Lucy Sackett Curtiss, The Congregational Church, Warren, Connecticut, 17561956 (1956)

5657, "Reminiscences of Mrs. Lucy Sackett Huth, quoted by Miss Agnes Strong in an article entitled "Social life of a Generation Ago," read on Old Home Day, September 2, 1911: "The teacher of the singing school would come for a certain number of weeks for a certain sum, and each family would give according to the number who attended ..."

58, "The Sackett homestead* was commonly known as 'Sackett's Harbor', because no one was ever refused shelter there. [Footnote:] *The home of Justus Sackett stood south of the "Stone House" on the now discontinued road which led through "Hardscrabble" to Litchfield. Across the road was the cheese factory. Lucy was one of the six lively "Sackett girls".

80, "When the ladies of the church ripped open the cover of the pulpit cushion, they found [a paper which read:] "In the year of our Lord 1845, under the presidency of James K. Polk, and the Governorship of Roger S. Baldwin, and in the second year of the pastorate of Rev. John R. Keep, the ladies of Warren observed that the pulpit cushion, under the influence of twenty-five years of sound orthodox preaching, had, in the language of our predecessors, 'turned to rags'. ... On Thursday, the 7th of August, assembled, for the purpose of recovering the cushion, Mrs. Jane Sackett Hine, Mrs. Emily Sackett Comstock, Misses Laura Taylor, Lucy C. Sackett [and 5 others] ...."