Newspaper Abstracts, Nevada

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  • Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno, Nevada, 9 Dec 1955, p 15
    Crash Fatal To Accountant
    Elko.—Percy E. Sackett, 52, San Francisco certified public accountant, was killed on Emigrant pass in Eureka county 35 miles west of here Thursday night when the car in which he was riding alone went out of control and he was thrown from the vehicle.
    Apparently on his way to Salt Lake City on business the accident occurred when a tire blew out between 6:30 and 7 p.m. Thursday, a Nevada highway patrolman reported.
    The automobile swerved across the highway, struck a cliff and sprung the door open. Mr. Sackett was hurled through the open door against the rocks, fracturing his skull and breaking his neck.
    A passing motorist notified the highway patrol.
    The accident was the first Nevada highway fatality of December. Mr. Sackett's death brought the Nevada road toll to 165 for 1955, nine above the total for the previous record year of 1953.
    [Transcribed from image by Chris Sackett]
  • Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, 10 Dec 1955, p 2
    Carlin, Dec 9. (U.P.)—A San Mateo, Calif., businessman on his way to Salt Lake City became the first person to die in a highway accident in Nevada this month.
    Percy E. Sackett, 52, was fatally injured about 5 p.m. Thursday when his car in which he was traveling alone went out of control on an icy stretch of highway 40 about 13 miles west of here.
    He was thrown from the car and slammed head first into a rock cliff. He was dead on arrival at Elko General Hospital.
    His death brought Nevada's fatality toll for 1955 to 165 and that of Eureka county to four.
    [Transcribed from image by Chris Sackett]