The Times, 21 July 1819, p. 1, repeated 22 July, p. 1.

"RAMSGATE.—MARINE BOARDING-HOUSE (late Mrs. Witherden)—S. SACKETT having taken the whole of the above valuable Establishment, begs to assure those Ladies and Gentlemen who may honour him with their favours, that he has made arrangements for conducting the Boarding Establishment on a plan which he flatters himself will be found to ensure every degree of domestic comfort and liberal treatment, and he hopes the attention which he feels he may venture to offer will ensure him a continuance of the favours which were so liberally enjoyed by the late proprietor. Families may be accommodated with private sitting-rooms having good sea views."

The Times, 14 May 1823, p. 1.

"MARINE BOARDING HOUSE Ramsgate.—S. SACKETT begs respectfully to acknowledge the numerous favours received last season, and to announce to his friends and the public, that his establishment is now OPEN for their reception. Attention has been paid to the improvement of the house, and he solicits a continuance of that patronage, which, he is proud to say, has been liberally bestowed on his exertions to render his establishment worthy their notice."