Extracts from
Archæologia Cantiana

Archæological Notes on Thanet

Thanet, Broadstairs and St. Peter's


"I will mention but one more [inscription]; the brass plate commemorating John Sacket, who died 24th February 1623. The inscription is given in full by Lewis [History of Tenet] (Appendix, p. 91). The Sacket family seems to have been settled in St. Peter's Parish for several centuries, and their name still clings to a place called Sackets Hill in the northwest portion of the parish. On the Subsidy Roll written in 1327 for the Hundred of Ringslow, I find the names of William Saket and John Saket, assessed for considerable sums. ([Footnote:] Lay Subsidy, Kent, in Public Record Office, 123/10 memb. 13a). During the following century another member of this family, John Saket, making his will on St. Thomas' day 1444, bequeathed the sum of £5, which was then in the hands of Nicholas Underdown, for the purpose of purchasing three ornamental altarcloths, to decorate this church. These were not for one altar, but, as the erroneous custom of the Middle Ages multiplied altars in honour of various saints, so here at St. Peter's Church, there were several altars. Amongst them, three were dedicated in honour of St. James the Apostle, St. Mary of Pity, and St. Margaret. For each of these altars John Sakett directed his executors to purchase a covering (tres pallas pro dicta Ecclesia pro tribus Altaribus) with the five pounds which he bequeathed. ([Footnote:] Lewis' Hist. of Tenet, p. 115 note.)

"Among the Domestic State Papers are many which illustrate the condition of St. Peter's Parish during the seventeenth century. In the Muster Roll, October 12th and 13th, 1614, we find that St. Peter's furnished 25 corslets. Amongst the inhabitants bound to furnish them were, John Thatcher 1, Silvester Tirrett 1, Richard Culmer 1, Thomas Fleete 1, James Boykett 1, Thomas Craft (of Bromatone, probably) 2, Manasses Norwood gent. 3, John Sackett sen. 2, Edward Dyer 1, Robert Norwood 1, Anthony Norwood 1, etc. etc. (D.S.P., James I, vol. lxxviii., No. 72).

"In March 1623, the returns shew that in St. Peter's parish dwelt ninety-five mariners and seafaring men, between the ages of eighteen and sixty years. (D.S.P., James I, cxl., 64.)

"The following returns are given in extenso:—

"St. Peter's. ([Footnote:] Domestic State Papers, Charles I, vol. cxiii., No. 59, II.) A true and perfict List of all the Souldiers which were Billetted in the parishe of St Peters in the Isle of Thanet in the Countie of Kent from the 22 day of Januarie 1627 untill the 29 day of July 1628, they beinge of Sergeant Mayor [sic] Dawsons Companie, they being billetted 27 weekes.

"Manasses Norwood Esquire (Billetted) Bartholomew Leper 27 weeks. And Leiftenant Rogers, came one the 30th of Januarie and he removed the 14th of March. And Leiftenant Moone came into his rome and continued untill there removall.

[List of 15 residents, each with a soldier billetted, including:] "Residents. William Sackett. Soldiers billetted. William Gunne 27 weekes.

"A note of twelve Souldiers wch were Billetted at St Peters in the Isle of Thanet for five dayes wch were of Sergeant Mayor Dawson Companye.
[12 names]

"The Muster Roule ([Footnote:] Domestic State Papers, James I, vol. cviii., No. 9.) of the Select Compani in the parishes of St Johns St Peeters and Burchington in thyle of Thanett in the County of Kent containeing the names of the Captain officers and souldyers of the same.
Paule Cleybrooke, captaine, esquire
Manasses Norwood, Liuetenant, gen.
William Cleybrooke, ensigne, gen.
Richard Gosby, Thomas Crafte, Sargants
Henry Jones clerke
Nathaniell Waighyll Drummer
[58 names, including:] John Sackett.
[84 names, including:] William Sackett senr, William Sackett junr, Daniell Pamphett, Richard Mockett
Waggons two.
Waggoners Robert Reade, Robert Edinger.
(Signed) Paule Cleaybrooke, Capt.
Apryll the first 1619."

Archæologia Cantiana, vol. 12, 1878, Kent Archaeological Society. (Researched by Marion Sackett & Chris Sackett).