Dear Sirs,
noticed that the will of Daniel Sackett of Troy remains unresearched according to his webpage. Out of curiosity, I had ordered the will from a few months ago. The following is a summary that I drafted, and it was suggested that I send it to the both of you: 

Although at the end of the proceedings the will and codicil of Daniel Sackett of Troy are found to have enough evidence to be proven, and although the will names solely his beloved wife Sarah Sackett heir of his estate, and although Witness J.L. Lane states that at the time of his death Mr. Sackett had no family except for him and his wife, when the will was set to be proven, the "Surrogate did then and there issue a Citation to the widow and heirs at law and next of kin of Daniel Sackett, deceased"(1), as follows:

* Sarah Sackett, Troy
* Ezra D. Sackett, Lebanon, Columbia
* Benjamin Sackett, state of NY
* Calvin P. Sackett, Canaan, Columbia
* Benjamin Sackett, Rushville
* children of John Sackett, deceased
* children of Eliza wife of Uri Hill, deceased whose names and places of residence cannot be ascertained
* Mrs. Sackett widow of Richard Sackett, deceased
* Joseph Lord, Lebanon, Columbia
* Daniel Lord, City and State of New York
* Elvira Wheeler wife of Charles H. Wheeler, Canaan, Columbia

Allen served Nancy Sackett in the Town of _____ (Ghent?), County Columbia 24 May 1845(2)
D. Bassett, Physician served(3)
* 21 May 1845
** Ezra D. Sackett via a daughter-in-law in his house
** Calvin P. Sackett in Canaan, Columbia
** Joseph Lord to a son of Joseph Lord in his house, Lebanon, Columbia
** Eliza Wheeler wife of Charles H Wheeler

P. Bassett, of City and County of New York, Counselor at Law served(4)
* 20 April 1845 via letter deposited in the PO of Troy
** Henry Sackett, Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA
** Ezra Sackett, Pittsfield
** Freeman Sackett, Pittsfield
** Amanda Rouse, Pittsfield
** Mrs. Richard Sackett, (Newburn?), North Carolina
* 15 April 1845
** Daniel Lord, NYC
* 22 April 1845
** Mrs. Lavinia Kellogg wife of Miles L. Kellogg, Town of Danby, County Thompkins
** Mrs. Pamela (Manile?) wife of Jacob (Wesiale?), Town of Candor, County Tioga
** William C. Hill, Town of Danby, Thompkins
* 23 April 1845
** Benjamin Sackett brother of Daniel Sackett, deceased, Town of Rushville, County Yates
* 25 April 1845
** Benjamin Sackett son of John Sackett, deceased, Town of Spencer, County Onondaga

copy of the citation was published in the Albany Argus commencing on 16 April 1845.(5)

(Ressssor?), Esq appeared as attorney for Charles H. Wheeler and Elvira his wife to contest the validity of the will(6) (signed 22 Nov 1841), which was witnessed by Jacob L. Lane and John I. Lamport. The codicil (signed 18 Feb 1845), which made Charles H. Kellogg executor, was witnessed by J. L. Lane and Matthew Lane.

the cross examination of J. L. Lane by the attorney for Charles H. and Elvira Wheeler, Mr. Lane stated that Mr. Sackett resided in 7th St. in Troy at the time of his death. "I think he was employed in Rail Road office, had no family except himself and wife."(7)

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[Available at SACKETT, DANIEL,TROY,NY-42-34-386 (state-state#-vol-page)]

this will be on some use in determining if the Daniel Sackett who married Abigail Smith is or is not the son of Benjamin and Phebe (Davis) Sackett. I find it interesting that the Surrogate ordered the Citations to those listed even though the will did not list the names.
M. Otis

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