Extract from Biographical Review Leading Citizens of Hampden County

Justin Sackett, an extensive contractor of Springfield, was born in Wesfield, Sept 5, 1814, His grandfather Joel Sackett, was an old resident of Westfield, having moved thither from Agawam when that village was flooded. Mr. Sackett's father, Elijah Sackett, was born in Westfield and lived there until 1817, when he came to W Springfield.
His wife Cynthia, whose family name was the same as his own, bore him five children: Israel, deceased; Clarissa, the wife of Noah Ashby, of W. Springfield, Justin, Cynthia, deceased; and Elijah. Justin, having attended school at Ashleyville, W. Springfield, came to Springfield when a boy, and hired himself to a farmer for a number of years. In 1840, he went to work in the old Springfield cemetery, where he was employed for thirteen years. He then went to St. Johnsbury, Vt., and took the contract for laying out a cemetery there. Having complete charge of this work, Mr. Sackett gained a considerable reputation for skill and executive ability. The tracks and dike of Hampden Park were built by him, the length of the two tracks being a mile and a half. He here employed a force of thirty men. At the same time Mr. Sackett was busily engaged in fulfilling a contract for the Northampton Hospital, and one-half of each day was given to the supervision of the respective works. He continued taking contracts for earth works, and in 1859-1860 he was superintendent of the city streets. For nine years he held this important position, which he finally resigned. His main line of work was building of streets putting in sewers, and grading lawns, which gave employment for a large number of men, and was the means of supplying many famillies. This especial work he continued until 1892, when his last contract, which was for the building of the Forest Park roads, was completed. He was one of the originators and directors of the Oak Grove Cemetery, which he took charge of personally, and which was mainly laid off upon his own ground. Mr. Sackett married Miss Sophia O. Marsh,, a daughter of Mr. Apollo Marsh, who was a soldier in the War of 1812 and a representative of the old and well-known Marsh family of Springfield.
Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Sackett: Edward, the eldest, who is a railroad man and engaged in the city; Alice, the wife of Mr. Charles Rust; and James, who has succeeded his father in business. The family attend the Unitarian church. Mr. Sackett, though formerly a Whig and later a Republican voter, has not been an active politician. Mr. Sackett has owned a large amount of real estate in and about the city. He has also built several residences. His own home, which is surrounded by a lawn covering an acre of ground, was built in 1861, and was then considered a long way out, though now in the heart of the city. The family still occupy this attractive old place, endeared by the associations of so many years. Mr. Sackett was for some time a member of the Board of Public Works, in which body he was an acknowledged authority.