Father and Son
Deaths on the Same Day

London, Wednesday

The Rev. Walter Sackett, superintendent minister of the Ealing Wesleyan Circuit, and his son, Dr. Herbert Leyland Sackett, both died within a few hours of each other in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, West Smith field, from acute blood-poisoning.

Dr. Leyland Sackett, who was a chief assistant surgeon at the hospital and only 28 years of age, lived at Ealing with his father, who had been in very poor health for some time.

One day last week the father complained of sore throat, and there were two sores on his forehead. Dr. Leyland Sackett hastily diagnosed the complaint as mumps. He then went to his work at the hospital, where other doctors noticed the first signs of disease on him, diagnosed it as erysipelas and blood poisoning, and put him straight to bed.

In the meantime his father's illness quickly developed, and a doctor at Ealing diagnosed it also as erysipelas and acute blood poisoning. He was removed from Ealing to the hospital, and although placed in adjoining wards father and son did not see each other.

The Rev. Walter Sackett, who was 59 years of age, was well known in Wesleyan circles. For some years he was a missionary in India, He was this year's president of the Ealing and Hanwell Free Church Council.

Northern Star (Lismore, NSW), 9 May 1924