Robert Macarthur Keir

FatherRoy Erle Keir (1882-1972)
MotherZada Corsaut (1879-1935)
Robert M Keir
Robert Macarthur Keir, son of Roy Erle Keir and Zada Corsaut, was born in Nemaha, Clay County, IowaG, on 6 June 1905.1 He died aged 106 on 9 July 20112 and was buried at Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, IowaG.3 He married first in Spencer, Clay CountyG, on 6 February 1935, Lana Grace Peeso.1 Lana was born in SpencerG on 8 May 19041 and died aged 55 in Summit Township, Clay CountyG, on 25 February 1960.1 He married second in Audubon County, IowaG, on 23 January 1962, Eileen Genevieve Claer.1 Eileen was born in Ayrshire, Audubon CountyG, on 27 October 19071 and died aged 88 in SpencerG on 8 November 1995.1
Sackett Family Association descendants
Richard Keir.
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Sackett line10th great-grandson of Thomas Sackett the elder
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