Will of Richard Sackete of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 12 October 1548.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 21 March 1548/49.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-23-255.
Vicar, 6d for tithes & duties negligently forgotten.
Charity,      6s 8d.
Godchildren, barley.
Servant Johane Bennet, 20s in money or goods.
Katherine Allyne, 3s 4d.
John Walter, 12d.
John Spracklyne the elder, 12d.
Wife Margaret, residue of goods; half lands for life, with reversion to John Sackett.
Cousin John Sackett, remaining half of lands; to pay chief fee; when he inherits other half, to pay 6s 8d for reparacion of church & 6s 8d "to the amending of the foul ways".
Executors: wife Margaret Sackett & cousin John Sackett.
Overseer: Robert Duckett, 12d for his pains.
Witnesses: Thomas Collett, William Long.
In the Name of God Amen The 12th day of October in the year of our Lord God 1548 I Richard Sackett of the parish of St Peter in the Isle of Thanet whole of mind and perfect remembrance have ordained this my last will and testament in form following:
First I bequeath my soul to the great mercy of God and my body to be buried in the church yard aforesaid.
Item: I give to the vicar of the same parish for tithes and duties negligently forgotten in discharge of my conscience 6d. Also I bequeath in [der_s] of charity at the day of my burial 6s 8d. Also I give to Margaret my wife all my moveables wheresoever they be she paying my debts and legacies. Also I give and bequeath to everyone of my godchildren a bushel of barley. Also I give and bequeath to Johane Bennet my servant 20s. in money or the value thereof in some other thing. Also I give and bequeath to Katherine Allyne 3s 4d. Also I give and Bequeath to John Walter 12d. Also I give and bequeath to John Spracklyne the elder 12d.
This is the Last Will and Testament of me the foresaid Richard Sackett made the day and year above written and in the 38th year of the reign of our most gracious Lord King Henry the Eighth Of and upon all my lands and tenements in the said parish of St Peter or elsewhere within the said Isle of Thanet:
First I will that Margaret my wife shall have half my lands her living during her natural life and John Sackett my cousin the other half to remain unto him his heirs for ever paying the chief lorde of the fee And I will also that the said John Sackett my cousin shall occupy with my said wife. Also I will that after my wife’s decease the half of my land that she hath to remain to my cousin John and his heirs for ever. Also I will that my cousin John shall give shortly after the decease of my wife to the reparacion of the church of St Peter aforesaid 6s 8d and to the amending of the foul ways 6s 8d.
Also I make and ordain mine executors of this my last will and testament Margaret Sackett my wife and John Sackett my cousin And Robert Duckett overseer and he to have for his pains 12d. This bearing my witness Thomas Collett William Long no other.