Will of: John Sakett, of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 1494/95.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, probate date not deciphered.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-6-44.
Wife Jone, tenement & land for life, then to Simon & Elene Calver?.
Some lands to be sold to provide income for wife.
Feoffees: Edward Lyderers, Robert Sakett, Stephen Calver.

[First section of will in Latin 23 lines to be transcribed/ translated]
"In dei nomine Amen in Anno Dui M CCCCLxxxxiiij Ego Johes Sakett de poch petri in Insula de Thaneto compos mentis et sano memorie

[Translation of Latin section]
"In the name of God amen in in the year of our Lord 1494 I John Sakett of the parish of St Peter in the Isle of Thanet being of sound mind and memory

[English section]
"This is the last will of me the said John Sakett made the day & yere above wretyn the 10th yere of the Rygne of our soveryne Lorde King Harry the seveneth VII and uppon all my landes & tenementes w-t appternces in which landes & ten- Robt the seide Edwardi [Lyderers?] Robt Sakett & Steph: [Caluer?] be ynfeffed First I will that my seide feffeies shall selle [6 acres] of lande lyyng & beying att coteyning 2 acres att heyne & lying there to hem that will geve most money therfor the money therof [resseymd] I will it shalbe delyvyd to my sayd exec- to pay w-t my dettes & bequethes Also I wille that my said Feffeies shall suffre the seid Jone my wyf to have hold & all my other landes & ten- w-t thappertenances enduryng her lyf keping sufficient repacon & pay the lord of the Fee And after the decease of the seid Jone my wyfe I wille that my seide feffeiez shalt infeffe the saide Simon [Caluer?] & Elene is wyfe of & all the seide landes & ten- wt thappertenances having & holding to theyn to their heires & to their assignes for ev- mor And the seide Simon & Elene shall pay or do pay to XX li of lawfull money of England to [inserted: other XX ] in viij yere to be payed be shalbe at the 12 month Day of the seide Jone my wife that is to say [X li] And so ev-y yere one After Another [X li] tyll the seide [xl li] And payde Also I bequeth to eche of my feffeies for thie labour xx d
Probatum fuit "

[A second document (PRC 17-6-56) appears to be a codicil. Not yet translated/ transcribed.]