John Sacket

FatherJohn Sackett (1632-1719)
MotherAbigail Hannum (1640-1690)
Marriage1686, Windsor, Hartford County, ConnecticutGDeborah Filley1,7,6,8
Marriage1703, WestfieldGMahitable (Danks) Harris1,4,5,9
John Sacket, son of John Sackett and Abigail Hannum, was born in Northampton, MassachusettsG, on 4 November 1660.1,2,3 He died in Westfield, MassachusettsG, on 20 December 1745.1,4,5,6 He married first in Windsor, Hartford County, ConnecticutG, on 1 December 1686, Deborah Filley, of Windsor, daughter of William Filley and Margaret Cockney.1,7,6,8 Deborah was born in WindsorG on 21 March 1660/61.10 She died in WestfieldG on 20 November 1701.4,11,6 He married second at WestfieldG on 17 May 1703, Mahitable (Danks) Harris, daughter of Robert Danks and Elizabeth Swift.1,4,5,9 Mahitable died in WestfieldG in November 1744.4,5,12
     John was named as a beneficiary in his father's will made in Westfield, Hampden County, MassachusettsG, on 10 May 1718.
History of Westfield
John Sacket is included in Lockwood's Westfield History in a list (with his father, also John, and brother William) of townsmen of Westfield who had taken the oath of allegiance to the King.
     He is also mentioned in a business account contained in a letter from Rev Samual Mather, pastor of the church in Windsor, Conn. to Rev Edward Taylor, pastor of the church in Westfield.
     There are other references in Lockwood to John Sacket but, as they do not specify "Jr", they are taken to refer to his father, John Sackett Sr.13

Children of John Sacket and Deborah Filley

Children of John Sacket and Mahitable (Danks) Harris

8. John Sacket, 1660–1745. of Weathersfield, Mass., son of (4) John and Abigail Hannum Sacket, was married, Dec. 1, 1686, to Deborah Filley, 1661-1701, daughter of William Filley and his wife Margaret, of Windsor, Conn. On May 17, 1702, he was married by Joseph Haley, Justice of the Peace, to Mahitable Danks, widow of John Harris and daughter of Robert Danks and his wife Elizabeth Swift.
Children of John Sacket and Deborah Filley.
     33. John Sacket, b. Mar. 3, 1688, d; m. Sarah Macerany.
     34. Abigail Sacket, b. Oct. 16, 1690, d; m. Capt. Griswold.
     35. Daniel Sacket, b. Aug. 14, 1693, d. Feb. 9 1776; m. Mary Weller.
     36. David Sacket, b. July 7, 1696.
     37. Benjamin Sacket, b. Oct. 31, 1698, d. 1753; m. (62) Thankful King.
     38. Deborah Sacket, b. Nov. 16, 1701.
Children of John Sacket and Mahitable Danks (Harris).
     39. Isaac Sacket, b Feb 14, 1703, d. Oct 29, 1773; m. Elizabeth Shepard.
     40. Ezra Sacket, b. in 1704, d. May 13, 1706.
     41. Israel Sacket, b. Mar 6, 1706, d. in 1786.
     42. Eleakim (sic) Sacket, b. Mar 12, 1712, d. in 1764; m. Bethesda Fowler.
     43. Mary Sacket, b. Mar 5, 1715.

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