, Minerva, dau. of Elisha Camp, of Catskill, and enjoyed some prominence in New-York. In 1802 he removed to, and began the settlement of Sackett’s Harbor, which took his name, and where he has sons residing. Samuel Sackett, b. 1765, m. Nov. 9, 1786, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Kissam, Esq. He d. at Brooklyn, in his 57th yr. Mar. 7, 1822, leaving issue, Edwin K. now dec., Clarence D. and Grenville A. both of New-York, lawyers, and Elizabeth K. wife of Thos. W. Titus, of Brooklyn.

James Riker, The Annals of Newtown, in Queens County, New-York: containing Its History from its first Settlement, D Fanshaw, New York (1852), pp 344–348. (Researched by Chris Sackett).