Will of: John Sakett, smith, of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 15 August 1479.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 28[?] September 1479[?].
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-3-218.
Sacketts named are: Hugo, John, Solomon, son John, son Edward, son R___ (perhaps Richard).
Transcript: Will needs further work on transcription and translation from the Latin.

In dei nomine Amen xv die Augusta Anno Dm MCCCClxxix Ego Johes Sakett smyth de proch sn Pet In Insula de Thaneto condo testm mea in hunc mod In prima lego aiam mea deo onipotenti bte me ac corpuss mea ad sepeliendi in cimitio sn Pet p'dict Itm lego sumo Altari p oblas oblite iiij d Itm lego [cinlt lm] ij d Itm lego [corfiliot in dore] ij d Itm lego [adymo die] xx d Itm lego [meo sia sama cande aulo] sine [coquine] et una vacca et una v s onn bonore meore nodum legat post debit et legat [psollite] do et lego [Hanyme] et Hugoni Sakett guoe ordue p faris meo vde fidelit copleant essan p labore et ij d Johie Sakett Salamon Sakett Johes Sep--- et p'dict Hugo Sakett p feoffes In p'mus volo p'dict feoffes mei vendent durie in campo vac et quod campo debit et legat p Itm volo ap feofforti mei feoffabunt Johanne filius mea xvj denari in meo sine ptin in simplio meo volo p'dict Johannes filius meo aut Johannes filius meo duo nobit si Itm velo ap feoffata mor feoffabunt Eduardes et R[---?] filios meos in et tenemete fuit ad et vj denare in simplio p'dicta [superscripted word: ?] volo ap Et si ambo sunt volo ap Johes filius mea duore Salno vidnetate ux meo volo si p'dict Johes filius meno ambo p'dict volo ap p'dict Itm Eduarde si volo ap in sit ad etate si sit si sit Et si mei [obieruit] infra etate volo ap ap est in ventro si si sit ut sera et Itm Et si [obrent] pdict volo ap p'dict et Itm [rememeant] feoffate velo ap feoffati mei vendent et in forma fabrios dict p mea et Itm lego feoffat xx et Anno ut
Probat fuit antiepenult Sept Anno [p'doo comisse est exeontonoi] et

In the name of God Amen the 15th day of August in the year of our Lord 1479 I John Sakett smith of the parish of St Peter in the Isle of Thanet make my testament in this manner First I leave my soul to Almighty God blessed Mary and my body to be buried in the churchyard of St Peter aforesaid Item I leave to the high altar for obligations forgotten 4d Item I leave [ ] 2d Item I leave [ in ] 2d Item I leave [ day] 20d Item I leave [my ] without [] and one cow and one 5s all my goods not bequeathed after debts and bequests I give and leave [] and Hugo Sakett I appoint namely faithfully for work and 2d Johie Sakett Solomon Sakett John Sep--- and the aforesaid Hugo Sakett feoffes First I will my aforesaid feoffes sell remaining in field and which field debts and bequests Item I will that my feoffees will enfeoffe John my son 16d in my without [] in simple sum my I will the aforesaid John my son or John my son two [if married] Item I will that my feoffees will enfeoffe Edward and R[ichard?] my sons in and tenement was to and 6d in simple sum the aforesaid [superscripted word: ?] I will that And if both are I will that John my son [] [] [] my wife I will if the aforesaid John my son both the aforesaid I will that the aforesaid Item Edward if I will that in is to the time if it is if it is And if my [shall have died?] later than the time I will that that it is in [] if if it is to [] and Item And if [] the aforesaid I will that the aforesaid and Item [] feoffees I will that my feoffees [sell] and in form said building [] my and Item I leave feoffat 20 and year
Probat fuit antiepenult Sept Anno [p'doo comisse est exeontonoi] et