Transcript of Order re William O Sackett

Estate of Sackett, William O, Town of Bethany, Bethany Probate District, 1848
Deposited in Connecticut State Library, 9 Dec 1911

"The subscribers Selectmen of the Town of Bethany having inspected and examined the conduct and management of the business of William O Sackett, an inhabitant of the said Town and residing therein and finding that by idleness mismanagement and bad husbandry he is spending his estate and likely to be reduced to want and himself and family become chargeable to said Town, we do hereby this 8th day of January 1848 constitute and appoint Paulaski Chatfield of said Town Overseer to said William O Sackett to advise direct and order him in his business for the term of one year from the above date.
Sidney Sperry, Justus Peek, Selectmen."