Abstract of will of Thomas Sackett of St Peter's, Kent.
Date: 31 October 1868.
Proved: Canterbury, 27 July 1870.
Source: Somerset House Indexes).
Thomas Sackett, farmer, Callis Court Farm, St Peter's, Kent, died 20 June 1879 at St Peter's. Will proved Canterbury 27 July 1870 by Harriet Sackett, his widow, one of executors. Personal estate under 1,000. Second probate, proved Canterbury 12 September 1878 on oath of one of surviving executors William Beckwith Joad, 125 High St, Ramsgate, gent.
Thomas Sackett, farmer, Callis Court Farm, St Peter's, Kent.
Bailiff William Marsh, 19 guineas.
Nephew Thomas Sackett, son of brother Francis Sackett, 10 guineas.
Wife Harriet Sackett, residue upon trust for life. She to keep it insured against fire.
After her death, sell & divide as follows:
Brother Francis Sackett of Broadstairs, milkman, a quarter;
Brother Edward Sackett of St Peter's, labourer, a quarter;
Children of late sister Hannah Pay: Charlotte Hobbs of Broadstairs, widow; Jane wife of Thomas Read of Redding St, St Peter's, baker; Elizabeth wife of James Hunt of St Peter's, baker; Sarah Pay of Ramsgate, spinster, a quarter to be equally divided;
Children of late sister Jane Packer: James Packer of Chislet, miller; Jonathan Packer of Chislet, baker; George Packer of Chislet, baker; Stephen Packer of Chislet, miller, a quarter to be equally divided.
Executors: wife Harriet Sackett & friends Daniel Gouger of Margate, gent, & William Joad of Ramsgate, gent.
Witnesses: Athelstan Harvey Boys, solicitor, Margate, & Thomas Edward Emerson, his clerk.