4260. Lucy L. Sackett, 1816-1902, daughter of (1702) Calvin P. and Hannah Douglas Sackett, was married, Sept. 15, 1835, to John Van Cott, 1814-1883, son of Losee Van Cott and his wife Lavinia Platt, and grandson of John Van Cott and his wife Jemima Titus.
John Van Cott, the elder, was born at Bushwick, Kings County, N. Y., about 1837. He was married to Jemima Titus and removed to the town of Washington, Dutchess County, N. Y. In the Revolution he was a pronounced patriot and saw active field service as a soldier in both the Second and Fifth Dutchess County regiments.
Losee Van Cott, son of above, was born May 4, 1789, on his father's farm in the town of Washington, Dutchess County, N. Y.; married Lavinia Platt, and died on his farm in Columbia County, N. Y., June 29, 1824.
John Van Cott, only son of above, was born at Canaan, Columbia County, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1814. Some sixteen years after his marriage to Lucy L. Sackett he espoused the Mormon faith, and the same year (1847) sold his farm and all his belongings in Dutchess County, and with his faithful wife and their family of children, joined one of the pioneer bands that had resolved to migrate to Salt Lake City, Utah, which place they reached Sept. 15, of that year. In the course of a few years John Van Cott had taken to himself four additional wives, named respectively, Jemima, Caroline, Laura L. and Lena, who became the mothers of 22 of his sons and daughters. Several of these sons became men of prominence in the Mormon church and others in the professional and business life of Salt Lake City, while the daughters are said to have married "the best citizens of the state."
Robert Titus, the colonist ancestor of Jemima Titus, the wife of John Van Cott the elder, was born at Stanstead Abby, in Herefortshire, England, in 1600. He came to New England in the ship. Hopewell, in 1635, and settled first at Weymouth, but in 1644 removed to Seacunk, and from there, in 1652, to Oyster Bay, N. Y.
Edward Titus, 1630-1715, son of above, was married to Martha Washburn, daughter of William Washburn, and resided at Westberry, L. I.
John Titus, 1672-17__, son of above Edward, was married, in 1695, to Sarah Wilis, daughter of Henry Willis and his wife Mary Peace.
Jacob Titus, 1703-17__, son of above John and Sarah Willis Titus, was married to Margaret Gorman.
Timothy Titus, 17__-1804, son of above Jacob and Margaret Gorman Titus, was married to Charity Losee, daughter of Simon Losee, and they were the parents of Jemima Titus Van Cott.

Children of John and Lucy L. Sackett Van Cott.

7422. Martha Van Cott, m. William Price.
7423. Mary Van Cott, m. Brigham Young.
7424. Fannie Van Cott, m. A. F. McDonald.
7425. Lucy Van Cott.
7426. John Van Cott.
7427. Losee Van Cott.
7428. Byron Van Cott.