Morning Chronicle, London, 30 July 1808

"CAPITAL HOTEL for SALE at Ramsgate.—To be Sold by Auction, without reserve, on the Premises, on Monday next, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely, three undivided fourth parts of all that truly valuable freehold estate, called the Old King's Head Inn, situate the South side of Harbour-street, Ramsgate, next the Harbour, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Hannah Sackett, widow of the late Owner thereof.—N.B. the superior situation of these Premises, and their contiguity to Ramsgate Pier, has always given them a decided preference over the other Hotels there. Possession may be had on the first day of December next.—For particulars apply to Mr. Boys, Solicitor, Margate; or to Mr. Daniel, Solicitor, Ramsgate."

Morning Post, London, 30 July 1808

"CAPITAL HOTEL for SALE at Ramsgate.—"
[Same advertisment as Morning Chronicle, 30 July 1808]