Newspaper Abstracts, New Hampshire

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  • New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH, 20 Sep 1849
    "At Little Rock, Arkansas, 8th ult., Mrs Amanda Sacket, wife of Lieut. Delos B. Sacket, of the 1st Dragoons, U.S.A.
    There is something in the death of this lady peculiarly touching. A few days since, her heart was beating high with the fond hope of soon mingling her tears and sympathies with those of a loved sister so recently bereaved of her husband; a few days since, and she was talking to her little girl that prattled on her knee, of the day when its father would be permitted to return from his far off post, and hear the sweet music of its tongue. But alas, there was a cold shadow soon to pass before those hopes and shut them out from her heart forever. Death, undreamed of by her and her friends, was standing nigh to bear her to his dark domain. But when his presence was felt, he had no terrors for his victim. She looked upon him with a calmness of a true Christian, and glided as gently down his stream as a summer flower upon a breezeless tide. Although no relation save her little daughter stood by her death-bed, she had the attention of devoted friends, and the last star of the morning found angels of kindness watching her couch, and the sweet consolations of the christian religion were poured gently in her ear and ever found a ready response in her heart. Her high intelligence, her decisive character, continued to her latest moment. Fully aware that she must soon depart, she gave the minutest directions concerning the disposition of everything she left behind, and said she died "at peace with the world," and had a full hope that she would live in happiness hereafter. Her husband will have the consolation of knowing that every request will be complied with, and that she sleeps (in her own language) in the cool shade and where the breeze can blow over her grave.—Arkansas State Gazette, Aug. 9.
    Mrs Sacket was the youngest of two interesting Cherokee girls, educated here, and for many years inmates of the family of Elijah Parker, Esq."
    [Transcribed from GenealogyBank image by Chris Sackett]
  • The Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 26 Jul 1952, p 8
    Lt. 0. E. Sackett Weds Evelyn Filion
    Newmarket — Mr. and Thomas J. Filion of Epping Rd., Newmarket, announce the marriage of their daughter, Lt. Evelyn Filion, USMC, to Lt. Orville E. Sackett, USMC.
    The ceremony was performed in Kansas City, Mo.
    Each was released from the Marine Corps in San Diego, Calif., and the couple now plans to reside in Kansas City.
    The bride attended schools in Newmarket and was graduated from Boston University. She served in the Women's Marine Corps for 17 months and was eligible for discharge in June.
    [Transcribed from image by Chris Sackett]