Probate Court, County of Ionia, Michigan

Estate of John D Sackett, summary of court documents 1893–1900

1. Cover. Estate of John D Sackett
2. Petition to Probate Court, dated 6 Feb 1900, of Albert Brown, alleging he is creditor of deceased. Refers to Lucinda B Sackett, administratrix, and to estate including personalty of $3,500.
3. Brown’s claim $165.
4. Or $79.
5. Indenture dated 25 May 1893, Clara A Davis, of Tibbets, Walworth County, Wisconsin, daughter and heir of John D Sackett, acknowledges receipt of $1,225 from Lucinda B Sackett, of Saranac, Ionia County, Michigan, widow of deceased, in respect of three parcels of land in Saranac.
6. Quit-Claim Deed cover, 25 May 1893, Clara A Davis to Lucinda B Sackett.
7. Sales Paper. Dated Sep 1900. Clara A Davis, sole heir at law of John D Sackett, request to Probate Judge for order for final settlement of estate and discharge of the administratrix.
8. Petition Paper cover. John D Sackett.
9. Receipt for $1.27 for decree in John D Sackett estate.
10. Probate Court hearing of Albert Brown’s claim adjourned to 16 Jan 1894.
11. Calculation of Brown’s claim.
12. Calculation of Brown’s claim.
13. Calculation of Brown’s claim, $261.80.
14. Receipt for plow $8.
15. Receipt for plow $8 admitted to Court.
16. Petition to Probate Court by Lucinda B Sackett, interested as widow in estate of John D Sackett who died at Saranac on 12 May 1893 leaving no will. Personal estate estimated at $1,500 and real estate estimated at $1,500. Heirs at law stated as Clara A Davis, daughter of deceased, aged 46, of Tibbets, Walworth County, Wisconsin, now at Saranac, and petitioner, aged 53, widow of deceased, of Saranac.
17. Petition continued. Lucinda requests administration be granted to her. Sworn 17 May 1893.
18. Petition, dated 17 May 1893, jointly by Lucinda and Clara, stating estate consists of Homestead, warehouse on leased land, and general stock of agricultural tools, implements, lime plaster, etc., and appointing Ansel Goodell, special administrator, to take charge as "the present time is the most favorable for the sale of said goods wares and personal property at retail and there is quite a quantity of perishable property on hand that should be disposed of at an early date in order to realize its value."
19. Cover John D Sackett deceased.
20. Ansel Goodell bound to Probate Court for $3,000. To compile inventory of estate and administer estate.
21. Special Administrator’s Bond dated 17 May 1893.
22. Inventory.
23. Inventory.
24. Inventory.
25. Inventory.
26. Inventory, total $4,736.75, including Homestead $1,200.
27. Warrant & Inventory appointing two valuers, dated 20 May 1893.
28. Same as 27.
29. Lucinda appointed administratrix. Bond to Probate Court in sum of $1,500.
30. Administrator’s Bond dated 12 Jun 1893.
31. A W Goodell’s account for $29.89 for work done & disbursements.
32. Letter 25 May 1893 to Probate Court from Clara A Davis accepting compromise settlement of $1,225 from Lucinda B Sackett for all interest, real and personal, in estate.
33. Assignment of Interest in Estate, recorded 27 May 1893. Received by probate Court 12 Jun 1893.
34. Newspaper notice of Court hearing on 12 Jun 1893 to appoint Lucinda as administratrix.
35. Certificate from Lucinda agreeing A W Goodell’s account and acknowledging receipt of proceeds of sales.
36. A W Goodell’s account admitted to Court, 24 Jun 1893.
37. A W Goodell’s account showing estate valued at $4,751.75.
38. Calculation of Brown’s claim.
39. Calculation of Brown’s claim.
40. Cover, Brown’s claim.
41. Brown’s claim.
42. Brown’s claim.
43. Brown’s claim.
44. Brown’s claim, total $291.
45. Cover, Brown’s claim.
46. Account from R A Hawley to Lucinda B Sackett $88.60, last entry 17 Jul 1900.
47. Probate Court, 20 Feb 1894, hearing for presentation of claims.
48. Newspaper notice of Court hearings on 13 Sep 1893 & 12 Dec 1893 to hear claims against estate.
49. List of claims: Brown $74, Spencer $8.
50. Order allowing claims, 20 Feb 1894.
51. Appeal from Brown against disallowance of claim.
52. Re Brown’s appeal.
53. Re Brown’s appeal.
54. Re Brown’s appeal.
55. Appeal Bond, cover.
56. Re Brown’s appeal.
57. Order Allowing Appeal, 20 Apr 1894.
58. Albert Brown’s claim of 3 Feb 1900 for at least $600.
59. Albert Brown’s claim of 3 Feb 1900.
60. Petition, cover, 6 Feb 1900.
61. Probate Court hearing, 14 Apr 1900, re Brown claim. Lucinda ordered to file bond in penal sum of $800 within 20 days or be removed as administratrix.
62. Order, cover, 14 Apr 1900.
63. Bond for $800 by Lucinda, 28 Apr 1900.
64. Bond for $800 by Lucinda, 28 Apr 1900.
65. Court hearing. Jury finds against Albert Brown and in favor of estate of John D Sackett in sum of $71.87 plus costs.
66. Jury finding cont’d, dated 17 Jul 1900.
67. Petition for Final Settlement of estate by Lucinda, 5 Sep 1900. Includes reference to settlement between her and Clara A Davis and quit claim deed from Clara.
68. Petition for Final Settlement, cover, 5 Sep 1900.
69. Newspaper announcement, 18 Oct 1900, hearing in Probate Court to be held 27 Oct 1900 to examine final administrative account of estate.
70. Administrator’s account, 22 Oct 1900.
71. Administrator’s account, 22 Oct 1900.
72. Administrator’s account, 22 Oct 1900.
73. Administrator’s account, 22 Oct 1900. Personal estate $3,155.69. Agreement with Clara Davis settled. Lucinda the "sole owner of the entire estate…having divided the same with said Clara Davis, she and I being the sole heirs at law…"