NYPD honors Atria Kew Gardens resident

Lester Sackett

Kew Gardens, New York – Former New York City Police Officer Lester Sackett was recently honored by fellow NYPD officers, members of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association and the Shomrim Society, family, friends and Atria Kew Gardens residents during a gala ceremony on Friday, April 25 at Atria Kew Gardens in Queens.

Officer Sackett was presented with a replica of the original badge and uniform cap that he wore beginning in the 1930s by Detective Joe Cornetta and an admiring assembly of contemporary NYPD officers and detectives. A police Bagpiper played, and the many expressions of congratulations and appreciation for Officer Sackett's legacy included testimonials from fellow officers and a message from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sgt. David Shimshi, President of the NYPD's Shomrim Society of Jewish policemen, presented Officer Sackett with a commendation on behalf of the Society, of which Officer Sackett is believed to be the oldest living member. An additional tribute was the unveiling of a poster-sized sepia photograph of a young Officer Sackett in his patrolman’s uniform, which was presented to the honoree by Atria’s Executive Director Shira Brazil and Engage Life Director Martin Ingber.

An emotional Officer Sackett graciously expressed his gratitude for the warm outpouring of recognition, explaining to the enthusiastic gathering that he had simply "always tried to do my best to help the people."

Officer Sackett, now 96, served with distinction for more than 20 years as a member of New York’s finest, most notably as a plain clothes youth officer in Manhattan's 23rd Precinct. Today, Lester Sackett is a popular and active member of a thriving community of seniors at Atria Kew Gardens in Queens.

Website, Atria Senior Living, Kew Gardens, NY, article 20 Oct 2008. (Researched by Thurmon King).