Abstract of will of Anne Sackett of Buckland next Faversham, Kent.
Date: on or about 27 Sep 1674 (nuncupative will).
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 14 October 1674.
Source: Kent Archives Office, KAO PRC 17-73-350.
Testatrix: Anne Sackett, widow, late of Buckland next Faversham, Kent.
Son John, half of my estate plus 2 of my rings.
Daughters, Anne & Elizabeth, half of my estate plus 2 rings each.
James Saunders, 20, appointed guardian of my children & to use my farm next year for the benefit of my children. To account to Dr. Eve & my brother Abraham Chambers whom I make overseers.
Son & dau in law [meaning stepchildren], children of my husband Paul Sackett, 5 each at 21.
Sister Jane Perchcoke?, 5 plus linen & woollen.
Witnesses: Henry Eve DD, Abraham Chambers.
[Added in a different hand: "CML 13 Feb 1662 Sackett, Paul of St Johns Th, yeo, wdr. & Ann Court of Reculver wid. of Stephen Court late sp. at St Alph. or S.M.Northgate."]