Queensland, Australia

Newspaper Abstracts

  • Brisbane Courier, 21 March 1868, p. 7.
    "Thoughts That Burn
    From The Bengalee December 28
    A WEDDING IN HIGH LIFE UNEXECTEDLY POSTPONED.—The gossips of the capital have been enjoying themselves lately to an unexampled degree, the topic of conversation being the disappointment of a fashionable young lady who was to have been wedded on Tuesday morning in the presence of the creme de la creme of Washington society, to no less a personage than the distinguished Col Parker of Gen Grant's staff. Miss Minnie Sackett, the lady thus unpleasantly brought before the public, is one of the most beautiful women in the district, a bright blonde, with dark brown hair, and but 19 years of age. It is stated that Col Parker has been paying attentions to Miss Sackett for a period extending over several months and would have been married long ago had it not been for the objections of Miss SackettÕs friends. But finally the happy morn was fixed, several hundred invitations were issued about ten days ago to the friends and acquaintances of both parties, and to-day the Church of the Epiphany, on G-Street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, where the event was to have taken place, was filled by an anxious throng who vainly waited and wondered at the delay. General Grant was to have given away the bride to his Aid, and, arrayed in his generalÕs uniform to do honor to the occasion, he left the War department at an early hour this morning accompanied by the members of his staff. He arrived in time to witness the posting of a bulletin on the church to the effect that the ceremony for some reason was deferred to another day. Then arose the buzz of eager enquiries, but 'The Colonel is not here" was the only satisfactory answer that any one could give. General Grant was in complete ignorance of the Colonel's movements, and appeared considerably annoyed at his non-appearance, but he soothed his ruffled feelings with a cigar. Some one suggested that Parker was sick, but his intimate friends laughed at the idea, for Parker was never sick in his life. It may not be generally known that Col Parker is a full blooded Indian, a near relative to the famous Red Jacket, and of the present chief of the six nations of Cherokees. He is about five feet ten inches in height, of strong, manly build, and of pure Indian complexion. He served through the war on Gen GrantÕs staff, and his position in the army is that of First-Lieutenant in the Second Regiment of Cavalry, transferred to staff duty with the brevet rank of Colonel. Search was made for the missing one everywhere, and the latest rumor is to the effect that he left town a few days ago promising to be back in the city this morning. His trip was known only to a few friends and they were left in ignorance of his destination. Col ParkerÕs explanation of the affair is not without interest. On the Saturday evening previous to the day of his intended marriage he called at General Grant's residence and borrowed a military scarf. He was down town a while afterward, and then went off alone to take a walk. In the course of it he met an Indian of the Six Nations, of which confederation Colonel Parker is chief. The Indian took him to a room, gave him a glass of wine, and sat down to converse upon the important business which he wished to see him about. In a short time Colonel Parker began to feel drowsy, and concluded he would lie down on the bed a moment. He did so and fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke it seemed very late at night, but whether it was the same night or another he could not tell. The Indian was sitting by the bedside gravely and patiently. Col Parker asked a few questions natural to the circumstances of the case and the Indian said "You have been very sick. Here is some medicine the doctor left for you "The patient took the medicine, fell asleep again, slept comfortably until Wednesday morning, and then woke up a matter of twenty four hours too late for the wedding. The Indian was gone. Col Parker's friends think the Six Nations are opposed to his marrying a white lady, and that they sent an envoy to take care that the wedding should not take place, or to even deprive him of his life. A bride chosen for him from among his subjects, the Six Nations, stands ready to marry him, and the tribes prefer that he should take her, and remain more closely allied to his people than he would be if he took a wife from another race. This is Colonel Parker's statement, without addition or embellishment. General Grant has taken entire charge of the matter now, both because the interrupted wedding had been appointed to come off under his auspices, and because Colonel Parker belongs on his staff. He will institute a strict investigation of the affair to the end that Colonel Parker may establish his blamelessness if he can, or suffer dismissal and disgrace if he fails. Until his judgment is passed, public opinion should sleep.—New York Tribune."
  • Brisbane Courier, 10 Oct 1887, p. 9.
    Classified Advertising
    "Electoral Roll Division of Fortitude Valley
    Sackett, George William, Arthur Street"
  • The Brisbane Courier, 19 April 1893, p. 2.
    "The fortnightly meeting of the Phoenix Lodge 2607, G.U.O.O.F., was held on Monday night in the hall, Brunswick Street, Valley. Bro. G Sackett, N.G., was in the chair."
    [George William Sackett (1865–1933) s. Henry & Mary Ann Elizabeth (Allen) Sackett]
  • Brisbane Courier, 6 September 1893, p. 7.
    Classified Advertising
    "Electoral Roll Division of Fortitude Valley
    List of names of persons … proposed to be omitted from the Electoral Roll ….
    Sackett, George William; left"
  • Brisbane Courier, 16 July 1895, p. 3.
    Classified Advertising
    "Electoral Roll
    Sackett, George William, age 29, Walker Street, Swan Hill, Painter, Household, corner of Walker street and Swan terrace, Swan Hill, 2 July 1895"
  • Brisbane Courier, 16 September 1916, p. 13.
    Casino Eisteddfod
    Casino, N. S. W. September 15
    The Casino Eisteddfod closing sessions yesterday were well attended. The results were:—Pianoforte Duet, 15 years and under Muriel Lee and Ella Sackett, Lismore, 90 points ….
    [Ella Doreen Sackett (1902– ) d Leonard & Martha Letitia (Sweeney) Sackett]
  • Brisbane Courier, 26 September 1923, p. 8.
    Lismore, September 23
    The Lismore musical festival was officially opened yesterday by Mr George Nesbit, M.L.A., Mr Walter Thorman adjudicating. Helen Skype, Margaret Lomax, Dulcie Sackett, and Jean Shott, all of Lismore, were selected to play the final for the piano, under 12 years; Cyril Garrett (Lismore), Grace Kennedy (Tweed Heads), and Mary M. Dermont (Lismore) were selected for the final for violin solo, under 12 years."
    [Dulcie Clare Sackett (1912–1978) d Leonard and Martha Letitia (Sweeney) Sackett]
  • Brisbane Courier, 21 September 1927, p. 7.
    …. Mr E. C. Sackett, of Eumundi, is visiting the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, where his father is ill.
    [Transcribers note: His father, George File Sackett, died on 22 September 1927]
    [Edwin Christopher Sackett (1891–1979) s George File & Arabella (Leans) Sackett]
  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 25 October 1928, p. 14.
    Eumundi, October 24
    Mr E. C. Sackett, of Eerwah Vale, sustained a fracture of his right wrist when cranking his motor lorry at Eumundi. Sackett, after medical aid had been given, journeyed to Brisbane to have the injury X-rayed."
    [Edwin Christopher Sackett (1891–1979) s George File & Arabella (Leans) Sackett]
  • Brisbane Courier, 11 November 1930, p. 8.
    Christian Endeavour—On November 8 a successful and enjoyable concert organised by the Eudlo Endeavour Society was held. Rev. J. Tulip occupied the chair. The net proceeds amounted to £8. The following assisted in the programme—Vocal solos: Miss M. Jones, Messrs J. Tulip (2) J. Williams (2) L. S. Jones (2); duets by Misses Ashton (2); instrumental solo Mr C. Biggs (2); recitations Mrs S. Speak (2) Mr A. M. Gilchrist, Mr E. C. Sackett; pianoforte solo Mr C. Speak. Three sketches were given by the Eudlo Endeavours. Accompaniments were played by Miss Ashton and Mr C. Speak.
    [Edwin Christopher Sackett (1891–1979) s George File & Arabella Sackett]
  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 28 August 1933, p. 16.
    Funeral Notices
    "Sackett.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. G. W. Sackett, Mrs. and Mr. F. Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sackett, Mr. H. W. Butterworth are invited to attend the Funeral of her deceased Husband, their Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather. George William Sackett, to move from Alex. Gow's funeral parlour, Petrie Bight, This (Monday) afternoon, at 3.45 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery.
    ALEX. GOW, LTD., Funeral Directors."
  • The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 28 August 1933, p. 16.
    Funeral Notices
    "Sackett.—Phoenix Lodge, No. 2607 G.U.O.O.F. The Officers and Members of the above Lodge are invited to attend the funeral of their deceased Brother. George William Sackett, to move from Alex. Gow's Funeral Parlour, Petrie Bight. This (Monday) Afternoon, at 3.45 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery.
    By Order of the N.G"
    [George William Sackett (1865–1933) s. Henry & Mary Ann Elizabeth (Allen) Sackett]
  • Courier Mail (Brisbane), 1 February 1934
    There was a good attendance at the annual meeting of the Sandgate sub branch of the R.S.S.I.L.A. Regret was expressed that owing to illness the president (Mr. W. B. McCann) was unable to be present. The year has been the most successful since the formation of the sub-branch, the Increase in membership being 100 per cent. For the first time a Christmas tree was provided for the children. The amount of £62/18/1 was expended in providing clothing, boots, etc., for returned soldiers who were in need of assistance. The election resulted: President, Mr. W. B. Mccann: vice-presidents, Messrs. Gandy, Chippindall, Henderson, Fraser, Sackett, Ames, Kerr, and Eldred; honorary secretary, Mr. M. A. Ryan; honorary treasurer, Mr. O. C. Whitelaw; delegate to South-eastern Queensland District, Mr. M. A. Ryan; social committee, Messrs. J. Henderson, F. Holman, J. H. Fraser, J. Ryan, F. Hudson, L. Eldred, G. Rodwell, and A. Corbett; press correspondent, Mr. F. Holman."
    [Henry Allen Sackett s. George William & Eliza (Shaxson) Sackett]
  • Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 12 March 1934
    "Far Northern to Join N.S.W. Country League
    BYRON BAY, March 11.
    The Far Northern (N.S.W.) football organisation, group 1, decided to-day to conduct a complete round of home-and home inter-district matches in the coming season, providing far 10 matches, commencing on April 28, and extending to September 1. The matches will be played on alternate Saturdays. The Tweed delegates alone opposed the proposal. Mr. N. Melville was elected president, and Mr. L. F. Sackett secretary.
    The N.S.W. Country League constitution was adopted, and it was decided to affiliate with that League. The Lower Richmond advised that it had withdrawn the notice of motion, which involved discussion on the advisability of affiliating with Queensland."
    [Leonard Francis Sackett (1898–1958) s Leonard & Martha Letitia (Sweeney) Sackett]

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