Extracts from
John Power, History of the early settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois


THOMAS [MOSTELLER, son of Christopher & Phoebe (Sackett) Mosteller], born Oct. 8, 1807, in Butler county, Ohio, was married in Franklin county, Ind., July 21, 1827, to Charlotte Morris. They moved with his parents to Ohio, where they had two children, and came in the spring of 1830 to Sangamon county, where six children were born. Of their eight children—PHOEBE A. died, aged fifteen years. ALICE J., born Nov. 29, 1829, in Butler county, Ohio, was married Dec. 4, 1845 to Job Davenport. DORCAS, born Feb. 14, 1832, in Sangamon county, married Dr. Francis T. Antle. They had four children: Harriet died in 1874; Thomas P., Iona O. and Mary Ella live with their parents, in Petersburg, Ill. JAMES, born Dec. 5, 1833, in Sangamon county, enlisted in 1862, in Co. F, 114th Ill. Inf., for three years, and died of disease, near Vicksburg, Miss., Sept. 18, 1863. His remains were buried at the Baptist cemetery in Cartwright township. EDWARD C., born June 22, 1841, in Sangamon county, enlisted in 1861 in Co. A, 10th Ill. Cav., for three years, and was discharged on account of physical disability. He was married in Kansas to Love B. Holladay. She died, and E.C. Mosteller was married again in Iowa, and has one child. He studied medicine, and attended one course of lectures at Rush Medical College, Chicago, Ill., graduated at the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, and is practicing his profession at Adelphia, Polk county, Iowa. MARTIN S., born April 21, 1843, in Sangamon county, was married Oct. 4, 1864, to Sarah M. Antle, in Petersburg. They had four children: Frankie H. died April 7, 1869, in Macon county, Ill.; Freddie F., Albert A. and Maud M. live with their parents. M.S. Mosteller is a graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute at Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a practicing physician at Pleasant Plains, Ill. JOHN H.A., born April 21, 1847, in Sangamon county, enlisted in 1862, for three years, in Co. F, 114th Ill. Inf., and was discharged on account of physical disability in Aug., 1863. He re-enlisted in 1864 in Co. D, 33rd Ill. Inf.; served to the close of the rebellion, and was honorably discharged in 1865. He lives at Tallula, Menard county, Ill. ELIZA W., born June 19, 1852, was married in Petersburg to Thomas Davis. He is a telegraph operator, and lives at Vandalia, Audrain county, Mo. Mrs. Charlotte Mosteller died March 2, 1865, and Thomas Mosteller lives now—1876—at Pleasant Plains. He remembers being present on Richland creek when Abraham Lincoln was waiting to make a speech. Josiah Grady said: "Lincoln, they have a story in circulation that you are a Deist." Mr. Lincoln immediately answered: "That is not so: my father was an old Baptist, and taught me to believe in the Christian religion, and I do believe in it as much as anybody; but I confess I have no religion."