Will of Richard Sacket the younger of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 9 April 1545.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 9 May 1545.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-23-262.
Richard Sacket the younger, husbandman of St Peter's, Thanet. Possessed of tenements at Sackett’s Hill.
High altar of St Peter's, 6d "for my tithes negligently forgotten".
Parishioners of St Peter's, 20d.
Son John, horse, cart, plough, wheat & barley at 21; 10 sheep & a cow at 12.
Daughter Margery, 10 sheep & a cow at 12; wheat & barley at marriage.
Wife Crystian, reversion of above if both children die; residue of goods after other bequests.
Steven ?Scolye, a cow & a sheep.
Alys Sprackling, wheat & malt.
Richard Hollingberry, malt.
?Godson Richard Bourne, a lamb.
Godson Richard Hollingberry, a lamb.
Goddaughter Alys Long, malt.
Any of my other godchildren, 3d.
Lands & tenements at Sackett’s Hill, to wife Crystian until son John is 21; when John is 21, he inherits & must pay sister Margery 20s after 2 yr.
If John dies without issue, reversion to Margery.
If Margery then dies without issue, reversion to wife Crystian for her life. On her death, property to be sold & proceeds to go to: Richard Hollingberry, £10 with reversion to godson Richard Hollingberry; Steven ?Scolye,      £5; Alys Sprackling, 3?; poor people who most need it, 20s; reparations of St Peter's Church, 20s; Agnes Alyn, daughter of Nicholas Alyn, 10s; each of his other children, 3s. 4d; residue to the poor.
Executors: Crystian & Thomas Sacket of Sackett’s Hill.
Overseer: John Alonde, Rector of Minster.
Thomas Sacket & John Alonde each to have 3s.
Witnesses: Richard Norwood, curate; Richard Sackete the elder; Thomas ?.
In the name of God Amen The 9th day of April The year [….] the Incarnation of our Lord God 1545 I Richard Sacket the younger of the parish of Saint Peter’s in the Isle of Thanet husbandman sick in body but whole in mind and of good rememerances thanks be to Almighty God make my testament in this manner and form following
First I give and bequeath my soul with [….] and [….] unto my Lord God and his blessed mother Saint Mary and to all the company of heaven my body to be buried in the church yard of the said church
Item: I bequeath to the high altar therein the same church for my tithes negligently forgotten 6d Item: to the parishioners of the same church 20d. Item: I will that at my obit day [….] and 3 masses and in any of my other days [….] that is to say at my [?trynall ……] and 3 masses and at my anniversary likewise.
Item: I bequeath to john my son horse a cart and a plough and all other belonging thereto and 2 quarters of wheat and 2 and one half of barley when he cometh to the age of 21 years and 10 sheep and a cow when he cometh to the age of 12 years.
Item: I bequeath to Margery my daughter 10 sheep and a cow when she cometh to the age of 12 years and 2 quarters of wheat and 2 of barley to be [….] at her marriage and if it fortune any of the said children to die within age and without issue I will one to be the other’s heir and if they die both I will it shall remain all wholly to Crystian my wife.
Item: I bequeath to Steven [?Scolye] a cow and a sheep, to Alys Sprackling 3 bushels of wheat and a quarter of malt, to Richard Hollingberry a bushel and 2 of malt, to Richard Borne my [goods….] a lamb, to Richard Hollingberry my godson a lamb and to Alys Long my goddaughter 2 bushels of malt and to any of my other godchildren 3d.
All the residue of my goods moveable and immoveable both corn cattle household and all other things my debts and bequests truly and faithfully paid I give and bequeath to Crystian my wife the which Crystian and Thomas Sacket of Sacketts Hill I make ordain and constitute my executors and I make John Alonde Rector of the parish of Minster my overseer and I give to the said John and Thomas for their labour 3s apiece to see this my last will well and truly accomplished and fulfilled as they will give account before God at the day of doom.
This is the Last Will of me the said Richard made the day and year above written and in the Reign of Sovereign Lord Henry the Eighth by the grace of God King of Ingland France and Ireland and in earth supreme head of the church of the Church of Ingland and also of Ireland, the 37th of and upon all my lands and tenements lying and being at Sacketts Hill or at any other places in the parishes of St Peter and St John the Baptist and St Lawrence.
Item: I will that immediately after my decease that Crystian my wife have hold and occupy my tenements at Sacketts Hill with all the lands belonging thereto lying and being in the parishes aforesaid until John my son cometh to the age of 21 years that them I will that John my son shall have the said tenements and all the land belonging thereto with the appurtenances paying Margery his sister 20s sterling two years after he cometh to his lands and if John my son die unmarried and without issue of his body lawfully begotten Then I will that Margery my daughter shall have the said tenements and lands to her and her heirs for evermore but and if they both die without marriage and without issue Then I will the said Crystian my wife shall have the tenements and lands all the time of her life natural and after her decease I will that the said tenements and lands with the appurtenances shall be [?sold] by my executors their heirs or assigns to the most advantage and to be distributed after the manner following: First I give to Richard Hollingberry the [….] £10 and if he be not living I give it to Richard Hollingberry my godson. Item: I give to Steven [?Scolye] £5 Item: I give to Alys Sprackling [3??] and to poor people which most need it 20s. to the reparacions of the said church 20s. and to [….. ……] the priest to sing for my soul and [__ __]
Item: to Agnes Alyn the daughter of Nicholas Alyn 10s. and to every his other children 3s 4d. All the residue I put to the discretion of mine executors their heirs or assigns to distribute amongst poor people which are most worthy and in […..] of charity
To this witnesseth
Richard Norwood the curate
Richard Sackete the elder
Thomas […..]