Abstract of will of Thomas Sackett of Hereson, St Lawrence, Kent.
Date: 14 June 1844.
Proved: Canterbury, 7 August 1858.
Source: Somerset House Indexes.
Testator: Thomas Sackett, of Hereson, St Lawrence, Thanet, Kent, shipwright. Died 30 Aug 1857 at Hereson.
Personal estate under 100.
Wife Mary Sackett, all personal property for her sole use & disposal; freehold property on trust for life.
Children, Sarah Ansel Ratcliff, Thomas Sackett, Mary Sackett, Elizabeth Sackett, William Sackett, George Sackett, or their issue, freehold property to be sold within 1 year of death of wife & proceeds to be divided equally between them. If any die without issue, survivors to share. "Sarah Ansell Ratcliff shall be construed & taken to be daughter in wedlock."
Executors: John Bevis of Ramsgate, Thanet, gent.; George Martin Hinds of Ramsgate, surveyor.
Witnesses: Josh. Blackburn, Edward Philpott.