Isle of Thanet Gazette, 24 April 1926

Disappearance of a Thanet Farmer
Presumed Death
In the Probate Court on Monday, before the president, Mr Middleton moved to presume the death of Arthur Henry Sackett, which had taken place on or since April of last year. Counsel said Sackett was a retired farmer, of 29 Rancorn-road, Margate, and was fifty-seven years of age and unmarried. He left his house, in Rancorn-road last April, at eight in the evening, and had never been seen since. He formerly worked with his father at Northdown Farm, near Margate. His father died in 1918, and testator benefited under his will to the extent of 20,000. On leaving the farm he went to live with his sister Mrs. Rosie Quested, at 29, Approach-road, Margate, until 1920, when he took a farm at Chilton, near Ramsgate, which he gave up in 1921. Towards the end of the year or early in 1922, he went to lodge at 29, Rancorn-road, Margate, and in 1923 he bought the house and continued to live there. He was peculiar in his habits there. He drew large sums from the Bank up to the time he disappeared, and from that time the account had not been operated.
The President: It comes to this, that on the evening he left his lodgings, he went for walk on the cliffs, and has never been seen since.
Mr. Middleton: That is so. He has been advertised for in all the local Press.
His Lordship gave leave to presume his death as having taken place on or since April 22nd of last year.