1003. William Augustus Sackett, 1808-1891, of Cincinnati, Ohio, son of (463) Nathaniel and Elisabeth Ter Boss Sackett, was married to Mary Greenlee Ross. He was born in Dutchess County, N. Y. His daughter, Miss A. Louise Sackett, has furnished the compiler of this record the following sketch of his life:
"My father, William Augustus Sackett, was to have been named for Governor Clinton of New York, who was an intimate friend of the family, but his mother became offended at some act of the governor's and had her son baptized in the Episcopal Church and given the name of William Augustus, in honor of her brother. After their removal to Ohio, William A. was sent to Cincinnati to learn bookkeeping in one of the largest commercial houses of the town, and he became an expert accountant. During his manhood he resided in Monroe, Butler Co., in Lebanon, Warren County, and in Cincinnati, Hamilton County. At Cincinnati he was for many years a successful merchant, but owing to unavoidable disasters gave up business for himself and was at different times employed as salesman for the largest wholesale houses of that city. His last employment was as United States Gauger, during President Grant's administration. After leaving that position he resided with his daughters at East Norwood, near Cincinnati, where he died March 6, 1891."


2473. Mary Grey Stitt Sackett.
2474. Anna Elisabeth Sackett.
2475. Augustus N. Sackett, m. Floris M. Armstrong.
2476. Virginia Indiana Sackett, died in infancy.
2477. William James Sackett, died in infancy.
2478. A. Louise Sackett.
2479. Elma R. Sackett, d. Aug. 4, 1860.