Will of Thomas Sackett of Minster in Thanet, Kent, 16 October 1689, proved in the Canterbury Archdeaconry Court, 26 November 1689 (Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-77-345). (Researched by Michael Callé & Marion Sackett (from IGHS Tyler Collection)).

THOMAS SACKETT [Abstract by M. Callé, extended from IHGS Tyler Collection Abstracts by M. Sackett]
Dated 16 Oct 1689          Proved 26 Nov 1689
Grazier; Minster in Thanet

Wife = Jane     5/- + all household goods + house for life if she remains his widow, paying £3 a year to
executor, conditional on giving executor £100 bond to “secure him from any charge which may arise by reason of a certain child which I now keep supposed to be Robert GISBYs”.
Brother = Paul     Dwelling in House so long as he remains single. Bed, furnishings, etc.
Residue & reversion of house & household goods. Executor.
John WALKER               5/-
Sister = Catherine          £10
Children of John ALEN     = Ann     £5 at 21
               = Mary     £5 at 21
               = Peter     £5 at 21
Witnesses; Andrew WOOTEN, Wm. MILWARD, [3rd name illegible]

Inventory of the estate of Thomas Sackett of Minster in Thanet, Kent, taken 19 November 1689 (Kent Archives Office, PRC 11-53-192). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

Dated:          19 Nov 1689
Appraised by:     Roger WELLS, Andrew NEETER
Value:          £128 7s 6d [includes 16 cattle & 20 sheep]

[The following extract sent to Marion Sackett by Pauline Wilson from a book about Minster (title not recorded) would appear to refer to the same inventory, although it is noted that the date does not match:-]

"In the sixteenth century a man was judged by how comfortably he slept and the possession of a feather bed with all the accoutrements meant he was a moderately wealthy man. In the example below we see that the ‘best bed’ was still the single most valuable household item, although soap was another valuable commodity – six firkins being valued at £4 10s. Thomas Sackett was one of the middle rank of farmers in Minster but is unusual in that he also kept a shop.

Extract from the Inventory of Thomas Sackett, 10 Nov 1690
In the chamber over the Parlour
Item     1 feather bed, bedstead with
furniture belonging               £5 0s 0d
Item     1 table, 1 forme, 6 chairs,
2 joyned stools                      11s 0d
In the Hall
Item     pewter, eleven flagons, 2 pewter
potts, 10 pewter dishes and
4 porringers                    £1 8s 0d
Item     5 chairs, 1 joyned stool, and an old
     Cupboard                     6s 0d               
Item     1 small jack, 2 firepans, 2 pr tongs,
1 pr cole irons, 1 pr pott hangers,
2 spittles                     12s 0d
Item     2 bibles and 2 testaments           5s 0d
In the Milkhouse
Item     1 table, 2 formes, 1 shott [?]           5s 0d
Item     12 bushells of salt               £1 4s 0d
Item      a ½ hundred weight of chesher
cheese and ½ a wey Suffolk cheese     £1 8s 0d
In the Shop
Item     6 pair scales                     10s 0d
Item     1 brass mentor and 3 pestle.
14 pound waith with other waiths      5s 0d
Item     1 small parcel of sugar and 1 small
parcel of fruit                    £1 0s 0d
Item     a small runlett and small bag of rice      10s 0d
Item     4 doz. white trenchers                2s 0d
Item     4 earthenware trenchers           5s 0d."