Abstract of will of Nathaniel Sackett of Canterbury, Kent.
Date: 12 January 1681/2.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 20 December 1682.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-76-81.
Testator: Nathaniell Sackett, Gent of Canterbury.
Son John, 5 broad pieces of gold.
Son Nathaniell, 5 broad pieces of gold.
Son George, three 20/- pieces of gold.
Son Samuel, 5 guineas.
The above to be paid at age 21, each to be the otherís heir.
Wife Anne, rents & profits of all property until son John aged 21, so long as she remain a widow. Reversion of Sacketts Hill in St Peters & St Johns to son John on her marriage or when he is 21. John to be sent to a university as soon as is fitting. After John inherits, Anne to have rents of property at Margate until son Nathaniell is 21, then reversion jointly to sons Nathaniell, George & Samuel. Anne then to have £15 annuity out of Margate lands. Residue to Anne. Charged to be careful in education of sons.
Executrix: wife Anne.
Witnesses: Seth Fenner, Charles Dicus, John Eaton.