Will of Edward Sackett of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: January 1531.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, date not known.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-19-136.
Wife Johane, tenement and land at Church Hill during her lifetime.
Son Richard to inherit after Johane's death.
[Latin section of 21 lines not yet transcribed/ translated]
[English section]
This is the last will of me the said Edward Sackett made the day and yere above written And yn the xxij yere of the Reign of our sovryne Lord Kyng Henry the viijth of and uppon all my lands & tenement with thapptences In the whiche lands & tenement Thomas Norwode of the ■yshe of Saynt petre beforesaid and Alexander Culin of the ■yshe of Saynt John the Baptist by me be enfeoffed First imediatly after my decesse I will that my said feoffes shall suffre Johane my Wiff to have hold and occupieng of my tene»nt at saynt peters churche hill beforesaid and all my lands longing therto duryng her liffe onely levyng sufficient repations and payeing the Lorde of the fees And after the decesse of the said Johane my wife I Will that my said feoffes shall enfeoff Richard my son yn thaforesaid ten»t and yn the landes longyng therto yn [ ] and his issue for ev»more And if the said Richard my sone dye before the saide Johane my wife And wtout Issue of his bodye lawfully goten then I will that affter the decesse of the saide Johane my wife my said feoffes shall sell the said ten»t and all the lands longyng therto And the money therof to be [ ] yn this man» and forme foloweing First I bequeth vjs viijd to the churche worke of the same churche Also to [ ] vjs viijd It»m to An honest preste to syng for my soule and all my good frendes soules and all [ ] soules xxxiijs iiijd And all the residue of the money to be dispesed to poor people & yn other good poor be of charite where moost nede is to be dooin hys [ ].
Probatu» fuit [ ] xxviij die [maroj] Anno Dm» Millimo ____ mo xxxj [ ] Norwoode & Ric» Aland de _